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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Ways To Be More Positive

Having a more positive outlook on life can make such a difference and although some days, it may be harder than others, thinking positive can make you so much happier. When you're making the choices for you and thinking about things in a positive way, then this is the best way that you can look after yourself. Life is too short to have a negative outlook on things, so we may as well make the most of what we have got and try and see things in the best possible light. I decided that it would be a good idea to sit down and write down the ways that I am trying to live a more positive life!

All images in this post are taken by Josey Grace Photography

Taking Time For Yourself 

I think that we can often get caught up in our busy lifestyle and trying to make sure that we are always being productive, that we often forget how important it is to take time out to look after ourselves and rewind. Having this time to clear your mind, re-energise and pamper yourself is exactly what we need to feel more positive. I always find that if I plan out a day where I can focus on myself, then I am always feeling in a better mood the next day. I think that a Sunday is the perfect day for this. It allows you to have a lazy day and get's you prepared for the week ahead. The perfect Sunday for me is putting on a face mask, lighting a candle, watching some films and eating some good food. This time is something that I always try and plan in so that I can take some time out for myself and allows me to wind down every now and then. I am quite bad for planning too much in my schedule and always seem to be on the go, so I am making more of an effort to put this time in as I know it has a positive impact on how I am feeling. Everyone will have their own way of taking time for themselves, whether this is going for a run, listening to music, going shopping, having your nails done and the list is endless. As long as we remember how important this time is in order to look after ourselves and remember to enjoy the down time, then this can defiantly have a positive impact. 
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