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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A Perfect Gift For A Beauty Lover...

Today I wanted to show you something which I think would be a perfect gift idea for someone who loves makeup! I recently purchased something from Tanya Burrs Christmas collection and I am very impressed! If you're looking for a gift that includes a variety of products which are high quality and beautiful, then look no further!

This is the the Tanya Burr Beauty and the Feast Beauty Set. First of all, just look at the packaging! I haven't had any set before that comes like this, it's amazing. The little detailing on the packaging makes it very special and I'm also loving the Burgundy colour too. The top of the packaging is white glitter too so it makes the perfect gift! All tied together with a ribbon which then unfolds to reveal the products. 

With this set you get 7 products. I have now had the chance to try all 7 and there isn't one that I don't like. I know that I will get a lot of use out of all of them! So...let's get on with it and let me show you what you get!

Too Tempting Eye Shadow Collection 

This palette comes in the most amazing packaging...who would of guessed? I think that it's the perfect size too if you wanted to take it with you. It would fit perfectly in a handbag! The palette has a mirror inside too which everyone needs. There are 6 shades in total which all have a lovely formula, very easy to blend, pigmented and long lasting. I feel like you can create so many different looks with these shades and they are all wearable too! There is a light shade which is perfect for starting a look or using in the inner corner. There are then a mixture of nude and brown shades to create whichever look you want. 

Sweet Cheeks Face Palette 

Again...amazing packaging. Let's just say that all the packaging is beautiful instead of me repeating myself all the time! Included in this palette is a bronzer, blusher and highlighter. These are all powder products and I think the shades would suit a lot of people. They are pigmented and all work really well together too. The highlighter in particular is so beautiful!

Liquid Highlighter 

Speaking of great highlighters...there is also another one in this set too! This one is a liquid highlighter and is more of a gold and bronzy shade. I think that this highlighter is the perfect product to wear alongside an eye look created with the palette. This highlighter gives you the perfect glow and is one that I think you will get compliments on for sure!

Cream Eye Shadow- Melt My Heart & Sweet Sugar 

You also get two eye shadow sticks in this set too which have been a current favourite of mine recently. They are the easiest products to use to create a really pretty eye look. All you need to do it apply the products all over the lid and blend. I use the darker shade for the lid and the lighter one for the inner corner and the brow bone. I couldn't recommend these products enough at the moment!

Lipsticks- Belgian Truffle & Winter

Finally, Tanya Burr has released two new lip shades which are available for Christmas! They are included in this set and I think these shades are going to be very very popular! The first is called Belgian Truffle and this is a really pretty pinky nude shade. I think that this one is a perfect everyday shade! The second is a great shade for this time of year and the festive season. It's a darker red shade and I'm obsessed with it! It's called Winter and I just think that's a great way to sum it up...

So there you have it! That's the Tanya Burr Beauty and the Feast Beauty Set and all the products that you get included. It's currently on offer at Superdrug for £40. Personally, I wouldn't pay the full price of £50 for this but I think that the offer price is defiantly perfect value. The products always look more expensive and are high quality so it's perfect for makeup lovers! A great idea for someone you know who is a fan of beauty or a little treat from you to you this Christmas! 

I will be back very soon with another post! 

Kellie xx

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