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Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Lip Products That Need A Post Of Their Own!

Today I wanted to create a post all about some specific lipsticks that I can't get enough off. You will probably all know that I'm a massive fan of Tanya Burr Cosmetics but the lip products in particular are to die for!

Let's start off with the packaging, how beautiful? I really love the gold as it makes it look so much more expensive and feels like a luxurious product. The style of writing is super elegant and classy and I just love that! I personally think that the lipsticks are a really good size. They fit in your handbag perfectly and they also fit like a glove in my lipstick storage! The liquid lipsticks are just as glamorous! They have the same square shape as the others and I love the simplicity of the packaging. You can see the shade of the product so clearly and the product is so lightweight. I think that Tanya has nailed the packaging for these products and it will defiantly persuade so many people to pick them up.

I have to talk about the formula of these products! I can remember the first time that I ever used these lip products and I was so amazed by the pigmentation and formula. To say these are affordable drugstore products, it's just unreal! They feel like high end products and these lipsticks are a lot more pigmented than some of my more expensive products! I would defiantly put it out there and say that these are the most pigmented lip products I own! The formula is so lovely as it feels comfortable to wear. I know that some matte products can be a nightmare and make your lips feel like a dessert, but trust me when I say these do the exact opposite. Lightweight, moisturising and long lasting, what more can a girl want from a lipstick?

I have four of the lipsticks and I know that I do need to pick up the other two at some point to complete my collection. I'll give you a very quick run down of the shades! Wild Safari is the most beautiful orange you will ever see and this product has come travelling with me for sure! The perfect summer shade. Central Park is a bright pink that works with any skin tone. I personally think it's that perfect pink shade as it's not too light and not too dark! A great pop of colour to any makeup look. Big Kiss is a red shade which everyone has fallen in love with. I don't know how she's done it but she has created my perfect red and I love it! Finally there is Pink Cocoa and this is one of the most popular ones! It's an everyday nude that will go with anything! I love having this in my handbag and I know that I can reach for it anytime and it will just work!

I have all three of the liquid lipsticks and I just adore them. I was so happy when she brought these products out and I still love them just as much now! We have Puppy Paws, Rhubarb & Custard and Martha Moo. All three shades are pink toned but all very different. Martha Moo is more of a neutral shade that everyone wants to get there hands on! I love all three shades and think they work well with my skin tone. I love that they are all different as I know that I can reach for any of the three when I'm doing my makeup. Once you buy one, trust'll want to complete your collection with the other two! 

I know that I have spoke about Tanya Burr Cosmetics before on my blog but I did just want to create a whole post today on the lip products as I can't believe the quality of them and I love them more and more everyday. I use them all the time and would be happy with using just these for the rest of my life! I really advise you to check any of the products out if you haven't already! If you already have some of them, complete your collection, it's only right! I will defiantly be buying the missing two for sure! 

Kellie xx


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