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Sunday, 27 January 2019

My First Time In London

I felt like I was the only Blogger to not have visited London...but I can now say that I have been for myself! I had a feeling that I was really going to love London as there is so much going on there and I had already felt like I had been there from the amount of Instagram photos I have seen and YouTubers that I watch that live in London. I really did fall in love with London and had the best weekend! I loved everything about it even though there were so many people! I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write up a post all about my thoughts on London and share some of the things that I got up to...

Myself and some girls from work decided to book a weekend away in London as it's a place that they already loved and was somewhere I was desperate to visit. I have had loads of opportunities to go down to London before due to being invited to events but I never wanted to go for the first time on my own. Now that I have been once, I feel like I could go and visit on my own in the future! We got the train down on a Friday afternoon and it only took a couple of hours on the train, so super easy to get to! As soon as we arrived, I already felt the hustle and bustle of the city and I really didn't mind. I usually get a little frustrated in big crowds of people...but with London it's a little different. I feel like it is the way of the city and you just join in with the hurrying and groups of people. We had booked an Air bnb for the weekend which I defiantly wanted to let you guys know about as it was in the perfect location. Just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross Station, I feel like we had found a good apartment! I really loved the apartment that we stayed in, it was clean and tidy, stylish and the perfect space for the four of us! It had everything that we needed for the weekend and was the perfect little base for us girls. I saved my Instagram story in my travel highlights which showed a little tour of the apartment if anyone wants to know what it looks like inside. The people that owned the apartment were so helpful and really quick with communication. The keys were left in a security box so it was super simple to check in and out. Here's the link to the the Air bnb is anyone is interested in finding a place close by to Kings Cross for their next trip to London!

On the Friday night we had booked to go and see Magic Mike Live...what an amazing night! I really wasn't sure what to expect with this night but we had so much fun and a really good night. It was at the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square and it was a great venue. Super fancy and a great location. The whole night was planned out so so well and the staff were so friendly. We couldn't believe how good the service was and how well organised the whole night was! I think they do 2 shows a day so I guess they do have to be on top of everything. It was a fun night full of lots of giggles and lots of abs...The guys who were in the show were really amazing. They are super talented! There was so much more than just dancing and that's why we loved it so much. The women who presented the night was called Samantha Baines and she was just the best! She was so hilarious and the perfect person to host a show like this one. I know not everyone will be interested in seeing this show, but if you love the films...this show is a must see if you're in London. The perfect girls night out!

Saturday was the time to do some tourist spots in London! We walked pretty much everywhere and all over London and my legs defiantly felt it the next day! I love how easy everything is to get to in London and we could happily just walk from one tourist spot to the next. We started with The Natural History Museum as this was one place I said I had to visit while I was there. It was probably my favourite spot in London and I found it so so interesting. The building itself was beautiful and I loved everything about it. I am a bit of a dinosaur fan so seeing the dinosaur section in the museum was an absolute dream for me...I was honestly like a young child walking round it. I would definitely recommend to anyone to go and visit the museum if you're in London. It's not like any other museum that I have been to before and it's free to go in which blows my mind a little bit. I will be making a few more visits back there in the future for sure. We also had a little walk round Harrods, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and saw so much more along the way. London really does has something around every corner and there is so much to see. I can imagine that people who live in London still haven't got round to seeing everything as there is just so much to see and do. It is a pretty cool place and I can see why so many people love it. Walking through the streets was super busy as there is so many people but like I said before, I secretly loved the hustle and bustle of the city! 

On the Saturday night we decided to get ready and go have some good food! We booked at table at Zizzi's as this is a restaurant that I have been to before and know the food is good! We spent a couple of hours in there eating some good food, having some drinks and lots of chats. We then decided to go back to the Hippodrome Casino that evening as we had booked a table at the Boozy Tea Room bar. I believe that this bar was created alongside the Magic Mike show and so many people had told us to go if we had the chance. All of us really really loved it in there and would highly recommend. It was quite a small bar but this worked really well as it wasn't too busy and was a great place to go and have chats and good drinks. Again, the service in there was incredible and I couldn't fault it. The decor of the room was amazing and I would really love to back if it's still there next time I'm in London. I would suggest booking a table if you plan to go as you may not be able to get one if not. You can easily book online and it's free to book too. 

In a nutshell, that was what I got up to in London when I visited the other weekend. It was a pretty great weekend that I would happily do all over again. We are all super keen to get out next trip booked and we are all happy to go to London again. I am so happy to finally say that I have been and I can see why everyone loves going so much. I now feel comfortable enough to go to a lot more events down there now so hopefully I will be heading back sooner than I think. I can also see why so many Bloggers are in love with London. There is always something going on and a perfect spot for an Instagram round every corner. It is the perfect place for somebody's Instagram as you will never run out of new spots to take a photo! I really want to go down one weekend purely to take Instagram photos and nothing else! There is so much culture, history, art, people, shows, shops and so much more happening in London and there is something for everyone. I can see why some people don't like London because of how busy it is but I feel like it is apart of the lifestyle. I did actually go on the tube a couple of times just to see what it was like and it is a really easy way to get from one place to another. I really didn't mind the tube as it reminded me of Paris and a few other places I visited in Europe. Overall, there were a few aspects that reminded me of Paris when I was in London and I really really love Paris. 

So there we have weekend in London! I know so many people were so shocked when I told them I have never been so I am happy that I can finally join in with the London conversations! I am really keen to go back...hopefully a few times this year if I can! I know that there are blogger opportunities down there for me as well as a lot more tourist things for me to see! If any of you have any blog posts about London recommendations or any London bloggers who have an epic Instagram account...please let me know! Em Sheldon (an incredible blogger if you don't already know her) is the perfect person to go to if you want some food recommendations for London...shes knows her stuff! Her name is emshelx on Instagram so be sure to go over and give her a follow if you haven't already! 

I will back next week with a very special post...see you then! 


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