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Monday, 4 February 2019

My Nana...The Memories and The Things She Taught Me

Today is quite a special post for me as it is dedicated to my amazing Nana...Today marks 7 years since my Nana passed away so I thought it would be an amazing idea to write up a blog post. Not only is this post special to me...the images included in this post are too! My cousin had found one of my Nana's dresses that she used to wear and as soon as she showed me, I knew I had to take some images wearing it and this is where the idea for the post started! The fact that I got to wear a dress that belonged to my Nana is really amazing for me and it was the perfect outfit to get some amazing photo's for this really special post.

All images in this post are taken by Josey Grace Photography 

My Nana was a pretty amazing women that everyone loved. She seemed to be known by everyone! She loved Ireland, painting, going out on her bike and gardening. The list is endless. She was a family lady through and through. My family is a big family and we are all quite close so when my Nana passed away, it hit us all quite hard. Loosing someone in your family is a difficult thing for anyone to go through and I was considering including in the post about how this made an impact on me and my family. But, I wanted to focus on my Nana's personality, the things she taught me and some amazing memories.

Some of the best memories we have with my Nana includes a few of my cousins. We always used to create little scenes, dances or songs to show to my Nana and put on a bit of a performance. I feel like this is something that so many people did when they were younger and my Nana had to sit through quite a few of these...She would always clap at the end of everything and say how good it was. Now looking back I can imagine how bored she must of been sitting through some of these, but I guess it's what Nana's do! We always used to run around the house trying to find props to use or look through my Nana's wardrobe for an outfit to wear. I really wish someone had filmed or taken photos of some of these performances that we used to put on...But maybe I'm glad there is no evidence as I can't imagine it being a great site!

I always used to go to my Nana's when I was poorly and off from school. My family includes quite a lot of cousins, so we all used to love going round to her's if we were ever off school. She would always feed you the best food, get a duvet or blanket down and let you sit in front of the TV all day. Having memories of being off from school is a weird one to remember, but it's always something that I have remembered as it used to be the same every time! I remember my Nana's house so so well. Down to every last detail and where everything was kept. It was the place that we all used to go to when we had family gatherings and so much happened in that house. It was a place full of laughter, happiness and so many drama's too! It was really hard to see this house go after my Nana passed away as it had been a big part of our lives for as long as I can remember. But, we did have so many amazing times there and so many memories that we can look back on. 

When I think about my Nana, I think of Fox's mints, countdown, sitting in front of her fire in the living room after school, L'Oreal hairspray and so much more. I love having these little details that reminds me of my Nana as they were the things that made her up as a person. She was honestly such a loving and caring person and everyone loved being around her. Her outlook on life was pretty amazing and we always loved staying at her house on a weekly basis. She was still riding round on her bike for as long as I can remember and was quite a healthy lady. She's the sort of person that I want to be like when I grow up as she was so friendly to everyone she met, was still up and moving in the later years and loved being around her family!

As a lot of you may already know, I'm a huge fan of photographs. I take so many all the time and love capturing memories. I am someone who will always print off all of their photos just in case something was to happen to my phone and I'd loose everything. Every few months I will place an order to print all of my photos off and add them to my photo albums. I think that it's really nice to have a physical copy of a photo and loads of them to look through in the later years. We have got quite a few photographs of my Nana to keep as memories and look back on. Even though I think that it is important to be in the moment and enjoy the moment, I am also a believer that capturing these moments are just as important for keeping the memories!

Loosing a loved one is a difficult thing and although it might be unexpected, it's important to appreciate the time that you had with them. I got to spend so many years with my Nana and I was lucky enough to see her on a weekly basis. I really appreciate all of the times that we had together and that I will have memories to look back on forever. Even though it was one of the hardest things that I have had to go through, I had an amazing and supporting family to help me through it. We all had each other and that's what's important. Everyone deals with things differently and it's up to the person on how they deal with a loss of a loved one, but, as long as you have the right love and support around you...that's all that matters. 

I am really happy that I got the chance to take these photos are they are super important to me! As you all probably know by now, my photographer is called Josey and she is very talented at what she does! When I discussed the idea for this shoot with her, she was straight away on board and knew exactly the kind of shots that I was looking for. She was the perfect person to take these photos and I am so happy with how everything came out. This is probably my favourite shoot that I have done with Josey so far because the meaning behind them is close to my heart. I think the weather was on our side the day that we shot these as the sun was shining and allowed us to capture some great images. I just want to take the time to say a massive thank you to Josey for helping shoot these did amazing as always! Don't forget to go and check out her InstagramFacebook and website!

So there we have it! A post dedicated to my Nana and some pretty amazing photos to go with it. This has got to be one of my favourite blog posts so far as the meaning behind it is so important to me. I wasn't really sure what I had in mind when I sat down to write this post...I didn't want it to be an advice post on how to deal with the loss of a loved one as I wouldn't even know where to start with a topic like that. But, I did want to write down some bits and pieces about my experience with it and mainly focus the post on the amazing women! I really hope you enjoyed today's post as I know it isn't the usual post from me! I am really happy with how this turned out so I hope you all loved it as much as I do...

Nana, I hope I did you proud...this one's for you! 

Kellie xx

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