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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bloggers You Should Be Following!

Today I wanted to share with you some bloggers that I think are killing it at the moment and I thought that I would write a whole post about them as I think it's so important to praise people when they're doing well. It's the best feeling in the world when someone compliments your blog, especially when you've worked so bloody hard on it! So today it's all about letting you know about some amazing bloggers, some of them you will know and some of them may be new to you. But please go and check them all out because...they deserve it!

Victoria is someone you will of all heard of if you follow me on my blog or any form of social media. She is my number one favourite blogger and one of my biggest inspirations. was only right to put her at the very top of this post! If you haven't heard of In The Frow before, where have you been? In terms of the blogging world she is one the of BEST! She absolutely loves what she does and she has a unique talent. Her images are beautiful and something that I will always look forward to seeing. I really love her style of writing and love all the topics that she posts about. Her advice posts in particular are my personal favourites. She puts all of her time and effort into her bog, YouTube channel and social media and it's always such a breath of fresh air. She is down to earth, drop dead gorgeous and has one of the kindest hearts. I don't have a bad word to say about Victoria and I would always 100% recommend that you go and check her out!

2. Maria.J

Maria is a smaller blogger but numbers honestly don't mean a thing, you'll see! Maria is someone that I discovered through Twitter and I have spoken to her on a few occasions. I first checked out her blog when I saw some really amazing images that she has taken for her blog. Her images that she posts are just insane! I really love the style of the photographs and I always look forward to seeing what images will be coming up next on her blog. She really does have a good eye for blogging images for sure! I think that a lot of you will really love her style of writing and enjoy reading her posts. She posts about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and so much more! She is the loveliest person to speak to and so helpful if you ever have any questions about blogging! If you're looking for a new blogger to follow who is current, talented and down to earth...Maria is your girl!

3. Aoife

Aofie is a wonderful gal that I do know and went to college with and I am happy to call her my blogger friend! I love having someone that I can talk to about anything blog related and she gives me so much support! I absolutely love her blog and I know you guys will love it too. She is the queen of flatlays and I'm so jealous of her talent! I really love her images and her style of writing is something that stands out. Aoife is so down to earth and real and I think a lot of you guys will enjoy reading her blog!

Lydia Millen has a blog that I will always go on to find inspiration on everything! Her blog is insane and I get so excited when she uploads something new. Her images are so beautiful and she looks stunning in every image! I personally really love the whole style of her blog...the images, the design, the writing, the lot! It's very similar to what I love and I'm so happy that I discovered her blog. Lydia has such an amazing personality and it's so clear that she loves what she does, the hard work defiantly shows! Lydia's blog is one that you could never get bored of as there is always something new and exciting going on and that is impressive as the blogging market is always growing. I always recommend Lydia to anyone I know!

You will 100% know Poppy if you watch quite a few popular vloggers on YouTube but some of you may just recognise the second name. Poppy is the sister of Alfie Deyes and that's how I personally discovered her blog. I remember watching the vlog where Poppy first launched her blog and it made me so so happy as I really loved her style and personality, so I would love her to start a blog! Her blog has now grown quite a lot and so many other people love what she does too! Her style is really simple and her writing is just...real? She's down to earth and I feel like I can always relate to her posts without it going over my head. I'm always obsessed with her pictures and it makes me so happy to see her blog growing all the time as I have been here from day one!

Janni Deler is a blogger that I discovered through Instagram. I loved her photos and one day relaised that in her bio, there was a link to her blog page. From the on I was hooked! I was so amazed looking through her blog as the design and images are incredible! She is honestly so beautiful and I LOVE her fashion style. If I'm ever wanting inspiration for style or need a heads up for buying new clothes, I always know where to go! I always know if I'm going to enjoy someone's blog from their style of writing of the first post I read...I know you're going to enjoy her writing just as much as I do! If you love reading about beauty, fitness, travel and have to give this gorgeous girl a read!

Of course I had to finish of this post with a girl that I have been following from the start. Most of you will know her as Lexi Life. She hasn't been around the blogging world for ages but she has for sure already made an impact and got her own little community. All I can say is that she knew what she wanted and she's working so hard to get it. Her hard work is paying off for sure. She has a blog and a YouTube channel and I am just loving her blog in particular! She writes about all the things that I love and I really love her images. She has such a good eye for photography and I always love her photos of products. That girl can make anything look amazing! To top things off, she is the nicest person! I have spoke to her quite a few times now and I will always continue to support her as she always gives me advice and helps me out if I have any questions! I know that she's going to go far in the blogging world so go and give her some support!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and I hope it gave you some inspiration if you're looking for new bloggers! Giving each other support within the blogging community is so important which is why I loved writing this post. It's so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others that you might often forget to praise people for their achievements. Keep giving the support, spreading the positivity and the blogging community will only become stronger...

Kellie xx


  1. Aw Kellie!! Thanks so much beaut 💓 Means so much. I am for sure determined to take my blog & YouTube channel places - it's amazing that you can see that! Thanks for all the support lovely 😘

    1. You're very welcome lovely! I know you're going to go far so just keep doing what you're doing! Kellie xx

  2. So many good blogs that I haven't heard of yet here, so thank you! I have heard of Victoria though, I follow her blog and Youtube channel and my god that girl produces some good content, plus she's beautiful and she really does seem down to earth :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post! I'm glad I was able to show you some new bloggers 😊 Victoria is just the best! One of my all time favourites 🙈 xx


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