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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

New Product Reviews!

I have bought a few new products recently so I thought that it was time do let you know what I thought! There are four beauty products to talk about today and as always...I will tell you my 100% honest opinion. Three of these products I bought in Sephora in Paris and one of them arrived from Misfit Cosmetics while I was away. I have now tried all of them here's my thoughts on if you guys should buy them or not!

Yes...I am so late with trying this product but I can now say that I finally own it, and I love it! I can see why everyone hypes about this product so much. I knew that because I was going to see so many Sephora's on this trip, I 100% had to pick this up. I have wanted to try a new brow product for a while now and this one seems to be a clear winner in the YouTube and Blogging world. I bought this in the shade Soft Brown and this is the perfect colour for me. I like my brows to be darker than my hair colour as lighter brows really don't suit me but it is all down to personal preference. This product is high quality, long lasting and looks amazing! I apply this product with an angled brush and it lasts me all day! I think the price of this product is very reasonable as I know it's going to last me a long time. If you are like me, and are late to the band wagon on this is worth the hype!

If you have been wondering what lip products I have been using has always been these two shades! I am officially obsessed. My friend Alice, who you all know and love, recommended these to me and said that I had to pick some up! She already has the shade 21 and I thought it was one that I would love! It's a really amazing nude shade but it almost has a slight purple and grey tone to it which looks so good! I also picked up the shade 03 which is the most beautiful red shade! It's a really beautiful colour and I have had lots of compliments on this. These lip products are so pigmented, long lasting and don't feel drying at all! I am so impressed with these...I need to pick up more in the future for sure!

Now this is a product that I have seen all over social media and I'm sure a lot of you have seen Charlotte Crosby talking about this brand. This is the Misfit Cosmetics Blackhead Mask and I bought this online as it was on sale. I decided to buy this as it seemed to be highly talked about and it's an all natural mask too which is sometimes hard to find! Personally, I'm not a huge fan. I tried this for the first time the other day and I didn't really see any effect. I have quite a bit of a problem with blackheads and I didn't really notice any difference after using this mask. The one positive is that it does leave your face feeling very soft but in terms of removing blackheads, it didn't do that at all. I tried it a few times using different amounts to see if I was doing it wrong but nothing really worked. So, my personal opinion...I wouldn't bother purchasing this! I am very disappointed as I was really looking forward to using this product! If any of you use any cruelty free products that are amazing at getting rid of blackheads...please let me know!

So that's it for today's post and all my new beauty products. I really hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully I convinced you to buy something new! Three out of the four products were amazing so I can't really complain! Once I get paid I will be doing a big makeup shop so there will be some hauls coming in the future for sure. I will see you all again very soon...

Kellie xx

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