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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sunday's Fashion Focus

Happy Sunday everybody! Today's post is all about some new pieces in my wardrobe that I wanted to share with you and also I will be sharing some items that I have seen and added to my list! For today, I wanted to focus on the colour Black! Let's be honest, a lot of my wardrobe is Black as it's a go to colour for me that goes with everything. From shoes to trousers to jackets...a lot of my items are Black! I think it's a colour that should be in everyone's wardrobe and if you're someone like me who only likes to experiment with colour every now and then, then I will continue to keep buying more Black items for my wardrobe!

All images in this post are taken by Josey Grace Photography 

I am going to start this post by sharing 3 items that I have recently added to my wardrobe which I have fallen for! I have worn all three items together which you can see in today's images or I have worn them separately to create other outfits. The first item is a trend that I have seen everywhere at the minute and have loved all of the different styles. The Organza sleeves have appeared everywhere and I am especially a fan of the polka dot style. I have seen a variety of dresses and tops and am keen to buy some more! But for now, I have started with a black top from Boohoo which I really love. This is a top that keeps selling out quite quickly, but they seem to keep restocking so keep an eye out on Boohoo if you're interested. They offer this item in Black and White and I am very tempted to get it in White as well...This is the Dobby Mesh Sleeve Square Neck Top and is £14. This is exactly the kind of top that I wanted and I love the delicate sleeves. It's good quality and super affordable as well! Boohoo actually offer a lot of different styles of this trend along with some other high street stores, so, I have listed some of my favourites below. 

Next up is a two piece which is also from Boohoo...A current favourite online shop of mine if you couldn't already tell! I recently have got rid of a few of my two piece suits as I didn't love the style as much anymore, so I decided to pick up a classic black two piece suit which I bloody love! The two pieces are the Sleeveless Belted Blazer and the Tailored Straight Leg Trousers. As I already have a black blazer, I decided to go for the sleeveless version as this is something that I didn't currently have in my wardrobe, and I thought it would go perfectly with the top as you can still see the sleeves. I believe that they do this in a few different colour options if you're not sold on the black! The trousers are a favourite of mine and I have already worn these a few times. They work perfectly with the other two items and also work perfectly with lots of different tops too. I have worn these to work and on a night out...they are very versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down. They fit perfectly and are really good quality too! The sleeveless blazer was £25 but I picked up for £10 when they had an offer on and the trousers are £22 but I managed to pick up for £5! I have picked out some of my favourite suit styled items below!

Finally, I thought it was only right to finish off this post by choosing some of my favourite dresses that are currently available! You can't go wrong with a little black dress in my opinion and it's a go to choice for me in a lot of situations. This could be a night out, a winter's day with tights and boots, a dress to wear to work or a comfy dress to wear around the house. There are so many options when it comes to a little black dress and I think it's a statement piece that everyone needs in their wardrobes. I have looked through some high street shops and found a variety of styles and options for you! 

So there we have it, a round up of my current fashions favourites and some new items added to my wish list. I have really enjoyed writing up today's fashion post and as always, thank you to Josey for taking the images! Make sure you go and follow her on social media and check out her amazing work! 

I will be back again very soon with a brand new post! 

Kellie xx

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