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Friday, 15 September 2017

Things I've Learnt As A Blogger

Today I wanted to write a post all about my experience blogging as I reached a milestone a few days ago that I NEVER thought I'd ever reach! I can proudly say that I hit 50,000 views on my blog and I'm so so happy. I know some people may be able to reach this in a week or doesn't see it as a big deal, but to me, it's so exciting and an achievement I'm really proud of! So in honor of this, I have decided to write a blog post all about thing's I've learnt as a blogger...enjoy!

1. The community is everything 

One of the main and most important things that I have learnt is that the blogging community is just the best. Yes there are some negative parts of the community but to me, this is a very small minority and something I don't choose to get involved in! Let's face it, the blogging community is HUGE and I love this! Some people see this as a bad thing but I don't at all...we are so so powerful and can achieve so much! I love the messages that bloggers choose to share and I just love the opportunities bloggers can now get! I feel so proud if any blogger, big or small, achieves or gets to be involved in something incredible. I feel like a hell of a lot of bloggers support every other blogger and I love this! I do think it's so important to show support to one another and comment when you love someone's post or picture...because 9 times out of ten, it took a lot of hard work to upload it! Another thing that I love about the blogging community is that you can make so many friends, online or offline, just like that! Whether you talk to them on Twitter, meet at events or are now best friends because of blogging, it's all just so amazing and I am so happy to be apart of the community!

2. Number's aren't as important as you think

This is one thing that I have to keep reminding myself of when it comes to blogging for sure. Numbers, followers, stats...that's not what's important! It's so hard to get caught up in looking at how many followers someone else has got or seeing how many page views someone reached before you....doesn't matter! You start a blog because you love the idea of having an outlet to post things you love about, not for recognition. When the views and followers begin to grow, that's just a massive bonus on the side! If you are worried about stats at all, remember why you started blogging in the first place and why you carry on to do it every single week. I'm not saying that numbers is always a bad thing, because it can also be an amazing thing. Numbers can allow you to see progression in your blog and let's you know that hard work is paying off. It's such an amazing feeling when you spend so much time on a post and then getting feedback that people love it! Numbers can be a great thing for sure, you just have to change your perspective on things sometimes!

3. I bloody love it 

This one is a very simple one, but hast to be included. Another thing that I have learnt while blogging is how much I bloody love doing it! I knew that I would enjoy it before I started, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. I seem to love it more and more everyday. I really like having a website that's my own, where I can talk about all the things that I love and share lot's of great pictures. I just think it's so cool how anyone can make their own little space on the web! I really love the whole process of blogging. Coming up with ideas, writing, taking pictures, editing, sharing...the lot! I feel like my mind is always on blogger mode. When I'm out and about...'ooo look that would be such a good Instagram picture.' or 'That would make a really great prop in my blog pictures.' or 'That corner of that street would be a great spot to take blog pictures.' I'm sure I'm not the only one who's brain can't turn off from blogger mode?

4. Everyone has to start somewhere

There may be some people that say there is no more room for new bloggers or smaller bloggers feel disheartened because there are already big bloggers out there. But let's face it...we all have to start somewhere and you have to remember this! If there is one thing that I have learnt from blogging, it's that there is room for everyone! Everyone's blog is different and the fact that people say that's it for new bloggers is a load of rubbish! All of these big bloggers that you look up to started a blog from the beginning just like you. They went through having no one read posts at first and only having a small following, etc...I think it's just harder for us to remember this, but it's true! Everyone has to start from the bottom and work their way up! If you want to grow your blog then the answer is simple. Word hard! It may take time, but the hard work will pay off eventually. It happens quicker for some people, but that's ok. If you really want it, you will get there eventually!

5. Keep going!

The final thing that I wanted to mention is a very important one. Just keep going! I have learnt from blogging that there are times when you feel like giving up, feel like you're getting nowhere and feel rubbish! But this is normal and I'm sure every single blogger has these days. All you have to do, is have a little sulk, pick yourself back up and move on! I remember a point where I wanted to quit blogging as I felt weird as more people were starting to find out about it, but I'm so happy I didn't! Blogging is all about you and only you. Post whatever the hell you want to post about and don't let anyone tell you how to run your blog. If it's what makes you happy, just keep going! There will always be ups and downs in the blogging world, but that is just how it works. Some blog posts will be more popular than others, some photo shoots won't work at all and some people may disagree with you...but again, it's all part of blogging! Just keep going, working hard and loving the wonderful world of blogging!

Images by Alice Kane

So that's it for today's post. I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I have learnt as a blogger! I would love to know your thoughts on these topics in the comments! I just want to say a massive thank you to anyone who has clicked on my little blog before, I can't believe I reached this milestone. I feel so lucky and proud of this achievement! I really do appreciate anyone who reads a post, comments or follows me on my social media! Don't forget that I now have a follow button on my blog which can be found on the right hand side...I would love to have you back to follow my blogging journey! 

Kellie xx

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