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Friday, 14 April 2017

Low Self-Esteem: The Constant Battle

I was unsure which post to write today.I had the pictures ready and to be honest, I didn't really like the photos that much! I didn't like how I looked in them and felt like the images weren't working for me. That exact thought and opinion was the reason for today's post...

What is low self esteem? This can honestly mean something different to everyone and everyone will always have different reasons for the way they feel. Low self esteem could be in terms of appearance, personality, confidence or anything! Mine is mainly all about appearance and it has been something that I've struggled with for a while. I often look in the mirror and want to burst into tears and I always seem to have this list in my head of things that I wish I could change about myself. 

Let's face it, I've never really been happy with how I look. I've never felt confident in terms of appearance and I always get jealous of how other people look. This is just one of my personal problems that I've struggled with for a while and everyone is different in terms of what they like and don't like. On a plus side, it has improved a lot but I wouldn't say that I'm there yet for sure.

I didn't want to focus too much on the negative in this post, because that wouldn't be no fun to read! So I wanted to talk about how to improve confidence in yourself and also share some amazing people that I follow with you, who have helped me out a lot! I'm hoping some of you will find this post useful and it may be a reminder for you that no one's perfect and you're not the only one facing a battle on a daily basis. Maybe I will take some of my own advice at the end of this too! 

First things first, one of the main things that I struggle with is comparing myself to others. On a daily basis I scroll through pictures of beautiful women who are fashionable and amazing! I follow some really incredible people so this can be a little hard for me sometimes. Instead of comparing myself to them, I just focus on the praise to them and say...She looks insane, GOOD FOR HER! It honestly does make such a difference and although it doesn't happen every single time...I'm getting there. 

Next...thinking about you and only you. Making decisions for yourself makes you a million times happier as you're not doing things to please other people and you're not worrying about what others would think. In terms of appearance, wearing what I want to wear makes me so much happier but sometimes it's just finding the confidence to do that. I always love other people's outfit choices and the way they've done their makeup but I never believe that I can pull it off. Guess never know unless you try and you could find a whole new style of outfit that you love and actually feel good in!

I now want to share with you a few people that I follow online that help me out so much in terms of this subject! I thought that a good way to help you guys out and give you some useful advice, was to direct you to the best! 

First up...In The Frow! I know, surprising that I would mention her right? Let's just say that there's a reason why I talk about her so much and always praise her videos and posts and Instagram! Discovering her blog and channel was such a great thing for me! She always makes me feel so much better when watching her videos as I love her personality and I feel like I can trust what she's saying. In terms of improving my self esteem, Victoria is the one I turn to when it comes to fashion. I really want to make more of an effort with changing my style and trying out new things but I never had the confidence to do it. I just always left it to the bloggers and people who I thought had the figure to pull it off. But Victoria has allowed me to feel more confident in trying out new pieces of clothing and given me that nudge in the right direction without even realising! If you're looking for that guidance, confidence and just wanting someone incredible to follow, In The Frow is your gal! 

Next we have the wonderful Carly Rowena! Fitness has been a big thing for me in terms of feeling better about how I look. Like I said before, I'm not fully there yet but it's all about the journey. Carly creates videos and also has a blog too. Her videos are some of my favourites to watch as I feel like she's down to earth, real and an inspiration. She speaks the truth about the fitness world and talks about all the right stuff. I love her weekly vlogs and also her fitness advice videos too. I love seeing how she motivates herself and I love that she also shows her days where she wants to eat chocolate and treat yourself...we're all human! I also HAVE to mention her Instagram workout videos. They're short and sweet but perfect for me as I can feel like I know what I'm doing in the Gym that little bit more and keeps me interested as there's a new one to try all the time. If you're wanting to start getting into fitness, want to progress with it all or just want to kick some butt, Carly is your gal! 

Finally I wanted to mention the one and only...Zoe! Everyone and anyone knows Zoella, but that doesn't stop me mentioning her! Since appearance is my issue, I knew I wanted to mention Zoe as she helps with this particular topic so much! We all can see how gorgeous Zoe is, I do love her fashion sense, hair, makeup, the LOT! I love that she will film with makeup, without makeup, when she has just woke up, when she's having down days. She doesn't care about what she looks like at all and I love that! Watching her vlogs often gives me that constant reminder to not care so much about all the little things that I hate about myself. When it comes to filming videos for my channel, my appearance and all these little things bug me so much and I often get bothered about them. So, following these types of incredible people makes me feel so much better and often gives me that reminder I need. Not everyone looks perfect 24 hours a day and everyone is unique. 

So that's it for today's post! If you want me to chat anymore about this subject or upload a progression post further down the line, let me know! I hope some of you found this useful and helpful as I love reading advice posts like this. It's lovely sometimes hearing that you're not alone with your thoughts and feelings. I hope you enjoyed reading this, it was quite a personal one today. Sometimes I think that we forget that we are all human at the end of the day and...It's ok to make mistakes and not be perfect! 

Kellie xx


  1. Thank you for turning a usually negative topic into something so positive. I think at some stage, we've all struggled with self-esteem. For me, I have my good days, but then I have the really crappy, down-in=the-dump days. Self-esteem is still something I'm working on. And so are you. You haven't given up. You're still going!

    Even though you may not have liked your photos, you posted them. That's courage and bravery. You're overcoming your vulnerabilities.

    Also, about that list that you have (of things you want to change about yourself): Set yourself some goals- as opposed to a list that you have to get through. For one week focus on one aspect that you'd like to change and the next week (or month) focus on another. Just remember to keep trying to love yourself through out the process.



    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it means the world to me! I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful ☺ Also...thank you so much for your advice, I really appreciate it! My jeans are from Topshop, super comfy!

      Kellie xx


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