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Monday, 22 April 2019

Obsessed with Trousers

One of my current fashion obsessions which has adapted over the past year is trousers! I now have a good collection of different styles of trousers in my wardrobe and I am so on board with the trousers hype within the fashion industry. I think there are so many different styles out there to suit everyone and there is a style for any occasion. They can be styled in so many different ways and I thought it would be a really great idea to sit down and write about my current love for trousers and how I like to style them. I have done some researching and picked out some really great pieces to share in this post to give you some inspiration and share some trousers that are currently available for you to buy!

1. Statement

I have quite a lot of patterns within my wardrobe when it comes to trousers. I have really loved experimenting with different colours and styles when it comes to trousers. If you're wearing some great patterned trousers, the rest of the outfit is so easy to put together as they are usually your statement piece. It's such a simple but effective way to create an amazing outfit! I love to style my patterned trousers with a plain cami, a bralet, blouse...there are so many options depending on the occasion. You can wear a white blouse with the trousers to go to work in, match it up with a bralet for a night out or with a black cami for a day out. It all depends on what you currently have in your wardrobe but I think there will always be basic pieces within everyone'es wardrobe that will go with patterned trousers. Pairing the trousers with your basic top, great shoes, a small bag and a classic jacket will always work. I think having some shoes to match your top will always work really well and picking a smaller bag makes sure that the statement piece are the trousers. I also sometimes love to match the colour of my bag to the trousers or the shoes, depending on what choices you have. Finally, finishing off the outfit with a classic leather jacket, denim jacket or blazer will work perfectly. You can then accessorise as you feel comfortable or match up some colours of the outfit with lipstick, earrings or a hair piece.

1. Boohoo
2. Boohoo
3. Asos
4. H&M
5. Missguided
6. Boohoo

2. Girl Boss

The next category is one that I often talk about on the blog and that's Girl Boss fashion! This is hands down one of my favourite styles and I love seeing how everyone has their own unique look and trend for rocking the girl boss. I personally think trousers are a great way to do this as it can make someone look empowered and links in with the whole office and boss vibe. As a lot of people tend to associate the look of a 'boss' with a suit, then incorporating this with trousers can easily allow you to create an outfit inspired by a girl boss. I think that any style of trousers would work well for this and if you're going with the work look, then the classic colours of black, white and grey will work really well. In The Frow and Lydia Millen are always two ladies in the blogging world that I look to when I want inspiration on how to style trousers for the girl boss look. I think that pairing the trousers with some heels or boots will help add to the look as well as some statement accessories, This could be statement earrings or a statement bag. I also think that wearing a suit jacket to match the trousers will always look amazing or having a jacket that hangs on your shoulders is always a great look. Sunglasses to finish the outfit will help you to create the perfect girl boss look.

1. Newlook
2. Boohoo
3. Boohoo
4. Pretty Little Thing
5. Missguided

3. Pop of Colour

Having trousers that give a pop of colour to the outfit is often some of my favourite looks. Some people don't always feel comfortable wearing patterned trousers so having plain trousers that are an amazing colour is another way to make your trousers the statement piece. I have seen quite a lot of trousers out there that stores offer in a variety of colours for people to choose from depending on their preference. I have a variety if colours in my wardrobe so that I have options when it comes to different occasions or different seasons. Again, linking back to earlier in the post, matching other parts of your outfit with the trousers can be really effective and a great way to pull the outfit together. I often like to match my lipstick with the trousers if I can as I think this looks great! You can wear heels or flats with them depending on the length and cut of the trousers. This could be amazing for summer with some sandals or in the winter with some high boots. Trousers with a pop of colour will also be an outfit to get noticed and an easy one to put together in no time. 

4. Classic Wide Leg

Now this is a style that I have adapted more into my wardrobe over the past year. Wide leg trousers have become more and more back into trend and I am here for this! I think that wide leg trousers are comfy, look amazing and work with so many pieces. You could wear a basic with them, tuck in a jumper, wear a bralet, a high neck many options! When it comes to wide leg trousers, I personally think you can't go wrong with them. There are so many different options out there whether this is plain wide leg trousers or some with a bit more of a pattern on them. I think you could wear them on holiday if the material was lighter, wear them in winter with boots and layers, wear them to work for office wear and the list is endless. I think that the style is so flattering on people and I love that most of the styles are high-waisted as well. There are also a variety of lengths, personally I like the floor length styles but there are also more of a culotte style is you wanted something shorter. 
5. Comfort 

Finally, the one thing that I love about trousers is the comfort that you can tie in with this whole style. For me, trousers are so much easier to wear than dresses or skirts because I'm warmer, feel more confident and feel like they suit my style a lot better. On a night out or any occasion, I will more likely be wearing trousers than a dress as this will always be my first choice. There are so many great pieces out there which are casual and comfy but can still make a great outfit. I think that the sporty styled trousers can be great for comfy days or styling up if you wanted to wear them out. This style of trousers work well with cropped jumpers, basics, high neck tops, crop tops and so much more. Depending on where you are going, you can pretty much style up or dress down these more comfier trousers to suit your needs. You could wear them with heels to dress them up or flats or trainers to dress them down. I think that comfy trousers, boots, basic t shirt, jacket and hair up in a messy bun is a great outfit! As long as the fit is what you wanted and you feel comfortable in them, then the rest is down to preference and the occasion.

1. Boohoo
2. Newlook
3. Asos
4.In the style
5. Pretty Little Thing

I really hope that you enjoyed reading today's post and found this useful in some way. I feel like I haven't sat down and wrote a fashion blog post in a while so this was fun for me to do. There are so many different options for trousers out there so these are only a few that I have styled in my wardrobe. From statement trousers to sporty trousers, whatever your preference, I think that it's always fun to experiment with trousers as they can be worn with most things or to most occasions. It's all about trial and error and finding what fit and material you like. I can remember at the beginning not thinking I would ever wear statement trousers but I love finding new colourful and patterned styles for me to wear. I love this style as much as my classic styles and this is why my trousers collection is forever growing! If you have any blog posts on how you style trousers or have any Instagram pictures of your outfits, I would love to see them! 

Kellie xx


  1. I love all of these - can't beat a good pair of trousers!

    Lucy |

    1. Thank you! I know, they are the best :) Thank you for reading xx


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