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Friday, 8 September 2017

Hostels...Are They As Bad As You Think?

What comes to mind when someone says the word 'hostel'? A place which is out of a horror film, or a place where you might get kidnapped or even a place where you pay to sleep on a dirty floor? Well I'm here today to let you know that listening to these typical stereotypes would be a big mistake. The world of travelling has changed massively over the years and the accommodation for travellers has changed too!

I wanted to write a post today setting the record straight and giving you some recommendations of great hostels around Europe. When I told some people that I was going travelling and staying in hostels, they pulled a bit of a funny careful, watch your bags, please don't get taken! I was so confused as I had only seen good things about the majority of hostels! I guess some people don't realise how massively things have me, they have!

I'm not saying that all the hostels are great because there are some bad ones out there, but if you read reviews and use your eyes, you'll be fine! We stayed in a LOT of hostels across Europe and I would say that all of them were fine, some better than others of course! The people that stayed in hostels were mostly travellers too, so it was great getting to meet people from all around the world. Some hostels were more social than others and if you stay in shared rooms like we did, you will always be meeting new people! It's all down to personal preference how many people you share a room with, what gender or if you want to have a private room. Luckily, most hostels give you the option to choose whatever you feel most comfortable with. I would recommend shared rooms as it is a great way to meet new people. It was nice to have a private room every now and then, but shared rooms are fine...I promise!

If you're travelling on a budget, then I would recommend choosing the self catering hostels. Some of the hostels around Europe have some really great facilities that you can use! I couldn't believe some of the hostels, they were super nice and had everything! One hostel had a swimming pool, one had a bar and live music, one had it's own restaurant, the list is endless! You can find some really amazing places to stay and some of these hostels were just like hotels, but for a cheaper price. I used the Hostel World app for 90% of my travelling. This was super easy to use and allowed to me to book things so quickly. You can select a location, what type of room you want and also what budget you have too. A must have if you're going travelling! 

Now I want to tell you about ... hostel's that I thought were really great and are one's that I would stay at again for sure! I think that reading reviews and recommendations are so helpful when it comes to travelling. So I hope this part will help a lot of you too!

 Image from Hostel World

Image from Hostel World


This was a really great hostel! It had it's own restaurant and bar which had very Instagram worthy decor! I loved the atmosphere of the eating area and I feel like a lot of people would love it. The staff at this hostel, the bar tender in particular, are super friendly! It honestly makes all the difference when the people are nice. The rooms were clean, tidy and had everything we needed. The bathrooms were big and the beds were comfy, so no complaining from me. They provided places to lock your luggage away, plug sockets, usb ports and more! You have no idea how important it was to have a plug socket next to your bed and to have one each! The hostel was quite a big hostel and I just loved the look of it! It was about a 10 minute walk from the train station, very handy! I would 100% stay here again.

 Image from Hostel World

Image from Hostel World


This was a hostel that I really loved, purely for the atmosphere. The rooms were really lovely and spacious and the beds were nice and big! You had a place to store you luggage away safely and sockets next to each bed. The rooms are actually in the building next door to the reception, but it's a second away, so not a problem at all! The bar was probably one of my favourite parts. It had live music on while we were there and it was so cool! This hostel hosted something different every night and also had happy hour in the bar too. The staff were really friendly and I think a lot of travellers will love this hostel. It wasn't far to walk from the train station either and close to everything you would want to see!

Image from Hostel World

Image from Hostel World


Hostel Pisa is located just down the road from the train station and about a 15 minute walk away from the Leaning Tower. This hostel was very clean, the rooms were great and the atmosphere was nice too! It had a restaurant which sold some really delicious food for great prices too. We ate there every night because it was so good! It also had an outside area too which was really nice. It did have a pool too, but bare in mind that it is quite small! They sold loads of different drinks and cocktails too which I know a lot of people will enjoy. There was different events happening on through the week and I just thought that it was a really lovely hostel. We stayed in an all female room in Pisa and I loved it! I met some really nice people and would stay there again for sure.

Image from Hostel World


Rotterdam hostel was another great one. Even though I was quite ill in Rotterdam, I still liked the hostel for sure! The rooms were quite basic, but I really didn't mind as it had everything we needed. It had lockers for each person and there were chargers inside the lockers which I thought was amazing! You could charge your phone or tablet overnight without worrying about it. The showers were great as they were all private and very spacious. I know this sounds like such a basic thing but you do get picky and appreciative when you travel. The staff were really friendly too and there were some lovely people staying at this hostel when we were there too! They also do something different most nights, weather this is live music, a free pasta night or karaoke. One thing I do remember about this hostel is the cat. I didn't know his name but he was so adorable. I really liked the decoration and outdoor area downstairs too! Only a 5 minute walk from the train station!

Image from Hostel World

Image from Hostel World


This hostel was located around 10-15 minutes walk from the station and around 2 minutes walk from the main square. It's down a very cute little street which is really quiet but then if you walk around the corner you're in the main part of Bruges! The staff were very helpful and welcoming which I always appreciate and they are always there if you needed any questions answering. The rooms were quite cool in these hostels as the beds were like little dens. Instead of the usual bunk bed situation, it felt like you had your own little cave and for some reason, I just loved this! It felt very private, you had your own socket and it got very dark which helped me sleep a lot better! The kitchen facilities were great and they had their own bar too. There was an outdoor area and some stairs which led up to a rooftop seating area too which was lovely! I really enjoyed staying at this hostel and would 100% stay again.


Lyon was a place where we weren't expecting to go, but the hostel that we found was great! The area that it was in was a little strange, but if you can see past that, then you're fine! The hostel was about a 15-20 minute walk from the station, which was fine for us. It was decorated really nicely, lot's of white and great details. A bloggers dream for sure! The staff were really friendly and there 24 hours a day if you needed anything. I really loved the seating area and the outside area too. There were comfy chairs, a hammock and fairy lights! The rooms were quite small but had enough room for us and were very clean and tidy. The showers were amazing and I just thought that it was a great hostel. You get a free drink of your choice too and they have self catering facilities. A hostel I would recommend if you're going to Lyon!

So there we have it! Those are some of the hostels that I would recommend to people who are going travelling! I would defiantly stay in these places again if I visited any of these locations. None of them were expensive for what you got and this does help out a lot when you're on a budget. I would say that no hostel is perfect and everyone will have different opinions and experiences...but if you're with some really great people and have a bed to sleep in, everything will be ok! A good hostel can make all the difference to your travelling, and there are 100s and 100s of great ones all around the world. I would say that Hostel World is your best bet when it comes to finding one! People may say some strange things about staying in hostels but believe me when I say times have changed, and hostels can be so amazing now! If you have any more questions about hostels, or specific hostels I liked or which hostels to stay clear of...then don't be afraid to ask! Leave a comment below or ask me on my social media! 

I will be back again very soon with a brand new post! 

Kellie xx


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