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Monday, 22 January 2018

You Don't Have To Spend Money To Be A Blogger...

Thinking of starting a blog? Think you need a decent budget to do this? Well think again! I know there sometimes can be the perception that in order to run a successful blog, you need a lot of money. This is for buying an expensive camera, backdrops, lighting, etc. But in can so this on a smaller budget as well.

So let's start with equipment. This is the part where some people think they can't run a blog because they don't have the money to spend on the equipment. Honestly, you don't need it! If you want to go ahead and buy yourself a nice camera to shoot with, then that's great! But if you don't have the budget for this, that's completely fine too. Shooting pictures isn't about what lens or brand you use, it's about how you shoot them and how you edit them. I have seen some amazing blog pictures taken on phones before and I think they looked so professional. I have often done a few shoots just using my phone, and I've been really happy with them! So in some cases, you may not even need a camera.

In terms of things like lighting, this again is something that can be great, but also isn't mandatory. In my personal opinion, natural lighting is the best lighting. You cant beat it and it's completely free! So when you can, just shoot during the day and that's all you will need. I have sometimes used the flash on my phone to help me with lighting for some images, this worked great! Just be practical and clever, and you can just use what you already have! This goes for the same with things like backdrops too for portraits or flat lays. This is where I like to get creative. I know that there are some professional little sets out there that you can buy, but most bloggers I know make their own! I like to use my bedding as a backdrop, items of clothing, desk tops, there is so many things that you can use! If you just look at what you already have in your house, you would be surprised of what you can use as a backdrop. There was one particular post where a few of you asked me where I got a backdrop from...and it was only a scarf which I used! Simplicity is the best!

Moving on from equipment, next up is clothing. Again, there is a perception that to be a successful blogger, you can only wear designer clothes. And again, this statement is wrong! If luxury clothing is what you want to blog about and is your style, then that is completely fine, go for it! But don't feel as if you cant blog about high street things because they're not expensive enough. From my experience, people absolutely love seeing what high street bargains there are. Most people wont have a massive budget to spend, so seeing relatable fashion posts can be so popular. I do love looking at some designer posts, but I tend to lean towards the high street ones as I know it's something that I can get inspiration from and actually go out and buy the items myself. Who doesn't love a good Primark find?

While we're on the subject of clothes, as a blogger, you don't have to buy new outfits every single week to keep up with the trends. This was something I worried about at the beginning, as I know some bloggers post about new clothing every week and you will never see them wearing something twice. But this is definitely not the case! I see so many bloggers writing posts on how to recycle clothing that you have had and adored for ages. Post about how to bring these items into the latest trends along with just a few new items every now and then. The beauty about blogging is that there is so so much to write about, so you can create anything you want. If you want to post multiple posts wearing the same dress, go for it! It just shows your readers that you have a genuine love for an item, and if I see someone wearing something a lot, I'm more likely to buy it as I know it must be amazing!

Do you need your very own PA in order to be a successful guessed again, no! Although it would be amazing to have a help in hand for your blog, it isn't needed. When it comes to needing help with taking photos, friends and family can be a massive bonus here. I have asked my friends and my sister so many times to help me with shoots. None of them are professional photographers but that really doesn't matter. I am always so happy with the images that they take and think they're amazing! The next time you're wanting a shoot, just ask a friend! Your friends are always a really good idea because they will know how important your blog is to you and a friend always knows how to get that Instagram shot! Also...a tripod or creating your own little tripod can be a lifesaver sometimes!

The final topic which I wanted to discuss in this post was trips. In order to become a successful blogger, you need to go and stay at really expensive hotels and go on loads of trips abroad to take lots of amazing content...wrong again! As much as we would all love to do this 24/7, let's face it, it's not practical or realistic! Creating amazing content can be done from the comfort of your own city, village or even from your bedroom. Every place will have so many little spots to take really cool photos, so many different streets or buildings, the opportunities are endless! Just get creative and go have an explore to see what you can find. I'm wanting to go on so many more city breaks this year to create some amazing content and I can't wait. With a full time job, this is such a practical option for me as I don't have the time or money to fly away every week to a new destination. Just do whatever works best for you and choose what you feel most comfortable with!

So that's everything that I wanted to cover in today's post. I really hope some of you found this useful as I wish I had read something like this when I was starting out. At the end of the day, there is no right and wrong when it comes to the blogging world. Your blog is your own, so you can choose to do whatever you want with it and however you want to do things. If you want to spend lot's of money on your blog, that's completely fine! But if you want to keep things on a budget, also great! Just because you spend more money on your blog doesn't mean it's going to be more successful. It's all about what you create and what you write about that people will love. Just do whatever makes you happy and all the rest will fall into place!

Kellie xx

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