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Sunday, 28 April 2019

The Perfect Film Day: Take 2

Today we have blog post number two of the new series that I have started on my blog! This series gives me the opportunity to recommend some films which I really love and hopefully will give you guys some ideas of new films to watch! As you all know, I am a massive film fan so this series was a long time coming for my blog as discussing films that I love is amazing for me. Just like the last blog post, I won't be giving any spoilers, just some basic information on the film and reasons why I think you should go and watch it. I will be covering a mixture of films and recommending 6 films today!

1. The Marvel Superhero We All Needed

As the majority of you will already know, I am a huge Marvel fan! So, I was super excited to see Captain Marvel because it was another film to add to the franchise and most importantly, this film had a leading female character to add to the marvel universe. There are already some amazing female characters in other Marvel films, but we haven't seen a leading character as a female yet! Captain Marvel was one that I have been looking forward to for months and one that I had to start off this blog post with. I have now seen this film a few times in the cinema and I'm hoping to catch it again before it comes out on DVD. This film is all about Carol and her journey when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war. I would highly recommend this film and I think it's one of my new favourites. Brie Larson plays the character so brilliantly and was the perfect choice to play this character. Captain Marvel is a bad ass female leading lady and as you know, these are the best kind of characters in my eyes. The film is funny, full of action, great story line and makes me really excited to see more of Captain Marvel. I was so excited to see more of Captain Marvel in Endgame...I have now watched this on Friday evening and I have no words for this film! An amazing film that I will be discussing in another blog post coming soon!

I think the whole casting for the film was great and I really enjoyed the different story line that it had compared to other Marvel films. There were so many smaller details that were answered in this film that we have been wanting to know for a while and if you are a Marvel fan, you will know exactly what I'm talking about. Even if you haven't seen any other Marvel films, I think you can still go and see this film and the majority of it will still make sense! It's a really great superhero film with lots of action and funny moments in it too. I already knew it was going to be amazing before I had even seen it and it didn't disappoint in any way! This film is currently still out in cinemas so I would recommend going to see it if you haven't already! 

2. A Film You Have Already Heard Of But It Couldn't Be Missed

Now I already know that 99% of you will have already seen this film but I couldn't leave it out of these blog posts. A Star Is Born has been one of the biggest films recently and I will happily admit that I went to go see this 3 or 4 times in the cinema alone. After seeing the trailer before it was released, I was excited to go and give this one a watch because I love Lady GaGa and I'm also a massive fan of Bradley Cooper. I don't think I quite expected how much I was going to love this film! The story line, the casting, the soundtrack...everything is so amazing! The film is about Jack who is a well know musician who meets Ally and helps her find her fame. I know that Lady GaGa has already done bits of acting here and there but this was her first big film and leading role. I think she is super talented at singing, songwriting and acting! I was really impressed by her performance in this film and think she was the perfect choice. Bradley Cooper also did amazing and I wouldn't expect anything less from him. I also can't believe that he directed this film as well, he did an incredible job and I find it so interesting when people choose to direct and be a leading character within the film. 


Monday, 22 April 2019

Obsessed with Trousers

One of my current fashion obsessions which has adapted over the past year is trousers! I now have a good collection of different styles of trousers in my wardrobe and I am so on board with the trousers hype within the fashion industry. I think there are so many different styles out there to suit everyone and there is a style for any occasion. They can be styled in so many different ways and I thought it would be a really great idea to sit down and write about my current love for trousers and how I like to style them. I have done some researching and picked out some really great pieces to share in this post to give you some inspiration and share some trousers that are currently available for you to buy!

1. Statement

I have quite a lot of patterns within my wardrobe when it comes to trousers. I have really loved experimenting with different colours and styles when it comes to trousers. If you're wearing some great patterned trousers, the rest of the outfit is so easy to put together as they are usually your statement piece. It's such a simple but effective way to create an amazing outfit! I love to style my patterned trousers with a plain cami, a bralet, blouse...there are so many options depending on the occasion. You can wear a white blouse with the trousers to go to work in, match it up with a bralet for a night out or with a black cami for a day out. It all depends on what you currently have in your wardrobe but I think there will always be basic pieces within everyone'es wardrobe that will go with patterned trousers. Pairing the trousers with your basic top, great shoes, a small bag and a classic jacket will always work. I think having some shoes to match your top will always work really well and picking a smaller bag makes sure that the statement piece are the trousers. I also sometimes love to match the colour of my bag to the trousers or the shoes, depending on what choices you have. Finally, finishing off the outfit with a classic leather jacket, denim jacket or blazer will work perfectly. You can then accessorise as you feel comfortable or match up some colours of the outfit with lipstick, earrings or a hair piece.

1. Boohoo
2. Boohoo
3. Asos
4. H&M
5. Missguided
6. Boohoo

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