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Saturday, 11 November 2017

Home Decor: The Evolultion

Today's post is going to be something a little different. I'm going to be talking about a topic that I love here on the blog...home decor! But today I wanted to start a little discussion on how technology has emerged with home decor and how much of a difference this has made. You might even discover some great new products today that you didn't even know existed!

Digital photo frames has been something that I have began to see more and more of. Just recently I heard of Auru Frames, an online company that sells digital photo frame and personally, I think it's such a cool idea. Instead of buying loads and loads of frames, you can just have one which shows all your photos. I just love how it can be connected to your phone and it can go though so many images! Their frames come in a selection of colours, but my favourite...Ivory with a Rose Gold trim. Who would of guessed? 

Another thing that I love about this brand is the work they have been doing with Charity: Water to create a crystal blue frame. You can find out more info here. They also think about the design of the frame and making sure its eco friendly in every way possible. Their frames include a light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and a proximity sensor to help signal when the screen should shut off.

The fact that so much technology is now coming into our home decor just goes to show how much it has advanced. Now a days, you can buy so much! From controlling your lights, to smart tech mirrors, to advanced wardrobes, to flower pots that water your plants for you and so much more! Don't get me wrong, I do still love the classic looks in homes that can also have a rustic feel. But having some of these little items in your home can be quite a cool thing to have. The good thing is, a lot of these can be so unnoticeable too!

I think a lot of us often forget what technology can do, so don't even think about the things that are available out there for your homes. Sometimes, you can go shopping and find some gadgets that you didn't even know were a thing. For instance, I recently went shopping and found a really beautiful little nightstand. It turns out, this nightstand could control your side lights if you fall asleep with them on, it also included a built in alarm clock and also something that monitors how many hours you sleep. MIND BLOWN! So trust me, if adding a bit of cool tech into your home is something you want to do, have a little research and dig around. You'd be surprised what's out there. 

The real question is, how would these items make a difference to your life? Easier? More advanced? I feel like some of these gadgets out there would be great for me. Having a digital photo frame is something I would love. I think it looks elegant and classy and is a unique twist on the classic photo frame. Another thing that may be quite beneficial to a lot of people is the smart security systems that a lot of people have now. They can be all customised to be built into an individuals home. Some may be disguised as plant pots or some kind of ornament and I think that's so good. Instead of having an ugly box or big system in your house, these companies have thought about the design! This could be a baby monitor disguised as a plant, a security camera hidden in a candle or a dog spy cam that can feed them treats when you're not there...yes this is really a thing!

So what are your thoughts on how technology is advancing in home decor? Personally, I'm ok with it! I think that some of these gadgets can be really handy and a unique thing to have in your home. Some can have really great benefits too. Don't get me wrong...In some cases I do still prefer the original without any tech, but who says you can't have both? I would really love it if you guys got involved with this discussion in the comments below or on social media. It would be really great to hear your thoughts and ideas or even find out if you have any gadgets in your home. 

So what do you guys think about products like these? I think they'd make some great gifts. Perfect timing for Christmas? 

I will be back again very soon with another post!

Kellie xx


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