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Sunday, 16 June 2019

My Yorkshire Photographer Recommendation

When it comes to having a photographer for helping out with your blog photos, I think having the right photographer can make all the difference. You want someone that you get along with and understands your vision of the photos! I thought I would write up a post today all about who I would recommend as a photographer in the Yorkshire area. This photographer isn't just for blogging images, they also provide services on weddings, product photos, events and more! I think it's important to support small businesses when you highly recommend them and I always recommend this photographer when people ask. 

All images in this post are by Josey Grace Photography 

If you have read some of my previous blog posts or follow me on Instagram, then you may already recognise the name of the photographer that I use and may have already seen a lot of the images she has taken for me. Josey is a photographer who I found through Facebook. I had seen a lot of people sharing her work and I loved the style of the images. We got chatting and decided to do our first ever shoot together for the relaunch of my blog. I had only worked with a few different photographers before for my blog images but these were only on various occasions. I knew that I wanted to find somebody to work with on a more regular occurrence to help me shoot some pictures for my blog and my Instagram. I absolutely loved our first shoot together. I didn't feel nervous, I felt comfortable in front of the camera and that's how I knew I loved working with Josey. If you don't feel comfortable enough to be yourself in front of the camera, then you are never going to like the images. It's so so important to find somebody who you get along with so that you can be yourself and get the best images possible. The reason I love working with Josey so much is because we always have so much fun on our shoots. There's lots of laughing and talking in between shots and I think this makes the experience a thousand times better. I always look forward to our shoots and I'm so happy that I found a photographer who is local to me that can help me out with blog pictures when I need them!

Making sure that you find somebody with the same kind of style for images can really help bring out the vision you had in mind for your shoot. When I first looked through Josey's work, I knew that she was exactly what I was looking for as her portrait shots were amazing and exactly what I had in mind. I always have an idea of how I want the shoot to go but I never plan it out step by step as I know we just work as we go along and see what works best for the location we're in. That's another reason why I would recommend Josey as it doesn't matter if you are struggling to see how you want your photos taken on a shoot, Josey is super creative and can help you out so much in the shoot. Her eye for a good photo is unbelievable. Some photos we have taken I wouldn't have even thought of and some of the locations she comes up with you wouldn't believe could get the shot that it did! If you have an idea in your mind for a set of images, then Josey is the girl to help out with these but if you also are struggling to come up with ideas, then Josey can help out with this too! 

If you are thinking about looking for a photographer to help with some images, make sure that you do some research beforehand into their work and possibly read some other reviews if you can! It's important to find somebody that will be into the shoot just as much as you are and get's just as excited by the images. You don't want somebody who just sees it as another job as the effort won't be there and you won't get the images that you wanted. Josey always thinks about the meaning behind the shoot, the message each shot gives and always thinks about every little detail. For me, this is really important and helps me love the shots! She always thinks about the colour's that work together, the angle of the shot, detailing and everything that goes into every image!

I really enjoy shooting in my local area as I know there are so many good spots for a little photo shoot and that's why I am happy to have a photographer that is local as well. I know that Josey is also willing to travel for shoots as well so if you think you might be too far out, it's always worth giving her a message as she does travel a lot too! If you are interested in working with Josey, then you can give her a message on any of her social media platforms or there is a contact page on her website. If anyone has any questions for me about my shoots with Josey, then please feel free to get in touch as I will be happy to help out and answer them. I will leave all of Josey's social media links at the bottom of this post. Be sure to go and check out her work as she is super talented and would really appreciate all of the support! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading today's post and hopefully I have given some of you a good recommendation for a photographer! If you're looking for a photographer for one shoot or are looking for someone on a more regular basis, then be sure to get in touch with Josey!

Kellie xx

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