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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My Experience Travelling!

This is a blog post that probably should have gone up a few weeks ago but it has taken longer to put together than I thought! But it's finally here! This post is a summary of my travelling experience. If you have no idea what I'm talking about...then I'll give you a brief update. I went travelling for around 3 months around Europe with my step sister Abi. Today I just wanted to answer some questions that I have been asked and hopefully give some of you some inspiration to go travelling. My travelling consisted of seeing lots of places, taking lots of pictures and experiencing so much. We got to walk around cities, sunbath on beautiful beaches and just have the most amazing time. We got to try food from various places, visit museums and see landmarks which we've only ever seen in pictures or movies. Hopefully some of the pictures in the post will do a lot better of showing you how much of an amazing time I had!

I'm going to start with the obvious question...where did you go? I visited 31 locations in 71 days, so a lot was seen but I'm so happy that I got to see so much. I am going to list all of the locations for you as so many of you want to know, I'll list them in order too! 

Norway, Oslo
Stockholm, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Brussels, Belgium 
Bruges, Belgium
Frankfurt, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic
Budapest, Hungary 
Vienna, Austria 
Milan, Italy
Verona, Italy
Lake Garda, Italy
Venice, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Florence, Italy
Rome, Italy
Naples, Italy
Pompeii, Italy
Athens, Greece
Skiathos, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Paris, France
Lyon, France
Nice, France
Monaco, France
Cannes, France
Barcelona, Spain



So that's all the locations listed for you, there are so many! It's so strange to actually list all of them off as I just can't get my head around that I have been to all of those places! I enjoyed the majority of the places a lot and there were only a few locations that I wouldn't visit again, so overall I'm happy with the choices that we made! Going travelling is all down to personal preference on where you want to go and how long you want to stay in those places. Our aim was to see as many places as we possibly could so that did mean only spending a short amount of time in places, but that was fine with us! Travelling defiantly requires planning things out before you go, even if it's just a little bit. If you want to be fully spontaneous and go with the flow...then go for it! But we needed a route to follow so we could make sure we got to see all the places we wanted and going in the right direction. As our list was so long, we planned out a route and made sure that we could get from one place to another with our tickets. We didn't really plan how long we were going to stay in places, so we just booked it location by location as we went along! That seemed to work out well for us, but again, it's all about personal preference and how spontaneous you want to be! 

The next question you may be wondering is, how did you travel around? For 90% of the time we traveled by train and this was so much better than I thought it was going to be. We also caught a few planes and took boats around Greece. We took the majority by train because this was the quickest and easiest way to travel around Europe and also we had our Interail Tickets. I wrote a whole other post on my experience with these tickets which you can find here. Travelling around Europe on a train is a lot easier than you may think and super fast too! I personally think that trains are perfect for travellers as there are so many different times you can catch a train, so many different locations you can go to and it can all be covered on one ticket which is so handy when you've only got a back pack and don't want to rely on carrying lots of tickets! I found the trains really easy to catch and found the whole experience fine! The planes that we caught were the first and last trip of course and also we caught the plane from Santorini to Paris too. Just a little heads up, catching a plane in Santorini is a bit of a nightmare...smallest and most unorganised airport ever! Finally, the boats around Greece. I was quite shocked how difficult it was to get from island to island in Greece but in the end it worked out. The boats are always really lovely and the views are so beautiful! I think we did pick two islands at the opposite ends to each other but there are lots of boats running from the islands on an everyday basis. The boats are really affordable too...Greek island hopping is 100% on my bucket list.


The big question that almost everyone has been asking favourite places? Where would I recommend and where would I revisit again? I have quite a few but they stood out to me as clear winners and I just had the best time! I'm going to be doing a whole other blog post on my favouriote places in Europe so I will only make this part brief! I really loved Skiathos, I totally fell in love with this place. Lovely people and so beautiful! Paris was a dream. I loved so much about Paris and I just think there is something new around every corner. Berlin was one that surprised me! I never thought I would be that bothered about Berlin but turns out I really enjoyed it! Lot's and lot's to see and do in Berlin. Hamburg was also another surprise! We only stayed there as a little stop off place but turns out it's one of my favs! A really beautiful place to visit. Bruges was also another contender for sure. It's just such a pretty and small place and I love it. The chocolate there is to die I need to say anymore? Finally, of course there were a few places in Italy that I adored. Verona, a dream come true for me! I can't wait to tell you guys more about this wonderful place. Venice was stunning, I've never seen anything quite like it before! Rome was incredible, the Colloseum was something else. A massive highlight for me! Finally, Pompeii. A place that I was eager to see and it was such an amazing day. Another one I can't wait to tell you all about in a blog post coming soon...

Without this post becoming far too rambly, I wanted to let you know some things that I would do differently if I had the chance to do this all again. But I wanted to keep it short and simple for you guys! There are a few pointers that I would approach differently but not loads which is a good sign. First up I would 100% take more money if that was a possibility. I maybe would of pushed it a month or two later just so I had that bit longer to save up. We could of done that little bit extra with a bit more cash and stayed out that bit longer. So my tip, just save save save. It's so worth bringing as much as you can! Hostels are not as cheap as you may think...Another thing that I would of changed it maybe picking Greek islands that were closer together. We just assumed that it would be a lot easier to travel from Skiathos to Santorini than it was and we also didn't realise they were so far away from one another...oopss! So a bit more research on our end would have been beneficial! If you are wanting to make the most out of your travelling and money, doing your homework before is quite important for sure. Obviously there are places where I wish we had booked longer because I loved them so much, but then we wouldn't have been able to tick off so many locations! I will be going back to some locations for sure! That's about it really for things I would of done differently...travelling is about making decisions there and then and being a little adventurous. So not planning everything is kind of apart of it and making a few mistakes here and there!

Lake Garda

The final thing that I wanted to talk about in this post...Would I do it again? Simply...yes! I would love to go travelling again, there's nothing quite like it. I would say that I would go somewhere different next time as I don't really see the point of doing the same thing twice. There are so many places in the world to see. Slowly I would love to tick more and more places off my bucket list. I would love to travel Australia, I have heard so many good things about people travelling there and I know that I would love it. It's potentially next on the list. I would also love to do a road-trip in America at some point in my life. Maybe when I'm a little older with a group of friends, I think that would be incredible! I would also really love to do Greek island hopping like I mentioned before. Greek islands are so so beautiful and my favourite places to be. I would just love to see more of what Greece has to offer and I just think it would be a dream come true spending my days hopping from one island to the next, don't you agree? 

So that's it for this post! I could of talked about a million more things but I din't want this post to be too long. I am going to be writing a few more blog posts on more specific things that I think you guys will love hearing about. I have so many pictures and places to share so I hope you guys are enjoying seeing and reading all about my travels! Let me know if any of you guys have been travelling or are thinking about going! I am happy to answer any questions that you have at all. It could be about transport, certain places, recommendations, anything! Just leave a comment or ask me on social media. I will be back again very soon with a new blog post! 

Kellie xx



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  1. You're so lucky that you've been to such beautiful places!
    This sounds like quite the trip!

    I find that I've been to the same places A LOT which means I've done my fair share of travelling but I'm not well travelled (if that makes sense).

    I've been to all three of the places you visited in Greece! They're very special places!
    I'd love to visit Budapest and Prague some day!



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