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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Little Mix Beauty Collection!

The day has finally favourite girl band have released their own beauty collection!

Little Mix have been an inspiration to me ever since they started and if you know me, you know how much I love them! I love their personalities, music, fashion, girl power and their makeup looks!

On September 13th Little Mix launched their beauty collection LMX on Boots and of course, I ordered some products straight away. The collection is now available in store as well as online, but this is a limited edition collection. I decided to pick up a few products to try as Boots had an amazing deal of 3 for 2. The whole collection is incredible, I really love the colour scheme and look of everything. It all looks high quality and the packaging is something that I think everyone will be drawn to. The range is full of a variety of things and the idea behind it is all about gifting. So, the majority comes as a set which I really like as you usually get more for your money. From palettes, lip kits, glitter sets, brushes and more!

To make everything a thousand times better, the range is Cruelty Free and Vegan! yesssssss

I wanted to give you guys a full review of the products that I chose and as always, I will be 100% honest with my thoughts. Let's start with the Eyeconix Luxe Eye Palette as I think this is going to be a popular one for sure! The palette is priced at £16 and includes 16 beautiful shades to choose from. I fell in love with this palette straight away as the colour's are amazing and include everything you would need. There is a range of shimmers and mattes to allow you to create a variety of different looks. One thing that I really love is the name of the shades. My favourite's so far are Warriors, Adrenaline, Egyptian Cotton, Curtain Fall and Anticipation. The pigmentation is amazing for the price of the palette! I think I was expecting these products to be good, but pleasantly surprised about how good they are, especially as they are affordable. The shimmer shades are also pigmented and I know that sometimes the glitter shades don't work as well...but you will be happy to know they are just as amazing! The palette comes in a really perfect size with a big mirror on the inside. I think this is going to be one of their most popular products. A must have for Autumn!

Next up we have the Rock n Gold Get The Look Palette priced at £14. First of all, I am obsessed with the packaging. It has the four girls looking fabulous on the front and then it opens up to the products inside. I love the font of the writing on the inside as well. In this palette there is 4 eye shadow shades, 1 highlighter, a matte liquid lipstick and a black liquid eyeliner. The good thing about this palette is that it has 2 exclusive shades that aren't featured in the eye shadow palette. I think the 4 shades combination will defiantly suite a lot of people as the brown ad gold combo is very popular. They do also have another palette called Pop in Pink if you wanted to go for a different colour scheme. The highlighter in this palette is called Lightning and it's safe to say that I'm in love. This shade is so so pigmented and just an amazing product! If you love a strong highlight, then you defiantly need this in your life. I think this would also look really pretty as an eye shadow shade too! Next up the liquid eyeliner, now I'm not the best with eyeliner but I find this one really easy to use and lasts as well! I often get quite watery eyes and I have been impressed so far with how well the eyeliner has lasted. Finally we have the matte lipstick 'In so deep', but I will include this in the final product. Overall I think this palette is an amazing purchase that I will use a lot. If you want to create that Little Mix signature look, then you need to try one of these palettes!

Next is the Turn Up The Base Face Palette. The first thing that I noticed about the shades in this palette is that I will 100% use all of them! Usually in a palette there is always one or two shades that I wouldn't use so I am so happy with all the shades that are included in this palette. There are 3 highlighters (See Me Glow, So Brand New and Enchanted), 3 contour shades (Delicious, Cheek Freak and Enhance) and 2 blushers (Tick Tick Bloom and Sweet As Devotion). The pigment of the shades is probably the best thing about these products! It's really impressive to say how affordable these are. This palette is priced at just £14. The contour shades give you perfect cheekbones and definition, the blushers give your cheeks the perfect colour and the highlighters give an amazing glow! All of these products help to give you that perfect Little Mix look. Finally, this palette has a big mirror inside which is always a bonus in terms of any palette. I think this one would make the perfect gift for a makeup lover!

Now we have a product that I have never used before buying this one...Glitter Ballin Face and Body Glitter Collection. This product is priced at £10. Now glitter is something that I have never thought about buying because in the past it has been something that has irritated my eyes and something I never thought I would need. But I decided to give this one a go as I really liked the colour's and it's something that everyone is using a lot recently. This set comes with 3 different shades of glitter, Gold Flame, Moonshine and Copper Cat. I really love this glitter as the pigments are small and not chunky pieces of glitter which is something I don't think looks as good. The set comes with Glitter Primer and I can't tell you how well this works. It doesn't feel sticky and you apply this just like a face primer. I applied the glitter with a flat eye shadow brush and it stays on perfectly. I have only applied this to my eyelids so far but I am really excited to experiment with some new makeup looks. The finishing look makes everything look amazing and really is the statement of your look. I would 100% recommend these glitter pots!

Finally we have the Shout Out To My Pout Matte Lip and Liner Collection and the Camera Reddy Lip Kit. These products were probably something that I was most excited about as liquid lipsticks are my thing and one of my favourite beauty items. I have always admired the shades that the Little Mix girls have worn so the fact that I now have their own collection of them...let's just say I'm very happy about it! The packaging of the liquid lipsticks are really chic and classy and I love it! The size is perfect and I love the applicator. It's quite a small applicator but I much prefer this as it allows you to be more precise when applying. There are four liquid lipstick shades in the first set which are One Kiss, In So Deep, Dear Lover and Perfect Pout. There are also four lip liner shades called Rose Blush, Real Talk, Suede and Plum Up. They are all nude/brown shades which is probably the most popular lip shades but they have also released some red shades in another set. I wouldn't say that I have a favourite shade yet as I am loving them all! The quality of these are impressive. The pigmentation is amazing, they feel lightweight and they last a long time too! Everything that you would want from a lipstick, they have achieved! The one thing that I would say is that they feel slightly sticky after application but this does fade after a few minutes and once they have dried. The lip liners are also just as impressive too. There is one colour to match each lipstick and the shades of these are slightly darker than the lipsticks to achieve that Little Mix lip look! The first set is priced at £18.The second set includes a matte shade called Red Planet and a lip gloss called Crimson Kiss. This set is priced at £10. This set also comes with a matching lip liner called Final Call. This kit is amazing for creating the perfect red lip! If you know me, you will know how much I love a good red lip and I am so happy with this set. I am not usually one to wear a lip gloss but I do want to start giving it a go! Overall, I am super happy with the lipstick collection and think it is an amazing price for the quality!

So there you have it! My thoughts and review on some of the LMX beauty collection by Little Mix. I am very happy with all of the products I purchased and would use every single shade and item. I think the price is something that you can't complain about in the slightest and the fact that it was also 3 for 2 is a dream! I think that everyone defiantly had an expectation set when the news came out that Little Mix were releasing a beauty line. They always have such flawless and amazing makeup looks so everyone was waiting for amazing products to come. I personally think they have exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with what they have released. I do wish that these products weren't limited edition but that just means I will have to buy more before it's all gone...oh well!

If anyone has any questions about the products or needs any advice on what to buy...please give me a message or leave a comment!

I will see you again next Sunday!

Kellie x

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