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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Mermaid Inspired Makeup

Today I wanted to post something a little different! I woke up the other day and really wanted to create a fun makeup look for the blog, so that's exactly what I did! I have some really beautiful eye shadows from Makeup Obsession so, in the end I created a mermaid inspired makeup look.


The base was something that I wanted to keep very simple and easy! Since I have a tan at the minute the only thing that I have been using is the Simple BB Beauty Balm. I have really been loving this product and I'm very impressed! I used one of my favourite concealers too which gave amazing coverage and since the shade is Extra Fair, it gave really great light under eyes!


The eyes were the main focus of this whole look and I'm really happy with how everything turned out. The brows were all thanks to my new purchase, there will be another blog post about this product soon. These eye-shadows from Makeup Obsession are so beautiful and pigmented. You can buy these from Boots and there are so many shades to create your own palette with. These shades are colourful and definitely reminded me of Mermaids. They all blended so well together! I used my trusty eyeliner to create the perfect wing and finished off the look with the best mascara! I added a little bit of white eyeliner and highlighter in the inner corner to finish off the eyes.


I used an amazing contour shade from Makeup Obsession and also a beautiful blush from Seventeen. These two products worked really well together! One of my favourite parts of this look was the beautiful! It's from Makeup Obsession and it's just stunning! I always get compliments when wearing this and I feel like it fitted in with the whole look so perfectly! These products are so inexpensive so 100% worth looking at. 

Lipstick and Setting Spray 
To finish off the whole look I used a really great setting spray from Barry M and a pretty amazing lip product from W7. I used the Metal Pout Liquid Lipstick in the shade Goldilocks and I'm obsessed. I never thought I would be someone to pull of a metallic lipstick but I really love the look of this. This one is so affordable and the quality is amazing. I think that this colour is really wearable and fits in well with the whole look!

I really hope that you liked this look and if you want me to continue to create more fun makuep looks, then please let me know! Also, if you want to see this look on my YouTube channel, comment below! I'm not a professional with makeup or would even consider myself good with beauty, so this is for sure an easy look to create. It's all about the blending! Let me know if any of you decide to recreate this look at all...I would really love to see. 

I will see you all again very soon with another post! 

Kellie xx



  1. This is gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning!! Wish I could do this good of a job with makeup😍

  2. Thank you so much, it means a lot that you love it! I'm no expert at all with makeup...this is easier than it looks :)
    Kellie xx


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