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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Makeup Revolution New Products Review!

I feel like it's been a little while since I have done a beauty product review, so that's exactly what I am going to be doing today. As you will have probably already seen, Makeup Revolution have released some new products which a lot of people have been talking about. Of course I had to purchase these and see for myself what all the hype was about. As always, I will be giving you my complete honest opinions on these two products. 

The first product is the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick. This is actually the first ever stick foundation that I have bought, so this was all very new for me. I have seen so many people talk about this product on YouTube and Instagram. I heard that this product gave amazing coverage for a really affordable price. I got mine in the shade F4 and this cost me £5! Yesterday, I decided to sit down and try out this product for my everyday makeup look. I used all the same products as I normally would for testing out a foundation to put it to the test.

To begin, I used the NYX Shine Killer Primer and The Body Shop Insta Blur. I wasn't sure how to apply this foundation as I had seen so many people do it in different ways. You can apply it to the back of your hand and then with a brush or sponge, dab the brush straight onto the product or apply the product straight onto the face. I decided to apply the product straight onto the face as this is the way I had seen it being used on the social media posts. The product feels amazing to apply and is really easy to use. I would say that this foundation is medium to build-able coverage. I didn't notice a massive coverage on the first go like some others had, but after building it up, it did give a nice overall coverage. I started with a beauty sponge but this wasn't working well so I used a foundation blending brush which worked a lot better. It was easy to blend out and really quick and easy. One thing that I would say is that this foundation wouldn't be great for people with dry skin. I could see it clinging to parts of my face that were a little dry. But, other than this, I was happy with the overall look. 

I found that it was easy to apply other products on top of the foundation which is always a major thing when testing out a new product. This foundation lasted well throughout the day and I think that it's a great foundation for everyday use. I did need to powder a little after a couple of hours, but I do have oily skin and this is always something that I have an issue with. I would say that this foundation is more of a matte finish and seems to be better the more I use the product. I personally think that the hype was quite a lot over this product and I maybe had too high of expectations. I do think that it's a great foundation which I will continue to use, but the coverage isn't out of this world compared to some comments I have read. So make sure that you bare this in mind before trying the product for yourself. I think that for the price, you cant go wrong really and there are a variety of shades to choose from as well which is always amazing!

Next up we have the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. Again, this is a product which I have seen people talk about a lot and I am always looking for a new concealer to try. The applicator for this product reminds me of the Tarte Shape Tape concealer as it's quite big, but I think this makes it so easy to use. I got mine in the shade C3 and again, there are a variety of shades to choose from. This product states to be full coverage and lightweight. I used this under the eyes after the foundation and so far, so good! I do agree that it is a full coverage concealer and I was so surprised as I wasn't expecting it to live up to that statement. It defiantly brightened the under eyes and worked really well with the foundation. One of my favourite things about this concealer is how well it blended out, it was so quick and easy! 

One thing that I will say about this product is that after I had finished my makeup, I did notice some crease lines under the eyes. This may have been due to me not setting it correctly or the product itself. But after one swipe of powder, it didn't happen again during the day. So even though this happened, it's something I can see past as the coverage is amazing! This concealer costs just £4 and I think that the quality of this concealer is amazing. I think it's so incredible to see these brands bringing out such affordable products that are really great! What makes it even better it that both of these products are cruelty free!

So, overall I am happy with both of these products and will continue to use them. I defiantly think that they are worth the price as you get so much more. I wouldn't say that they are both perfect but for a high street makeup brand who are offering you great quality for a low price, I really can't complain. I would say that you guys should try out these products for yourself. As always, beauty products work differently for everyone and you wont know unless you give them a go. I may discover products that allow these products to work even better or products that don't work so well with them. It's all about trial and error but that's the beauty of makeup.

If any of you guys own these products already or go out and try these for yourself, please let me know your thoughts!

I will be back again very soon with a brand new post...

Kellie xx


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