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Friday, 18 August 2017

We Are All Capable

'Never doubt yourself. You are capable of so much more than you think.' 

Today's post is a spontaneous one that I have just decided to sit and write here and now. I know that you guys enjoy reading my lifestyle and advice posts so I hope that you love this one today and are able to take something from it!

Feeling like you aren't good enough to achieve something or do something is one of the worst feelings. We often doubt ourselves and lower our expectations of what we can do. This is a normal feeling that some of us may experience on an everyday basis. So I am here today to give some of you that reminder that we are all capable. We are all capable of achieving some amazing things. 

If you put in the hard work, keep going when things get tough and see things through...then you will start to see what you can be capable of doing. I personally believe that everyone can achieve so so much no matter what their situation is. I'm not a fan of hearing that one person is better than another, it's all about the work and drive in a person. Although it's easier said than done, I know, but don't let anyone tell you that you're not capable of something. If they do...prove them wrong. Show people what you can do, don't give up! There will always be a small handful of people who will see the negative side to things and think that what you want is unrealistic, but that doesn't matter. Surround yourself with people who only bring something positive into your life and work on whatever you want to achieve. I follow so many inspiring people online and this really helps me to feel motivated and push on! It doesn't matter how big or how small this thing may be, if it's what you want to it! 

There is always going to be times in life when things don't turn out the way that we want them to or certain failures may occur. But as long as you learn from it, know what the next step is and pick yourself back're always doing so much! Everything that you want to do is never going to be straight forward, that would be far too easy! But it doesn't mean that anything isn't worth a try and achieving. If you want to be an actress, reach that number of followers on your blog, learn how to swim, write that book, tackle your anxiety....anything is possible! 

I know that it's hard to have this mind set as there is always times where you are going to be close to giving up. But I think that if more and more of us started to believe in ourselves, then we can be capable of great things together. I think that people often forget how strong we can be when doing things together and some of the amazing things that you can do. Making a change to the world, big or small, is always something I have wanted to be apart of. Do I think it's quite a big dream, yes? Do I think it's not! Let's not forget that not everything has to be done alone. The voice that we can create, especially online, is incredible and I love seeing people stand up for what they believe in or share a certain message across the world. 

So the next time that you feel like giving up on something you're working on, want to quit before you've even started or just feel like you can't do it...remember what you are capable of. Working hard does pay off! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, if it's what you want and it's something that will make you happy...go for it! You might even surprise yourself of how far you can go. It's all about progress, ups and downs and learning from your mistakes. I bet so many of you can achieve so many amazing things in the end, big or small! Make your visions, goals and dreams a reality. If you don't even try then you're just going to carry on through life making someone else's dreams a reality. If you have seen somebody else achieve something, then why can't you do the same?

'You have no idea what you're capable of until you try.' 

Kellie xx



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