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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

My Dream Living Room

For today's post I am talking about a brand that you have seen on the blog before and that you may have heard me mention before...because I love it! The brand is Arhaus and if you have never heard of them before...why not? They are a furniture company which focuses on natural materials and hand made furniture which I love! Their values are all about sustaining the earth and using the world as inspiration. This is the main reason why I love this brand so much and will always be happy to show you guys more about them! If you want to read and see more about the brand, be sure to check out my last post. I will also be leaving links of where to find them at the bottom of this post!  

Today I have created a mood board for you all about my dream living room. Interior is a big thing for me and I am obsessed with scrolling through Pinterest looking at how people design their homes. A living room is one that I can't wait to decorate when I move into my own home, you can do so much with it! I am going to be showing you some really great ideas, details and some beautiful pieces from Arhaus! 

Image from Pinterest

1. Colour Scheme 

Of course the colour's of your living room is one of the most important steps and it's one that I'm always thinking about. For me, I would love to have my living room mainly Grey and White but with a few colours dotted here and there. I think that this always looks so amazing and also looks great in any Instagram photo too! Having the majority around two colours is great because everything will match and go really well together. make it a little more interesting you need to have a little colour in there somewhere. Things like, cushions, rugs, coasters, plant pots and picture frames are all amazing things to add that bit of colour to your living room! I have found some amazing inspiration pictures on Pinterest to show you!

Images from Pinterest

2. Main Features 
The main pieces of furniture are big decisions when it comes to designing your living room, so you want to love them! If I were to design my dream living room I would have a Grey sofa which is very simple but looks amazing! I would also love a chair to go in the living room which looks beautiful and has a simple pattern on it. I just think by having a chair to match a sofa, but has that bit of extra detail, really pulls everything in nicely! I think that I have found two really great pieces from Arhaus which I know you will love and also matches my dream ideas too. Furniture is a personal preference for everyone and it's all up to you and your lifestyle about how much furniture you want in your living room. For my dream living room, I would want all the main pieces and some really great storage in there too. A bookcase, amazing storage for all my dvds, a white TV stand, shelves with lots of little details on...all the dream decor ideas! 

Images from Pinterest and Arhaus

Image from 'poppydeyes' Instagram

3. Smaller Details 
Adding the smaller details to a living room would probably be my favourite part. I just love how adding something small can add all the difference and it's what makes every home different and personal. I have found some really cute and amazing ideas that you could add to your living room and what I know I would want to feature in my dream living room! These are things that won't cost a lot to add or could be done DIY too! From candles to picture frames, plant pots, fairy lights and more! I would really love to know what you would add to your dream living room as smaller details in the comments down below. 

Images from Pinterest and following Instagram accounts:

4. Art
This is a step of interior that I'm always looking at on peoples Instagram or Pinterest. Since I'm a massive fan of photography, this one is something I 100% know I would have in my living room. When I say art, I don't necessarily mean paintings. This could be photography images you or someone else has taken, personal photographs or handmade art! There is a whole lot that could be included in this category. Things that are in a frame or on a canvas are usually the things I'm looking at in this category. This is a step which makes a living room, YOUR living room. It can add memories to your home or include some of the things you love too. I would love to have lots of Polaroids and pictures frames in my living room of my friends and family. I would also love to have a wall full of different photography images and art pieces. These could be paintings I like, quotes, celebrity photography images or images I have taken myself. Have a look at the great inspiration I found below! 

Images from Pinterest and Arhaus

5. Coffee Table Goals
The final thing that I wanted to talk about is a coffee table. Yes I know, this seems so basic but you would be surprised how much of a difference this could make. If you choose to have one, then a coffee table is usually the thing in the center of your living room, so I think it's quite important! I honestly do have quite a few visions and ideas when it comes to the coffee table in my dream living room. Personally, I would choose to have a glass table as I think that it fits in with the modern and simple design of the room. I love the way they look and I found the most beautiful table on Arhaus which I think so many of you guys are going to fall in love with. This table is a really great size and also has a floating shelf underneath which is probably my favourite part. I love tables that have a shelf under, especially when it's glass as you can display books and can see them though the top. A simple idea to add something extra! 

So that's it for today's post with Arhaus! I really enjoyed creating this post as Interior is something that I really enjoy and I just can't wait to move into my own place so I can make these visions a reality! Arhaus is honestly a really great brand which has some beautiful and unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else. What they stand for and how the brand works is so important to me and I hope you guys love them as much as I do. Be sure to check out their website for lots more information and have a browse through all of their pieces. There living room page in particular is amazing, would be a great way to start creating your dream living room! They also have an Instagram page too which posts interior goals for sure! I'll be back again very soon with another post.

Kellie xx



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