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Friday, 4 August 2017

Interrail Global Pass...Is It Worth It?

As the majority of you will already know...I have been travelling for three months around Europe. I traveled the majority by train and I bought the Interrail Global Pass before I went. I found it really difficult to find any reviews of these passes and I know how helpful it would of been, so today I'm going to tell you what I thought about these passes! They are very expensive so it's good to get someone else's views first. I bought three of these in total, two global monthly passes and one global 7 day pass. Were they worth it? What problems did you have with it? What happens if you loose it? Read on to find out...

So, if you don't know what the Interrail Pass is, I'll start with that! My Interrail is an online company who sells different passes for travellers. They are managed by Eurail Group, on behalf of the participating European Railway companies. I found this website through searching online and it was one of the top searches so we thought that we would give it a go.

How Much Was It?

I bought three passes and I'm not going to is an expensive purchase! I bought two 1 month continuous passes and one 7 days within a month pass. The 1 month passes you could use anywhere for 1 month and you could also use it as many times a day as you wanted. The 7 days within a month pass does exactly what it says. You could use it for 7 days within one month and as many times as you wanted within these 7 days. You didn't have to use it 7 days in a row, this could be used whichever 7 days you chose. The monthly pass costs £437 each and the 7 day pass costs £221. sounds super expensive, but was it worth it?

Was It Worth It?

Overall, after using these passes for three months I can was worth it! There are some hidden costs which I will tell you about in a minute, but we definitely got our use out of these passes! If we didn't have these passes it would of cost a lot more money to buy all the individual train tickets. We used these tickets so many times and I am really happy that we bought them as we caught the train so so much! The only thing that you usually have to pay for is seat reservations. I must say, there are a lot of places in Europe where you have to book seat reservations, unfortunately it's compulsory! But sometimes there are certain times where you don't have to book, so just keep a look out! Some places were more expensive than others but I don't think we ever really paid more than 20 euros. It does differ from place to place so there's no exact price to give you for these seat reservations. It was quite annoying having to pay for them all the time after paying for the tickets but overall it was still so much cheaper doing it this way. It also meant that you definitely had a seat together on the train which was so amazing, especially for the longer trains.

How Does It Work?

Once you purchase your ticket, it gets sent to you in the post and ours came so quickly, so last minute purchases won't be a problem! It comes in a little leaflet type thing and the ticket is stapled on the inside. At the bottom there is your travel diary where you fill in every journey that you take on the trains. You fill in the date, time and locations and that's it! It's so easy to do and it's also really handy that it's all on one bit of paper. There is also an app that you can download which was so incredible for the majority of the trip. You can search the different journeys you want to take and it will tell you all the train times available, the best routes and if you have to book a seat reservation or not. I honestly don't know what we would have done without this app! can use it offline too which I know is so handy for a lot of travellers. There were only a few places that we went where it didn't really work but for the majority it was really great!

What If You Loose It?

This was something that I was very worried about at first because this ticket was so expensive and I would be screwed if I didn't have it! But...when purchasing it gives you an option to cover your ticket for £10. The Ticket Protection Plan I think this is very very reasonable considering the cost of the ticket is a lot more. It covers your ticket if it gets stolen or lost which is perfect for when you're travelling as you never know what might happen. However if you don't choose to add this to you ticket then you're stuck if anything did happen. I personally think it's not even something you should have to consider...with something that costs as much money as this ticket, get it covered! They also are able to give you a refund if you can't use your ticket for some reason under this plan too!

Is It Just For Trains?

These tickets are mainly focused on trains but there are some deals you can get with boats and buses too. There are a few companies partnered with My Interrail so you can get discounted prices on tickets or potentially free tickets! We used trains for 90% of our travels but we did catch a few boats and buses. There was one place in Greece where we got our bus tickets free with our passes and then there were also a few boats where we got a discounted price. There weren't many buses where we could use our passes but if you just never know! There are some specific companies where you get around 30% off your boat tickets, all the information is on their website! There is also a specific pass I believe just for travelling around the Greek Islands so that is something to look at if that's where you're heading!

Would You Purchase One Again? 

YES! First looking at the price it does seem very expensive...but after realising how much it would of cost without our tickets, I'm so grateful for the passes! It has defiantly become very popular as more and more people have decided to go travelling and I could see so many people with these passes. It all depends on what type of trip you're going on and where you will be travelling to. If you're not going to be moving around that much, then maybe it won't be beneficial but if you are going on a trip like I have just been on, get one! Like I said before, there are different options for passes so all you need to do is go onto the My Interrail website and have a read! They have a map so you can see if the passes cover the places you want to go and you can also discover new places to visit!

I really hope a lot of you will find this post useful and maybe persuade some of you to look into travelling! With this ticket, the whole process of moving from one location to another is a lot less daunting! If I can do it...anyone can! There will be more travelling posts coming soon! Watch this space...

Kellie xx



  1. I thought about this last Winter but the additional costs put me off. Great to hear a good review!

    1. It does seem annoying but it's still worth it in the end! :)
      Kellie x


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