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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Current Music Obsessions!

For today's post I am going to be talking you through my current music obsessions! I don't think that I've ever done a post like this before and I have loved reading music posts as I'm always wanting someone new to listen to. I do often quite get bored of listening to the same stuff all the time so hopefully some of you will find this post useful. If you do have any recommendations of artists, albums or anything music related...let me know in the comments or on social media. I'm just going to tell you about a few artists that I have been loving recently, I won't ramble on too much though! Some of them you may not of heard of before and some of them I'm sure most of you will have!


Sia is an artist that I have heard of for a while but I would only listen to the songs that were on the radio or in the charts. After she released Cheap Thrills...I bascially fell in love! I was so obsessed with that song so I thought that I would listen to some more of her songs to see what they were like. Let's just say that I have found one of my favourite artists and I love every song that I listen to! She has got such a powerful voice and her songs are insane! Her songs fit my music taste perfectly and I'm a big fan. Some of my favourites in particular are Angel By The Wings, Helium and Unstoppable.

Natasha Bedingfield 

I used to listen to Natasha Bedingfield all the time when I was younger and for some reason I must have stopped. But one of her songs came on in a shop quite a few months ago now and I forgot how much I loved her! I added the same song to my playlist and then I just started to listen to more and more and realised why I listened to her so much! I really love all of her songs and there's not one that I don't like. I could listen to her all day everyday and not get bored! Defiantly an old favourite to revisit, trust me it's so worth it! Some of my favourites that I have been loving at the minute are; Neon Lights, Little Too Much and Wild Horses. 


Birdy is the kind of artist that you think you've never listened to before but when you go and play her songs, you realise that you have! Her songs appear in a lot of films and TV programmes so you may of heard her songs before! Birdy has such a beautiful voice and I just love her songs. I think the lyrics of every song is so amazing and I don't think I'll ever get bored of her voice. It's so unique! I have listened to Birdy for quite a while now but it's only recently that I have got into her a lot more. Some of my current favourite songs are; Wings, Words and I just love Skinny Love...such a classic!

Ed Sheeran 

Now I don't think that I need to explain who Ed Sheeran is...I also don't think that I need to explain why he's amazing but I'm going to anyway! I had to mention Ed in this post as I have just been obsessed with his latest album. I have always loved all of his songs so there was no surprise that I was going to love the new album. I just really love the style of divide as it's got a bit of Irish and Spanish and holiday vibe songs but it also has his slow and romantic style songs too! Some of my personal favourites from Divide are Happier, Dive and Bibia Be Ye Ye. 

Selena Gomez

Again...another artist where I don't really need to explain who she is! Everyone loves Selena Gomez. I grew up watching Selena on TV so I've followed her for so long! I was so happy when she started doing music and I have listened to her from the very beginning. So...I felt she had to be included in this post! I really love her style of music and I also love that it's always changing. It keeps it interesting and I never get bored! She has such an amazing voice and I've lover every song that she has done! It was quite hard to narrow down, but some of my favourites are... Who Says, Kill Em With Kindness and A Year Without Rain. 

Imagine Dragons

My final artist that I wanted to mention is a band called Imagine Dragons. I'm sure a lot of you love them as much as I do, but if you haven't listened to them before....I would advise it! I can't quite remember why I started listening to them, I must of loved one of their songs and then thought I would give them a go. It was something different to add to my playlists and I just love them! The more I started listening to them the more I realised that I had heard some of their songs before! I really love; Radioactive, On Top Of The World and I Bet My Life. They are some of the most popular ones...but there is a reason for that!

Now when you first saw this post, you may have guessed that I was going to talk about Little Mix or Ellie Goulding...don't worry they are still my favourites! But I wanted to talk about some new artists to day that I may have not mentioned before! I'm loving listening to these at the minute and I'm happy to listen to them all day long too! If that's not a sign that an artist is incredible, then I don't know what is!

Kellie xx


  1. nice recommendations!
    I had the same experience with Sia, last summer with the song Cheap Thrills!
    Also you had remind me that I have to listen more Birdy ^^

    1. Cheap Thrills is so good isn't it! Yes I would definitely recommend listening to her more, she's incredible!
      Kellie xx


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