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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Rocking Girl Boss Mode For Less!

As you probably already know, this year I am embracing the girl boss fashion style. It's all about the suits, the bad ass girl vibe and feeling confident. I have already wrote about why I have chosen to do this and why I love it so much, but today I wanted to show you how you can do this for a really affordable price. Looking and feeling a million dollars doesn't always have to mean that it costs that much too. The high street brands have really upped their game over the past few years which is such an amazing step for so many others. It means that the latest trends and high quality fashion is accessible for so many more people. 

I'm going to start with the suits as these are my favourite at the minute. I have found some really incredible suits from two places in particular that are both high street. The first place is New Look. This is a place where I have always shopped from the beginning and I just love the majority of things that I find from there. They are known for their affordable prices and it's amazing what you can create from the pieces that they sell. I have recently discovered a suit from New Look which I have fallen in love with. A year ago, this is something I would never of dreamed of buying, but now...I'm all about this look. This striped suit is a two piece which is such high quality! The material is so amazing and the colours are beautiful. The blazer costs £19.99 and the trousers also cost £19.99. £40 for a full suit which looks like this is just a dream for me! New look also have so many other suits for you to choose from. If you want something a little simpler, they have lots of plain tailored two pieces as well as your patterned styles. As I have always said, you don't always have to wear the full set, just the trousers or the blazer works amazing too.

'I'm building a brand, I'm always busy.'

I sometimes love to pair a suit blazer and jeans together. It has been my go to outfit for a night out and I'm obsessed. You can wear a cool slogan t shirt or a cute bralet, stick on some heeled boots and you're good to go. You can style these pieces however you want! New look is also a great place for the different style of girl boss. They have some amazing jackets which I always think can create that girl boss statement. A great denim or leather jacket can do the trick. I have listed some great pieces that I have found on their website for you to get some inspiration from. I have also listed the suit and t shirt that I am wearing in these photos if you like them as well! 

Multi Stripe Blazer (In photos)
Multi Stripe Trousers (In photos)

'She designed a life she loved.'

The next place which I wanted to discuss is an online brand. If you know me well, you will know that I always shop here and that's Boohoo! I know that sometimes Boohoo can be hit and miss, but I seem to have good luck with the majority of things that I buy. Boohoo is defiantly the place to look for affordable fashion pieces. I agree that sometimes the material isn't the best, but if you read the reviews and look, then you are easily able to find the high quality pieces. I have got a few different suits from there which have been featured on the blog and Instagram before. I feel like they have lots of different options to show off that Girl Boss mode for any type of body shape. The great thing about the Girl Boss style is that it doesn't matter where you're going or what yo're doing. It's appropriate for work, a night out, a shopping day and so much more. You can style it however you wish and there are so many different options. Girl Boss can mean something different to everyone and that's why I love the phrase so much. In terms of fashion, there isn't a right or wrong answer. Boohoo has recently launched the Zendaya edit on their website as well which I am loving so so much! There are definitely some pieces in there which fit in with the style of this post. Again, find all the links below to the pieces I have chosen!

'She needed a hero. So, that't what she became.' 

I have found quite a few amazing pieces from Boohoo which I absolutely adore. I do already own some of these pieces and the rest have gone onto my wish list. I have tried to add a mixture of different styles and pieces for you to have a look at. You may fall in love with some of them, get inspiration from them or they may not be your style. Any of these options are fine and I just want you all to have fun with your fashion choices!

Embrace that Girl Boss mode and bring out that confidence. For me, wearing a suit makes me feel empowered, happy and comfortable. It's my ultimate Girl Boss style and my love for finding new suits continues to grow. Girl Boss will mean something different to you and I would love to know what your answers are in the comments below or on my social media! Get involved in the discussion and let's use this as an excuse to support all the other girls out there!

'Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other women who have her back.' 

Kellie xx


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