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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Travel Haul!

I've now finished at work and my travelling is just around the's coming around so so quickly so I thought that it was time to show you guys some of the things that I have picked up! I haven't picked up loads of things as I can't actually take that much with me. There's only so much you  can fit in a backpack! I won't ramble on too much about all the bits I've bought and bore you but...I promised you a travel haul so that's exactly what I'm going to give you!

1. Underwater Phone Case

Since I couldn't afford to get a go pro, I decided to buy myself an underwater phone case so I could take some fun pictures and videos while I'm away! I will defiantly be doing a water test each time before I use it as I don't want to risk breaking my phone while I'm away...If this little case does work then I will be so so happy as I'll be able to capture every moment of my trip!

2. First Aid Kit

This may sound like a boring purchase but is one that I may need, you never know! I saw this little first aid kit in Tiger and I just thought that it was something useful and was super small so wouldn't take up much room. I can put plasters, paracetamol and all that kind of stuff in there! Although this wasn't the most exciting purchase, it will at least put my mums mind at ease!


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Don't Focus On The Numbers...

Numbers in the blogging world is something that I have started to see talked about a lot more recently and I have also started to read more posts on the topic too. At the beginning it was something that I looked at quite a lot...the stats, the views, the followers! But as I have progressed with blogging, I've realised that it's really not what's important.

It can be useful to keep up to date with your blogging stats. It's good to know which posts are the most popular and which posts people are enjoying reading the most. The stats for your blog can be interesting and we defiantly should celebrate every little step we make. Every view is another positive, every new follower is amazing and every milestone is great! If you put the hard work into your blog, then you should be rewarded! You should never feel like you can't be happy about your stats because hard work does pay off.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Bloggers You Should Be Following!

Today I wanted to share with you some bloggers that I think are killing it at the moment and I thought that I would write a whole post about them as I think it's so important to praise people when they're doing well. It's the best feeling in the world when someone compliments your blog, especially when you've worked so bloody hard on it! So today it's all about letting you know about some amazing bloggers, some of them you will know and some of them may be new to you. But please go and check them all out because...they deserve it!

Victoria is someone you will of all heard of if you follow me on my blog or any form of social media. She is my number one favourite blogger and one of my biggest inspirations. was only right to put her at the very top of this post! If you haven't heard of In The Frow before, where have you been? In terms of the blogging world she is one the of BEST! She absolutely loves what she does and she has a unique talent. Her images are beautiful and something that I will always look forward to seeing. I really love her style of writing and love all the topics that she posts about. Her advice posts in particular are my personal favourites. She puts all of her time and effort into her bog, YouTube channel and social media and it's always such a breath of fresh air. She is down to earth, drop dead gorgeous and has one of the kindest hearts. I don't have a bad word to say about Victoria and I would always 100% recommend that you go and check her out!

2. Maria.J

Maria is a smaller blogger but numbers honestly don't mean a thing, you'll see! Maria is someone that I discovered through Twitter and I have spoken to her on a few occasions. I first checked out her blog when I saw some really amazing images that she has taken for her blog. Her images that she posts are just insane! I really love the style of the photographs and I always look forward to seeing what images will be coming up next on her blog. She really does have a good eye for blogging images for sure! I think that a lot of you will really love her style of writing and enjoy reading her posts. She posts about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and so much more! She is the loveliest person to speak to and so helpful if you ever have any questions about blogging! If you're looking for a new blogger to follow who is current, talented and down to earth...Maria is your girl!

3. Aoife

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