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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Two Amazing Products From The Body Shop!

Today I wanted to let you guys know about two amazing products from The Body Shop which I have been loving recently. These are both skincare products so I think this is perfect timing for anyone who is wanting to up their skincare routine for 2018 and find some amazing quality products for an affordable price.

First up we have The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner. This product has been a bit of a game changer for me! As you may or may not know, I have oily skin. So when I am wearing makeup, it can often get quite shiny. But after using this product, I have 100% noticed a difference. My face doesn't get as shiny anymore and I just love this. I feel like using this product allows my skin to feel hydrated but also keeps the shine away which is perfect for me. After cleansing my face, I apply this using a cotton pad and that's it! It's as simple as that...

The Body Shop recommends this product for people with combination or oily skin and trust me, it does help so much. This product is cruelty free as well...what more could you ask for with a toner? The packaging is also another thing that I love! The blue and white theme looks amazing and products from The Body Shop has always been something that I have loved. This product only costs £7.50 for 250ml. I think this is an absolute bargain and I know it will last me a while. This product is also one of their best sellers make sure you go and pick up yours! 

The next product is The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Exfoliating Cleanser. This product is one that I am loving to use at the moment. This exfoliator leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, it's amazing! I can always tell when my skin needs a product like this as it starts to feel a bit bumpy and like it needs a good cleanse! I use this product twice a week and I have definitely been noticing my skin looking clearer recently. I think using the two products together works wonders for my skin!

I apply this product to wet skin, massage into my face and then rinse off with water. Again, this product is so easy to use but makes a big difference. This product also has beautiful packaging and they match so nicely together...great for photos! This product costs just £7.50 and this is for 100ml. The exfoliator is also another best seller for The Body Shop and I can see why!

So, there we have it! Two really amazing products from The Body Shop Seaweed range. After using these, I am very keen to try out some more products from this range. I have always loved The Body Shop products because they are great quality, don't break the bank and are cruelty free. There advertisement and work towards cruelty free products recently is something that I have admired and loved to see. Make sure that you sign their petition to ban animal testing on cosmetic products and ingredients.

I will be back again very soon with another post!

Kellie xx



  1. The Body Shop brand is one brand I'll love to try but I haven't decided on what range to pick, reason why I came to read your review. And I think I'll get this range. I also have oily skin and I'm looking for something that will help control that. Right now I use St Ives Apricot Scrub and Boots Tea tree and witch hazel toner but won't mind giving this a try. So thank you for helping me with your review.


    1. Ah I see! Yes I would definitely give it a go and see what you think :) No problem lovely...thanks for reading! Kellie xx


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