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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Travel Haul!

I've now finished at work and my travelling is just around the's coming around so so quickly so I thought that it was time to show you guys some of the things that I have picked up! I haven't picked up loads of things as I can't actually take that much with me. There's only so much you  can fit in a backpack! I won't ramble on too much about all the bits I've bought and bore you but...I promised you a travel haul so that's exactly what I'm going to give you!

1. Underwater Phone Case

Since I couldn't afford to get a go pro, I decided to buy myself an underwater phone case so I could take some fun pictures and videos while I'm away! I will defiantly be doing a water test each time before I use it as I don't want to risk breaking my phone while I'm away...If this little case does work then I will be so so happy as I'll be able to capture every moment of my trip!

2. First Aid Kit

This may sound like a boring purchase but is one that I may need, you never know! I saw this little first aid kit in Tiger and I just thought that it was something useful and was super small so wouldn't take up much room. I can put plasters, paracetamol and all that kind of stuff in there! Although this wasn't the most exciting purchase, it will at least put my mums mind at ease!

3. Rucksack

Now this is probably my most essential thing in this whole haul! A rucksack is what I'm taking with me as I don't want to be dragging round a suitcase on my travels. If I'm going to do travelling the right way, a rucksack was the answer. I was lucky enough to have someone lend me their rucksack for this trip, but I know there are so many places that sell them, lot's of outdoor shops. It's not too big that I fall over when I put it on...but it's big enough so it allows me to fit in everything that I will need.

4. Travel Pillow

This is a purchase that I didn't really think of at the beginning until someone mentioned it. I've never really been one to take a travel pillow on flights or long journeys but I thought that it could come in super handy. There will be a lot of train journeys so having a little pillow that can sit around my neck will be an essential. I will probably become dependent on this before I know it! I picked up mine from Primark so it was super cheap and it's colourful and bright, so I'm happy!

5. Comfy Shoes

Deciding what shoes I wanted to bring was a little harder than I thought. I knew I didn't want to bring many but I had to decide which shoes would go with everything and which would be practical. I picked up some new trainers and they are soooo comfortable! These are going to be amazing since there will be a lot of walking involved! I've also packed some sandals as I know it's going to be very hot in some places and also some flip flips...who doesn't pack flip flops when going away?

6. Power Bank

This is something that my sister gave me and I know that I will use it a lot! My phone is something that I will be using everyday to take photos, film videos, checking social media and chatting with friends and family. So I know that sometimes I will need to charge my phone when there may be no socket...power bank is my answer! I'm sure you all know about these little gadgets by now but it had to be mentioned!

7. Headphones

These are probably my favourite thing that I'm taking and I'm so happy that they can come with me! My headphones are something that I use very single day and I couldn't live without them. They are big over the head earphones and they are white and rose gold. My dad actually bought me these for Christmas and they are one of the best things I've ever received! You charge them up and they last for months! Wireless headphones have made my life so much easier and I just think the battery life on these are insane! This will be a massive help on my trip for sure.

8. Sunglasses

I decided that I wanted to pick up some new sunglasses for this trip as I knew the exact style that I wanted. I didn't want to buy any expensive one's just incase they were lost or got broken. So...I actually picked up some sunglasses from Primark! They may not last as long but they were exactly what I was looking for and so cheap, so if I broke them, not a problem! I have packed a few pairs of sunglasses to go with me as I'm hoping I will need them for sure...bring on the sun!

9. Notebook

Again, this may seem like a boring one to you but this was a must for me. I have decided to bring a notebook along to keep a diary of my travels. I think it will be such an amazing thing to do and look back on. There's no better way to look back on memories then to read about how I was feeling on that exact day or the exact moment. I know I will really appreciate it in the future! I also think it's going to be really helpful for my blog. I will be writing lot's of travel posts when I get back so it will be amazing to have for reference and any specific details. My lovely friend Lizzie gave me a beautiful notebook from Paperchase so I'm very lucky! She has just started her own blog if you would like to go and check it's the link!

That's everything that I wanted to mention in today's post! I have bought a few other bits and pieces but I wanted to share with things that you may find useful for your own travels or holidays! I know this post wasn't as exciting as usual but I know a lot of you wanted to see it so I hope you enjoyed!

I did also buy a few new pieces of clothing and some beautiful swimwear but if I spoke about everything this post could go on for a while! But I will be posting lots of pictures over on Instagram so you can find me over there if you want to see my outfits. I will already be on my travels now so make sure you keep up to date with where I am in the world and I will speak to you all again very soon...

Kellie xx

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