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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Finding Your Fitness Inspiration

Hello all! I am back today with a brand new fitness post. I have been wanting to write a post for a while now about my fitness inspirations. Some weeks I find it hard to find my motivation for the gym as the week can be busy enough as it is. This has defiantly been the case for the last few weeks and I don't want it to become a regular thing! Some days it can be more difficult than others to find your motivation to go to the gym, but that's normal! I like to surround myself with fitness inspiration to allow me to feel motivated and want to work on getting stronger and healthier. This could be people around me, who I follow on social media, the things I choose to watch and so on...

Without further ado, let me show you some amazing guys and girls that are inspirations to me in the fitness world on an everyday basis!

1. Carly Rowena

If you know me well, you could of easily guessed who would be my number one inspiration in this post. Carly Rowena is the person that I instantly look to for fitness advice, inspiration or recommendations. I can honestly say, she the is most down to earth and kindest person ever! This comes across online and in person as well. She is the ultimate hero and I love love love how strong she is.

If you haven't heard of Carly before, she is a UK fitness blogger and vlogger. Her YouTube and Blog is full of advice, food, vlogs, gym workouts, travel and so much more! I think that's what I love most about her channel, she covers so many different things that it keeps it interesting and gives you a variety to watch from. I just love watching her vlogs! Her Instagram is also amazing...her pictures are the goals and she posts mini gym workouts which are my ultimate favourite. She covers different parts of the body to work and I will always follow these when I go in the gym. 

I think with Carly's content, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner to fitness or have been doing it for a while, she will always cover everything and often shows people how to get into fitness the right way. She also has a Get Gorgeous guide available if anyone would be interested in that! I have heard so so many good things about it. Overall, she's just an absolute gem who you need to start following. She is doing so many amazing things lately and it's so great to see. The ultimate fitness inspiration. 

P.s- She has the cutest dog called Steven who is the best to watch on Instagram stories!!

2. The Lean Machines

Moving on from Carly, she is married to a guy called Leon who makes up half of The Lean Machines. The other guy is called John and I think they are amazing. The Lean Machines are fitness vloggers who I think a lot of you will love if you don't already follow them. They cover absolutely everything that you would want to know in the world of fitness and it just keeps coming! They post loads of videos from advice, vlogs, food, workouts and so much more! 

Leon is probably one of the best people to follow on social media as he is absolutely hilarious! Watching his Instagram stories of workouts is the highlight of my day sometimes as he gets so distracted by dancing. John seems like one of the nicest people ever! You may also recognise his brother Jim Chapman and a final thing...kind of not related to fitness but I love John's hair! I know some people may think that male fitness bloggers only cover weight lifting. But I have been following these guys for a while and they cover everything. Yes, they do post things about weight lifting but there is so much more and it has actually taught me so much more about weight lifting for me! I love their cross fit workouts and advice on how the body works and food. 

I think a lot of you guys will enjoy watching them for sure. Their Instagram is also another one which I love and I am a big fan of their Instagram stories too. I feel like their filming and editing skills have massively improved over the last few months too. They were amazing to begin with and now they have defiantly excelled themselves and getting better each week!

3. Julianne Hough

Some of you may not recognise this name, but I bet a lot of you would know her if you saw a picture! Julianne is a actress, dancer and a singer. I personally know her from Safe Haven and also a lot of you may know her from Dancing with the Stars. I have always loved her and I will always look to her for fitness inspiration. A lot of you may wonder why, but she has so much involvement with fitness and it doesn't always have to be posting videos of going to the gym!

If you follow Julianne on Instagram, she will often post videos or stories of dancing, workouts, fitness events or even just something of her on the way to the gym. It may also be images on her feed of a class she has been done, for example, Soul Cycle! I just think she has a beautiful figure which I definitely aspire to. She looks strong and healthy and that's the ultimate goal! Not to mention that she is an ultimate girl crush too! I just love having a fitness inspiration that isn't who you would typically think of, but actually does give me motivation. I love watching her dance, whether this is on a TV show, Instagram video or a snippet on her Instagram story. 

She also recently created an event called the Move Experience. This was a live event all about feeling empowered and creating a life that you desire. This was held in LA and I watched a lot of it from her Instagram stories. They had different fitness workouts, dance routines, talks and loads of different activities. It honestly looked like such an incredible event that I would of loved to go to. It looked so motivating, uplifting and positive! 

4. Julian Daigre

The final person which I wanted to mention in this post is Julian Daigre! This person I only discovered a few months ago but I have been loving following her! She has a fitness Instagram account and sometimes, it's hard to believe she is human! I have never seen a woman so strong and powerful before! I think what she can achieve in the fitness world is insane and if this doesn't motivate you, I really don't know what will!

Her Instagram covers so many different things from workout videos, couple workouts, fitness clothing, lifestyle, food and so much more! She also has a partner called Austin Raye who is in the fitness world too. They will often post things together so you may also be interested in following him as well. She is very creative in her workout videos as they may be on the street, using everyday things you may walk past like stairs, walls, posts...she can workout anywhere! 

I love following Julian as she posts different content to anyone else that I follow. Yes, there is the occasional gym video or post, but the majority of the time it's completely different workouts or fitness moves which I will have never seen before. There is often a lot of back flips happening and moves which you didn't even realise someone could do! She is super strong, looks amazing and I just love that I stumbled across her Instagram account. The best way to understand why I love her so much is to go across to Instagram and see for yourself...

So that's it for today's post! I hope some of you guys found this useful and discovered some new fitness inspirations to follow. Being surrounded by this kind of content is perfect for keeping me going to the gym and feeling motivated. 

'The body achieves what the mind believes.'

Kellie xx


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