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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Don't Focus On The Numbers...

Numbers in the blogging world is something that I have started to see talked about a lot more recently and I have also started to read more posts on the topic too. At the beginning it was something that I looked at quite a lot...the stats, the views, the followers! But as I have progressed with blogging, I've realised that it's really not what's important.

It can be useful to keep up to date with your blogging stats. It's good to know which posts are the most popular and which posts people are enjoying reading the most. The stats for your blog can be interesting and we defiantly should celebrate every little step we make. Every view is another positive, every new follower is amazing and every milestone is great! If you put the hard work into your blog, then you should be rewarded! You should never feel like you can't be happy about your stats because hard work does pay off.

But...the numbers shouldn't be your main focus and the reason to keep blogging. If you're only running a blog to get sent things or to get followers, then you're in it for the wrong reason! If you are constantly looking at the stats all the time, then you're going tog get frustrated with the numbers a lot more and disheartened when they aren't going up as much as you'd like them too.

Comparing your blog to other peoples is something that I a guilty of myself but it's something that I don't really do anymore and its really not what we should be doing! Comparing the numbers from your blog to someone else's isn't going to be healthy and numbers don't always mean that someones blog is going to be better than the next. Every blog is different and everyone has their own unique writing style. Every single blog post is different and some will be more popular than others. But every blogger will have their own milestones, their own goals and their own little group of followers who will support them. That's what matters.

To keep it short and sweet, please don't spend all of your time focusing on the numbers and watching your computer screen waiting for the numbers to keep rising. Just keep writing about what you love and celebrate every milestone! I promise you that your hard work will pay off and the posts you write will be useful to people out there. If it's a beauty post that will give someone some great tips, a travel post which will inspire someone or an advice post that could help someone in more ways that you could ever imagine.

Stay focused on what is truly important, keep blogging because you love it and the rest will come in time.

Kellie xx


  1. It's definitely important not to focus on the numbers! They distract you from the real reason you started in the first place. X


    1. Yes this is so true!! You can get caught up in stats and numbers without even realising!
      Kellie xx

  2. Such an important post, Kellie!

    As you said, you've seen a lot of posts discussing similar topics at the moment (...guilty).

    I go through phases with my blog's statistics. Sometimes they're all I think about (despite my passion for writing) but other times, it's the furthermost thing from my mind.

    I agree; Bloggers should celebrate each and every milestone and support eachother.


    1. We are all guilty of it for sure! So I thought that this post would just be a little reminder for my bloggers out their ☺️ Thank you so much for leaving a means the world! Youre so right, bloggers should 100% support each other!
      Kellie xx


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