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I have created this privacy policy to make sure that all my readers understand the information as to how I use any details or information. It is to keep everyone safe online and I will update this as and when needed. My website is fully secure and the hosts of the template and domain are also fully inline with GDPR regulations.

The only personal information that I would gather is if you subscribe to my email updates. I would then collect your email address. I only use this email address to send updates to in regards to new posts on my blog. These emails are only view-able by any admin members of the blog. (This subscription by emails option has temporay been removed until I can get the right opt in options for you!) You may also fill out a detail or two if you wish to leave a comment on one of my posts. Any of this information will also not be shared, same process as the emails.

Cookies are something that you may see on my website. They will pop up on screen when you are reading my blog. Cookies are an essential for me and also for some readers too. They can remember your info when leaving a comment so you don't have to retype and they can also allow me to see what my readers are enjoying the most and clicking on. Google Analytics is also linked so I can improve the experience foe my readers and understand what you enjoy. You do have the option to disable cookies if you wish, this can be done in your browser settings.

My blog does not share any information with any third parties and I do not store any of your information about your visit to my blog other than to analyse the stats and statistics. The only time third parties may be on my site is when I link products or fashion pieces that I love and am sharing with you guys to go and see. I am not responsible for any information on these websites if you do choose to click on these links. These website's I link should also have their own privacy polices as well.

If there was ever to be a case where I breached someones data, I would notify the user via email within 7 days of the data breach or I would do the same thing via my website.

I am not responsible for any content that is republished from my website that has been published without any permission.

Any visitor that comes onto my website has their rights, at any time. Whether this is to know if their personal data has been stored at all or any other questions that they may have in terms to their information. I am happy to answer any concerns that someone may have in terms of their information and protection of data.


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