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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Favourite Places In Europe!

Today's post is one that I know a lot of you have been waiting for...My favourtite places in Europe! As the majority of you know by now, I went travelling for around 3 months and I visited 30 places! So, of course I had to write a blog post all about the best places. I would 100% recommend these places to anyone. If you're going travelling, booking a weekend away or even a holiday...have a look at this list! Obviously, not all of these places would be suitable for a weekend away, but you get the idea that I'm going for! 

I was going to start by writing about Skiathos in this post, as this was one of the best places! I did write a LOT of different things and it was super long for one section of this post. So...I've decided to dedicate a whole separate post for Skiathos because I have so many pictures, stories and recommendations for you guys! That will be coming on Friday so be sure to keep an eye out for that one.


Verona is a place I have wanted to visit ever since I can remember and I feel so lucky that I have now ticked it off my bucket list. Verona is a city in Northern Italy best known for the location of Juliet's Balcony. Verona is a beautiful place with lots of amazing buildings and views. It's exactly how I pictured it and more! The streets are just so amazing to walk down and I feel like it's such a great place for pictures! We visited the castle which is stunning and has some really great views from there too. It was one of my favourite places for sure! We also visited Juliet's House of course to see the famous balcony and statue. It was very busy but so worth going. I feel like everyone needs to see it at some point in their life. We didn't go inside the Arena but I would love to go back some day and do it. The whole city just has a great feel to it and the look of everything is just incredible. It's one of the places where I didn't really mind getting lost as there was new things to see! Old style buildings, cute little streets and lots of hidden restaurants. It's 100% a place I am eager to visit again for sure!


I don't think I really need to explain where Rome is to you guys, but just incase...It's a beautiful place located in Italy! I feel like Rome is a place where everyone wants to visit and I see why! It's very busy and a lot bigger than you expect. There is a LOT of walking involved but nothing that isn't manageable. The Colosseum was by far one of the best experiences and something I'll never forget. It's the most amazing building to go and visit and a lot cheaper than you would expect to get inside. Of course it's very busy and there is a lot of queuing involved, but trust me, it's so worth it! I can't really describe how it felt walking round and seeing everything, but I hope these pictures below help me out! It's an absolute must if you visit Rome. The whole area around the Colosseum is quite amazing and there are so many ruins and buildings to see. I'm not a massive fan of history but learning about the gladiators and things like that is something I love! We also went to go see the Trevi Fountain. Again, very busy but worth seeing! It's hidden in the little streets of Rome and is really beautiful. If you carry on walking not far from the fountain up some stairs, there is also some amazing views too! Finally, we visited Vatican City. This is so so much bigger than I expected! It's full of beautiful buildings and lots of people. We didn't actually go inside anywhere because the ques were hours long, but if you do have the time and the patience, I can imagine it being an amazing experience!


Hamburg was a place that really did surprise me! We only stayed here as a stop off place and we ended up loving it. It's a city in Northern Germany and a really great location! It's full of lot's of water and great buildings. It's an overall amazing place that I just thought was beautiful. It's very clean, walk-able, and full of some great spots! We didn't do too many touristy things while we were there because, like I said before, it was only a stop off place. But, we did have a really good walk around and I really loved it. I don't really know how to describe it, but I just really loved the place. It's one of those places where could be a really great place to live and it wasn't too busy either which made a lovely change. I'm really gutted that we didn't get a chance to stay longer there but I can always go back in the future!


So this is another one that surprised me! I was looking forward to seeing Berlin but I wasn't  that bothered about it. It's never really been a place I've thought about that much or was dying to see. But I really loved it! It's so so big and public transport or lots and lots of walking is necessary! There is just so much to see and do, I couldn't believe it! We tried to see as much as we could, visiting lot's of buildings! We visited the Neus Museum and also went on a boat ride too. I think depending on how long you're there for or what you enjoy doing, it's all down to personal preference. Just pick and choose what you want to see or try your best to fit as much as you can in! It's a really great place full of so so much and lot's of history!  I would recommend the Bandy Brooks Cafe which is located next to the water near the Berlin Cathedral. It's a really great little spot that sells ice cream, slushes, drinks and snacks! Really friendly people and in a great location too.


Bruges is one place that I had visited before but I couldn't remember a thing! Bruges is such a beautiful place located in Belgium, it's very small but I think that's why I loved it! It's just such a pretty place and that's the best way I can describe it. The buildings have so much detail and there is a certain cultural atmosphere to Bruges. Everywhere is 100% walk-able for sure and it's handy as a lot of the tourist attractions are all in the main square. Bruges is known for it's chocolate and I can see's so delicious! There are so many chocolate shops (which all offer free samples by the way) but my favourite one was called Chocoladehuisje! It's located on a little street just off the main square, the staff were so lovely and everything was just so amazing! It's all handmade and just the BEST! As you know, I'm a major chocoholic so trust me when I say I know what I'm talking about when it comes to good chocolate. We also took a walk to see the Windmills too which was so cool! They are about 15 minutes walk from the main part and it's just a really great quiet area which is very photogenic! Bruges is the perfect place for a few days away for sure!


Pompeii is a hard one for me to explain because when I say it was an amazing experience, I don't mean happy and excitable. I'm sure you know what I mean. Pompeii is an ancient Roman town in Italy. If you don't know the story of was destroyed after Mount Vesuvius erupted and covered the whole town. This was in 79 A.D so a very long time ago, but you'd be so surprised by how much is still standing. It's a place I was very keen to visit and I know it's something I'll never forget. It's so much bigger than I expected and I was stunned by how much is still there. There is just so so much to see and I don't think my words will explain the experience. It's something you need to see for yourself for sure! Obviously all of the buildings are ruined, but a lot of the main structures are still there and you can still walk down the streets and see where people would of lived and worked. It's so heartbreaking to think about and walking around the town was very sad. But something I am so happy that I got the chance to see and one of the most memorable experiences.


Paris...I'm in love! I have visited Paris once before when I was in high school but that's just not the same. This time we got to see so much of Paris and I just think it's the best place ever! I love all of the streets and buildings, and I just couldn't stop smiling. The Eiffel Tower was so incredible to see up close and you would be surprised how long you can just sit there looking at it! We saw it through the day and we also went to see it at night too. When it lights up and sparkles, wow, just wow! So so cool! Paris is also a place that is very big and does require a lot of walking, but again, so worth it! We went to see lot's of popular places like, Arc de Triomphe, know how it goes! I just felt like Paris was one of my favourite places for sure. If I knew how to speak French, I could see myself living in Paris! There are so many great bakery's, shops and sights to see in Paris! The size of the Sephora's in Paris is defiantly something to look forward to if you're visiting Paris and are a beauty lover like me! I would love love love to go back to Paris one day!


Finally, I wanted to mention Venice and this is a place where I've never seen anything quite like it. Venice is located in Italy and I know people say it's just full of water...but it really is! For the majority, you don't really see many cars as streets are replaced with water! So, there's lots of boats and it's just so cool. I've never seen a place like it! Venice is full of unique buildings, lot's of restaurants and also a lot of people. The main part of Venice is walk-able but let me say, it's so easy to get lost! There are so many different routes and alleys and paths, it gets a little confusing! You think you're heading in the right direction and then you come to a stop because there's water, so you have to turn around and start again! We didn't do too much tourist sights in Venice as it was difficult to find our way around and we were quite happy to just sit and watch a day in Venice. It is a place I would highly recommend seeing!

So that's it for today's post! I really hope you enjoyed reading all about my favourite places in Europe, I hope I gave some of you some inspiration of where to visit! If you do have any more questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to help you out as best as I can and answer anything I didn't cover. I will be back again on Friday with another post!

Kellie xx

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