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Saturday, 2 September 2017

One Way Ticket To Skiathos Anyone?

Skiathos did need it's own blog post because I had so many different things to talk about and so many great photos that I just had to share with you guys! In today's post I'm going to be sharing with you some recommendations, stories and basically convincing you to go to Skiathos! I can't wait for the day that I get to go back there, it's so incredible. If you want to find out tips on where to stay, what to do and where to go in Skiathos...then just keep reading!

Skiathos is an island located in Greece and let's just's so so beautiful. It's a very small island which I think is the reason I love it so much and every corner seems to get more and more amazing. It's full of white buildings, beautiful views and great beaches. What more could you want? This island is best known for one of the locations where Mamma Mia was filmed, aka, my favourite film ever. So, as you could guess, I was very excited. There are lot's of different boat rides which you can go on for the day and I would 100% recommend doing this. We went on 'The Original Mamma Mia Boat Ride' and it was the best. If you're looking for this exact one, make sure you choose the only vessel that approaches the beach Kastri next to the church. It cost 20 euros and you are out for the whole day. You go and visit the Mamma Mia Chapel, Skopelos which is one of the island's next to Skiathos and some of the famous beaches from the film. It was just a dream come true for sure and a really lovely day out!

Another thing that I would highly recommend is visiting the Open Air Cinema in Skiathos. It costs around 10 euros and it shows some very recent films as well as Mamma Mia three times a week. It's such a good night and a really great experience. The cinema is so beautiful and I just loved the atmosphere. You can buy drinks and snacks there and it's just so amazing when it all goes dark and the massive screen lights up! There are also so many great beaches to visit when you go to Skiathos and it's just about testing them out and seeing which one you like best. If you ask any of the locals who live there, they are all more than happy to recommend their favourite! You can walk to some of these beaches or there is a bus that is around every 15 minutes or so from one side of the island to the other. Like I said before, very small island! If you want to go to the main beach then get the bus to the very last stop, and you're there!

There are lot's of different restaurants and bars to go to in Skiathos, you're not stuck for choice! But one place that I did want to mention is a bar called Agustera Bar Koukounaries. It's such a lovely little spot which sells cocktails and lots of other different drinks! It's really affordable and I just love the atmosphere. The staff that work there and the owners are so so lovely and friendly! They have a dog too, which was a German Shepherd, so I was so in love! If you get onto the bus and get off at stop 24, then you are basically there! The buses run all the time and stop off anywhere you need, it honestly does take around 15 minutes to get from one side to another! They can get a little busy sometimes but there's always another one! There are lot's of places to eat along the harbor, down the main shopping street and also along the main bus route too! Again, it's all about testing out one's you think you will like!

One of the final things that I wanted to talk about is where I stayed in Skiathos. We booked a self catering room through Air bnb and let's just say that I am so happy with our find! The place we stayed at was called Amalthia Studios. Such a lovely host, great location and an incredible room! The outside of the building and the outside area was so pretty and well looked after! The room itself was clean, spacious, had everything we needed and I just loved it! Our host owned a few little apartments and rooms that you can stay in, so it's a really great atmosphere and area to stay in. I felt so at home there and didn't want to leave. I wouldn't want to stay anywhere else in Skiathos after staying there! If you follow this link, then you can get £30 off your first trip with air bnb! I would highly recommend having a look at Skiathos as your first trip!

Overall, Skiathos is such an amazing island and the people are so lovely. The views are incredible, the main high street is full of adorable little shops where you can buy gifts and all the essentials. The shops seem to stay open quite late too in the popular season, so that's really handy. There were quite a few supermarkets to choose from too, which had everything and more that we needed! The weather while we were there was so hot, so this was a big bonus for me! The sun always makes everything feel so much nicer.  The fact that there were some Mamma Mia related things there was just a massive bonus! You can go visit the Clock Tower where Sophie posted the invitations, visit the chapel, the famous beaches, and more! Skiathos has an airport on the island which is so useful for getting there and there are also lots of different boat routes too! So what are you waiting for, go and book a holiday to Skiathos!

I really hope you enjoyed reading today's post and I hope you now understand why Skaithos needed a post to itself! It 100% was my favourite place that I visited on my travels and I couldn't recommend it enough. I can't wait to book my next trip there!

Kellie xx


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