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Friday, 29 September 2017

Current Favourite Highlighters

Today I wanted to sit down and share with you all my current favourite highlighters. Highlighting is probably one of my favourite parts of a makeup look and I get so happy when she find a killer highlight. I have discovered quite a few great one's recently so I thought that I would write a blog post on them! All of these highlighters are cruelty free and I would say, all affordable too!

Mary-Lou Manizer
The Balm highlighter

The first one I wanted to talk about is a classic in the makeup world. The Mary-Lou Manizer is one that everybody loves and owns. First of all, the packaging. This is one of my favourite packaging in my collection for sure! I also LOVE that it has a mirror inside, so helpful! The product is a really pretty shade and just gives the most beautiful shimmer. It's very pigmented and long lasting which is perfect. I have had this product a while now and used it a lot, but have got loads left, a win win! If you haven't ever tried this product yet, you NEED to!

Illuminating Shimmer
Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale

You may have heard me talking about this product on the blog or my channel already, but I had to mention it in this post. This highlighter by Ashley Tisdale is one that I always reach for. It's more of a bronze shade but is so beautiful. It's very pigmented and gives such an amazing glow. I think this product looks great with a nude eye and a very bronzed look. I am a big fan of Ashley Tisdales beauty line! The products are really affordable and such amazing quality. If you haven't had a look at her line yet...make it your thing to get done today!

Makeup Obsession 

This highlighter is just wow. I posted a picture on Instagram using this highlighter and people loved it just as much as I do! This highlighter is called Moon by Makeup Obsession and...omg! It's so beautiful! The pigment of this product is to die for and I am obsessed. If you want your highlight to be seen, use this one. It was so affordable and is now one of my all time favourite makeup products. I love the colour of it and it lasts me all day too! This product is also really pretty in the inner corner of the eyes too! I bought this product from Boots, be sure to check it out!


Now this one is defiantly an old favourite! I haven't used this product in a while but the other day I thought that I would try and old classic of mine. I honestly did forget how much I loved this product. It's such a perfect product for an everyday makeup look! The highlighter is so buildable which I love. You can create a natural glow with it or make a statement highlighter look! Since this product is from Collection, it's so affordable too! I love rooting through my collection and picking out things that I haven't used in a while, rediscovering them is the best!

I Heart Makeup

I had to mention these final two as a pair because they are both really great highlighters. These two are from I Heart Makeup and I just bloody love them. The first one is actually a blusher, but I often use this as a highlighter and blusher in one! It's the Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in the shade Peachy Pink Kisses. The colours of this product are so beautiful and it's the prettiest product ever. It's give off such a lovely glow and makes you look very fresh and healthy! The second product is the Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter. When I first saw this trend going around, I knew I had to try it for myself. When I saw this highlighter on Superdrug, I had to purchase it. Let's just say, I'm very impressed. I wasn't sure how this highlight would look as it's a mix of colours but it works so well, If you put your brush through all the colours, it blends amazingly and leaves an amazing glow! The pigment of both these products is incredible. They are such high quality for the price! The packaging just tops everything off!

So that's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed reading all about my current favourite highlighters. If you're a big lover of a good highlight like me, please leave any recommendations in the comments! No matter how many I own, there is always more room for another highlighter. I hope I gave you guys some inspiration of what makeup product to buy next! I will be back very soon with another post...

Kellie xx

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