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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Why Sunday's are my favourite...

Sunday...the day I always look forward to every week and is normally the day that I have no plans! Sunday for me is usually my most successful and productive day and I love how chilled it is at the same time. Today I wanted to sit down and write a really easy but useful post for you. A Sunday can be a mixture of laziness, productivity, creativity and more...all in one day!

All images in this post are taken by the amazing Josey Grace Photography as always!


Sunday is probably the main day for me that I get most of my blogging bits done for the following week. I feel like I am very productive on a Sunday as I feel chilled and can spend the whole day working in comfy clothes! I love to get my laptop and my blogging book and sit on my bed while I write posts, read other blogs, come up with ideas and so on. I always think that I get really inspired when I am looking at other people's blogs and Instagram pictures and this is the best feeling! I will also plan out my Instagram photos for the week on a Sunday so that I feel prepared. Some week's I wont have enough images to post every single day, but sometimes this happens and I have accepted this. I try to post as much as I can and if I get to post every single day then that's a bonus! If I didn't have a full time job then I probably would be able to take a lot more Instagram images but at the minute, I shoot when I can and as often as I can. Sunday is also a perfect day for me to take any product photos that I need to take. I really enjoy setting up flat lays and little set's to take some photos for either my blog or social media. As well as taking the images, I really enjoy editing them as well. I will take the photos on my camera or Iphone and edit everything on my phone! I don't use any fancy equipment and still get the images that I want. So overall, a Sunday for me is the perfect time to work on content for my blog as well as catching up on everyone else's. It's the day for feeling inspired and motivated and that's why it has to be one of the best days. 


Sunday has got to be my favourite day of the week to spend a bit of time getting organised for the week ahead. I will usually do my washing, tidy my room, sort out my emails, plan my week ahead and so much more! It doesn't take up a huge amount of my day and I always feel so much better afterwards. I think it prepares me for the week and it's always amazing when you have a clear mind and surroundings on a Sunday. I always love to do a full skincare routine and wash my hair on a Sunday as well as there's nothing like soft skin and clean hair ready for Monday and a new week. I think one of the best feeling's is freshly cleaned sheets, shaved and moisturised legs, candles burning and a good film ready to watch on a Sunday evening...who agree's with me?


I seem to be able to incorporate films into nearly every post I write...that I'm ok with! Of course if I am having a chilled out day then watching a film needs to happen. I think that once I have done all the work I need to do for the day, then getting into bed and putting on a film on a Sunday has got to the best way to finish the week. I think that there's always good films on TV on a Sunday as they tend to be classic films which I haven't seen in ages but love. If I don't have anything to do on a Sunday then having a full day to watch films is an absolute dream. I can honestly just stay in bed and watch film after film! I know a lot of people can sometimes get bored after a few films but I will keep going and going! If you're having a chilled Sunday then sticking a film on or seeing what's on Netflix is always the perfect idea. 


Sunday's for me are about being a little bit productive and creative but most importantly...feeling lazy! I know it doesn't sound like these things should match up together but on a Sunday, I think they do! Waking up without an alarm, staying in your pyjamas all day and not having to put makeup on is always a sign of a great Sunday to me. Even though I may not have moved from the same spot all day, I can still be productive from the comfort of my bed. I think Sunday's are all about mixing laziness with productivity! Its the best combination in my eyes. Sunday's are the perfect time to put on a face mask, paint your nails, moisturise and more. That's combining laziness with looking after your skin...a perfect and successful Sunday! Sunday may be a day which some of us might be feeling a little fragile from the night having a lazy day doing nothing may be the answer for this! Another answer which might help in this situation leads me nicely onto my next point...


We all know that Sunday is the best day for food and more food. I think that a lot of us often treat this as a day where we can eat whatever we feel like eating as we can have a fresh start the next day! Sunday is the time to order a takeaway, have lots of snacks if you're watching films, have a good Sunday morning breakfast and more! Whether it's curing a hangover, providing you with snacks to eat in bed, comfort food while you're having a lazy day or just because you feel like having some good food...Sunday is a great day for this. I always think that Sunday is the perfect day to have a really good meal on an evening as it makes you feel full and sleepy allowing you to have a good night's sleep. I defiantly feel like that's good logic...right?

So there we have it...reasons why Sunday is my favourite day of the week and hopefully some useful tips and ideas of how you can make your Sunday's productive but still lazy! I always say to people that you shouldn't feel guilty about having day's where you don't do anything. These days are what we need to refuel and take some time to switch off. Spending your Sunday focusing on making yourself feel happier and motivated for the week ahead is always time well spent. If anyone has any recommendations on how to make my Sunday's even more successful, then please let me know as I always love to hear what other people do with their Sundays!

I will be back again next week with a brand new post!

Kellie xx


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