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Friday, 29 September 2017

Current Favourite Highlighters

Today I wanted to sit down and share with you all my current favourite highlighters. Highlighting is probably one of my favourite parts of a makeup look and I get so happy when she find a killer highlight. I have discovered quite a few great one's recently so I thought that I would write a blog post on them! All of these highlighters are cruelty free and I would say, all affordable too!

Mary-Lou Manizer
The Balm highlighter

The first one I wanted to talk about is a classic in the makeup world. The Mary-Lou Manizer is one that everybody loves and owns. First of all, the packaging. This is one of my favourite packaging in my collection for sure! I also LOVE that it has a mirror inside, so helpful! The product is a really pretty shade and just gives the most beautiful shimmer. It's very pigmented and long lasting which is perfect. I have had this product a while now and used it a lot, but have got loads left, a win win! If you haven't ever tried this product yet, you NEED to!

Illuminating Shimmer
Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale

You may have heard me talking about this product on the blog or my channel already, but I had to mention it in this post. This highlighter by Ashley Tisdale is one that I always reach for. It's more of a bronze shade but is so beautiful. It's very pigmented and gives such an amazing glow. I think this product looks great with a nude eye and a very bronzed look. I am a big fan of Ashley Tisdales beauty line! The products are really affordable and such amazing quality. If you haven't had a look at her line yet...make it your thing to get done today!

Makeup Obsession 

This highlighter is just wow. I posted a picture on Instagram using this highlighter and people loved it just as much as I do! This highlighter is called Moon by Makeup Obsession and...omg! It's so beautiful! The pigment of this product is to die for and I am obsessed. If you want your highlight to be seen, use this one. It was so affordable and is now one of my all time favourite makeup products. I love the colour of it and it lasts me all day too! This product is also really pretty in the inner corner of the eyes too! I bought this product from Boots, be sure to check it out!


Now this one is defiantly an old favourite! I haven't used this product in a while but the other day I thought that I would try and old classic of mine. I honestly did forget how much I loved this product. It's such a perfect product for an everyday makeup look! The highlighter is so buildable which I love. You can create a natural glow with it or make a statement highlighter look! Since this product is from Collection, it's so affordable too! I love rooting through my collection and picking out things that I haven't used in a while, rediscovering them is the best!

I Heart Makeup

I had to mention these final two as a pair because they are both really great highlighters. These two are from I Heart Makeup and I just bloody love them. The first one is actually a blusher, but I often use this as a highlighter and blusher in one! It's the Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in the shade Peachy Pink Kisses. The colours of this product are so beautiful and it's the prettiest product ever. It's give off such a lovely glow and makes you look very fresh and healthy! The second product is the Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter. When I first saw this trend going around, I knew I had to try it for myself. When I saw this highlighter on Superdrug, I had to purchase it. Let's just say, I'm very impressed. I wasn't sure how this highlight would look as it's a mix of colours but it works so well, If you put your brush through all the colours, it blends amazingly and leaves an amazing glow! The pigment of both these products is incredible. They are such high quality for the price! The packaging just tops everything off!

So that's it for today's post! I hope you enjoyed reading all about my current favourite highlighters. If you're a big lover of a good highlight like me, please leave any recommendations in the comments! No matter how many I own, there is always more room for another highlighter. I hope I gave you guys some inspiration of what makeup product to buy next! I will be back very soon with another post...

Kellie xx

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Versatile Blog Award

So today's post is a little different as I have been nominated to do the Versatile Blog Award! This is actually something I haven't seen a lot of before so I thought it would be something nice to do for a change. I was nominated by my lovely friend, Hannah who is over on Rand0mg4l blog! I will leave her links below for you, don't forget to go and check her out and show her some love! 

This particular award is about sharing to your followers, seven interesting things about yourself which you may have never mentioned before. I thought this award was quite cool to do as it's a way for my readers to get to know me a bit better! So, let's give this a go!

1. Piercings and Tattoos? 

I don't think this will have been something I have ever really mentioned on the blog! I have my belly button pierced and I also have one tattoo on the top of my back. These are the only things that I have had done but I do want to get some more done in the future. I would love to get my ears pierced...yes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have them done! I would also love another tattoo one day. 

2. All about the animals and earth!

I am a big lover of animals. I am just so obsessed with them and they do bring me so much happiness. It doesn't matter what animal, I just want to love it and squeeze it! There a a small handful of animals that do scare me a little, but I would never ever hurt one! I am a vegetarian simply because of my love for animals! I also have a passion for the world around me. I care a lot of about climate change, sustainable options and making a change! I love reading things about it, watching documentaries or making a difference myself! I wish I could spend everyday rescuing animals and saving the world!

3. I'm such a film and TV lover!

You do probably already know this, but I had to mention it! When it comes to films and tv shows, I am all over it! I absolutely love watching them! I love any kind of film other than horror! Watching new films brings me so much happiness and I just take so much from watching a film. I would choose going to the cinema over a night out anytime. TV shows is also a big passion of mine. I love starting a new series, binge watching and falling in love with a story-line. I get far too attached to films and tv shows for sure! 

4. Wedding Planner

My dream job is to become a wedding planner. I would be happy to go into any type of events but wedding planning is my ultimate goal. I love being organised and being creative so I feel like this is the perfect job for me. I love all types of events but there is juts something about weddings that I adore. 

5. If I could be an actress, I would!

Linking on from the previous fact...being an actress is also a massive dream for me! If I could star in a tv show, that would be incredible. I have always wanted to star in a Netflix tv show like The 100, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries...those types of shows! I don't ever really see this happening, but a girl can dream!

6. I confess, I'm a chocoholic

Hi, my name is Kellie Nee and I'm a chocoholic. 

7. I now have a Bucket List

I thought that this fact would be a nice one to finish, a few weeks ago I started creating a bucket list! I have always known things that I have wanted to do but I have never taken the time to sit and write one down. I think this will be so amazing to keep and tick off when I achieve things. There's quite a lot on there so I will only give you a few examples...'Visit the Maldives, reach 100k blog views, meet an idol, move to Brighton..' and so many more exciting things!

So now it's time for me to nominate some other bloggers so they can get involved too and carry on this award! I love so many bloggers so I'm not going to lie, this part was very hard! But today I have chosen to nominate...

1. Aoife over at
2. Katy over at
3. Megan over at

I really hope you enjoyed reading today's post as it was something different, I do like to keep it interesting here on the blog! I will be back again very soon with another blog post! 

Kellie xx

Friday, 22 September 2017

Faith In Nature

For today's post I am going to be showing you some products from Faith In Nature. I have been using these products now for a few weeks and after putting them to the test, it's time to let you know what I thought!

Let's start with the brand. Faith In Nature is an online brand that focuses on selling all natural products. The whole brand begun in New York, by one girl who loved natural ingredients and wanted to create beautiful products. All of their products are cruelty free and vegan and if you know me well, this was the biggest thing that sold it for me! Their brand focuses on doing good for the planet and using natural ingredients to create the products! They also do all natural pet care products too! This is also another thing that stood out to me for sure.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Celebrity Style Icon Series: Perrie Edwards

Celebrity Style Icon Series is back! It's been so so long since I last did one of these posts so I do apologise. I know that so many people loved these posts so I had to bring it back. For this post I am kicking it off with the one and only Perrie Edwards. Perrie has ALWAYS been a fashion icon to me and I am obsessed with her style. She is the ultimate girl crush and I love her style. If you don't follow her on Instagram you are missing out! Today I am going to show you 10 looks of Perrie's that I'm currently loving and discussing all about fashion!

Image from Perrie Edwards Instagram

1. All the Khaki dreams

As you may or may not know, I love wearing Khaki! I think that it has really become popular over the last year and Perrie defiantly knows how to wear it! This dress is something that I NEED to own. Not just want...need! It's figure fitting, very flattering and has a small amount of detail. I love the simplicity of this dress but it still makes a statement. I love the length and I love her hair in this image too! A outfit which is to die for!

Image from Pinterest

2. Music Video Goddess

I'm not the only one who agrees that Perrie always looks incredible in the Little Mix Music videos! I always love any look in the videos but Perrie's look in Shout Out To My Ex was amazing! The pink dress was so beautiful. I loved the shape and detailing on the top. It looked so good alongside the pink hair! Every time I see a picture of Perrie's hair in this video, it makes me want to dye my hair pink! This style of outfit is something that I would 100% wear myself. The makeup look was something everyone was talking about too!


Friday, 15 September 2017

Things I've Learnt As A Blogger

Today I wanted to write a post all about my experience blogging as I reached a milestone a few days ago that I NEVER thought I'd ever reach! I can proudly say that I hit 50,000 views on my blog and I'm so so happy. I know some people may be able to reach this in a week or doesn't see it as a big deal, but to me, it's so exciting and an achievement I'm really proud of! So in honor of this, I have decided to write a blog post all about thing's I've learnt as a blogger...enjoy!

1. The community is everything 

One of the main and most important things that I have learnt is that the blogging community is just the best. Yes there are some negative parts of the community but to me, this is a very small minority and something I don't choose to get involved in! Let's face it, the blogging community is HUGE and I love this! Some people see this as a bad thing but I don't at all...we are so so powerful and can achieve so much! I love the messages that bloggers choose to share and I just love the opportunities bloggers can now get! I feel so proud if any blogger, big or small, achieves or gets to be involved in something incredible. I feel like a hell of a lot of bloggers support every other blogger and I love this! I do think it's so important to show support to one another and comment when you love someone's post or picture...because 9 times out of ten, it took a lot of hard work to upload it! Another thing that I love about the blogging community is that you can make so many friends, online or offline, just like that! Whether you talk to them on Twitter, meet at events or are now best friends because of blogging, it's all just so amazing and I am so happy to be apart of the community!


Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Change Can Be A Good Thing

You've changed. 

When someone says this to you, do you see it as a bad thing or a good thing? I used to think that this statement was always a negative but recently I've changed my mind. Change can be a good thing. Not all the time, but it 100% can be a positive. Change can come into a lot of different conversations and situations. A change in your career, drifting apart from someone or learning something new about yourself. When someone has said the phrase 'you've changed', it may have possibly been in a negative aspect but do we really need to think of a different way to say this? Instead we may have wanted to say, you seem happier, you seem stronger? I will admit, I'm sure I have used this phrase before or thought about it at least, but I have seen a whole new look on this phrase now and I feel so much better for it. 

I think that change can be seen as improvement on a person. This person has grown into a better person which makes them so much happier. It is so hard for a lot of people to make changes to become better, so they should be applauded and complimented a lot more! People making these changes to themselves or their lifestyle can be so positive and this change is growth! It may be improvement on their mental health, they may have worked hard at the gym, or they may have become more independent and strong. Whatever the case, no matter how big or small, change can be seen as someone growing into a better person and I think this is an amazing thing to see in yourself and others.


Friday, 8 September 2017

Hostels...Are They As Bad As You Think?

What comes to mind when someone says the word 'hostel'? A place which is out of a horror film, or a place where you might get kidnapped or even a place where you pay to sleep on a dirty floor? Well I'm here today to let you know that listening to these typical stereotypes would be a big mistake. The world of travelling has changed massively over the years and the accommodation for travellers has changed too!

I wanted to write a post today setting the record straight and giving you some recommendations of great hostels around Europe. When I told some people that I was going travelling and staying in hostels, they pulled a bit of a funny careful, watch your bags, please don't get taken! I was so confused as I had only seen good things about the majority of hostels! I guess some people don't realise how massively things have me, they have!

I'm not saying that all the hostels are great because there are some bad ones out there, but if you read reviews and use your eyes, you'll be fine! We stayed in a LOT of hostels across Europe and I would say that all of them were fine, some better than others of course! The people that stayed in hostels were mostly travellers too, so it was great getting to meet people from all around the world. Some hostels were more social than others and if you stay in shared rooms like we did, you will always be meeting new people! It's all down to personal preference how many people you share a room with, what gender or if you want to have a private room. Luckily, most hostels give you the option to choose whatever you feel most comfortable with. I would recommend shared rooms as it is a great way to meet new people. It was nice to have a private room every now and then, but shared rooms are fine...I promise!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

One Way Ticket To Skiathos Anyone?

Skiathos did need it's own blog post because I had so many different things to talk about and so many great photos that I just had to share with you guys! In today's post I'm going to be sharing with you some recommendations, stories and basically convincing you to go to Skiathos! I can't wait for the day that I get to go back there, it's so incredible. If you want to find out tips on where to stay, what to do and where to go in Skiathos...then just keep reading!

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