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Sunday, 27 January 2019

My First Time In London

I felt like I was the only Blogger to not have visited London...but I can now say that I have been for myself! I had a feeling that I was really going to love London as there is so much going on there and I had already felt like I had been there from the amount of Instagram photos I have seen and YouTubers that I watch that live in London. I really did fall in love with London and had the best weekend! I loved everything about it even though there were so many people! I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write up a post all about my thoughts on London and share some of the things that I got up to...

Myself and some girls from work decided to book a weekend away in London as it's a place that they already loved and was somewhere I was desperate to visit. I have had loads of opportunities to go down to London before due to being invited to events but I never wanted to go for the first time on my own. Now that I have been once, I feel like I could go and visit on my own in the future! We got the train down on a Friday afternoon and it only took a couple of hours on the train, so super easy to get to! As soon as we arrived, I already felt the hustle and bustle of the city and I really didn't mind. I usually get a little frustrated in big crowds of people...but with London it's a little different. I feel like it is the way of the city and you just join in with the hurrying and groups of people. We had booked an Air bnb for the weekend which I defiantly wanted to let you guys know about as it was in the perfect location. Just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross Station, I feel like we had found a good apartment! I really loved the apartment that we stayed in, it was clean and tidy, stylish and the perfect space for the four of us! It had everything that we needed for the weekend and was the perfect little base for us girls. I saved my Instagram story in my travel highlights which showed a little tour of the apartment if anyone wants to know what it looks like inside. The people that owned the apartment were so helpful and really quick with communication. The keys were left in a security box so it was super simple to check in and out. Here's the link to the the Air bnb is anyone is interested in finding a place close by to Kings Cross for their next trip to London!


Sunday, 20 January 2019

My Favourite Skincare Products That You Might Not Think About...

Today I wanted to sit down and write a post all about some of my favourite products that I am using at the minute. These products aren't the typical skincare products for the face that I usually discuss on this blog, but products that some people often forget about or don't tend to talk about as much. I will be running through my favourite products to help look after your hands, lips, feet and more. I will be telling you why I love using them and hopefully giving some of you some recommendations to try out yourself. As always, everything featured in today's post is 100% cruelty free!


This hand cream is one that I have used for as long as I can remember. Soap and Glory is always a go to brand for me and one that I know is always good quality. This hand cream has been one that I have used for years and years because I know it works! This product smells amazing and leaves my hands feeling super soft. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling on your hands and helps to keep the hands hydrated. I always apply hand cream on a morning and a couple of times throughout the day. It's a really important step to remember and also looks after your nails too. Soap and Glory is an affordable brand that always does the trick.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Why Sunday's are my favourite...

Sunday...the day I always look forward to every week and is normally the day that I have no plans! Sunday for me is usually my most successful and productive day and I love how chilled it is at the same time. Today I wanted to sit down and write a really easy but useful post for you. A Sunday can be a mixture of laziness, productivity, creativity and more...all in one day!

All images in this post are taken by the amazing Josey Grace Photography as always!


Sunday is probably the main day for me that I get most of my blogging bits done for the following week. I feel like I am very productive on a Sunday as I feel chilled and can spend the whole day working in comfy clothes! I love to get my laptop and my blogging book and sit on my bed while I write posts, read other blogs, come up with ideas and so on. I always think that I get really inspired when I am looking at other people's blogs and Instagram pictures and this is the best feeling! I will also plan out my Instagram photos for the week on a Sunday so that I feel prepared. Some week's I wont have enough images to post every single day, but sometimes this happens and I have accepted this. I try to post as much as I can and if I get to post every single day then that's a bonus! If I didn't have a full time job then I probably would be able to take a lot more Instagram images but at the minute, I shoot when I can and as often as I can. Sunday is also a perfect day for me to take any product photos that I need to take. I really enjoy setting up flat lays and little set's to take some photos for either my blog or social media. As well as taking the images, I really enjoy editing them as well. I will take the photos on my camera or Iphone and edit everything on my phone! I don't use any fancy equipment and still get the images that I want. So overall, a Sunday for me is the perfect time to work on content for my blog as well as catching up on everyone else's. It's the day for feeling inspired and motivated and that's why it has to be one of the best days. 

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