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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Essential Apps For Travelling!

Today I decided to write a post all about the apps that I have or have downloaded recently to use while I'm away travelling. I couldn't find many blog posts on this specific subject so I wanted to create my own! Hopefully some of you will find this helpful for travelling, holidays or even long journeys!

I have put together a list of 10 apps that I will be using while I'm away travelling. I hope you enjoy!

1. Spotify

Spotify is probably going to be one of my most used apps on my travels. There will be a lot of long train journeys so having music to listen too is an essential! I use Spotify on a daily basis anyway so I know I'm going to need it while I'm away. I'm sure that I don't have to explain what this app is because everyone seems to have it! I love that you can download your playlists or certain albums to listen to offline. This is perfect for me while I'm away. I have started creating new playlists and finding new artists to listen to while I'm away! I know that Ed Sheeran's new album is going to be on my list of most played...lot's of holidays vibes!

2. Instagram

Instagram is probably my favourite platform for social media as I love photography and seeing peoples memories through images. I love having my own profile where you can create some amazing images and share them with everyone. I know that I will be taking thousands and thousands of photos in all the places that I'm visiting so I will be posting a lot! My friends and family also want to see what I'm doing and where I am in the world, so this is a great way to show them! I love taking really beautiful images and being creative so this is the perfect social media platform for me! My username on Instagram is 'kellienee' if you want to keep up with my travels!

3. Live Trekker

This is an app that's completely new to me and to be honest, I haven't had chance to try out fully yet! the sounds of the description, it sounds perfect for my travels! This app is basically a journal for your travels all on your phone. The app includes world maps that are interactive and can record your journey and digital memories. I thought that this app was quite a unique way to keep a travel diary! It allows you to save pictures or videos on the map to show the exact location where it was taken. You can also add audio or little notes if you want. Finally, I thought this sounded great because they also have a little community for this app where you can see other peoples travel journeys and you can also share your own if you wish!

4. Hostel World

This app is going to be essential on my trip because for the majority of it...we will be staying in hostels! I know some people have different opinions about hostels but they are not what they used to be! There are some really incredible hostels out there and you can choose to have a private room or share a room with other people. I love that I will be around other people travelling as well and I just think that it's going to be the perfect way to meet new people. I also think that it's a great way to find out about great hidden spots, amazing places to eat or just generally find out about things that you might not get from online!

5. Rail Planner

This app is one that goes along with my travel tickets while I'm away. I booked these tickets using Interrail, so this app is very important. I will be travelling a lot by train so this app allows me to see when and where I can get these trains. It shows all the available times and different locations and also lets me know how long the journeys will be too. It's going to be an app that I use at least every single week and it vital for my travelling. It's free to download and you also don't need wifi or data to use this either which is perfect! It also gives a lot of information on there too about the passes that we have and also has a map on their to help you plan where to go next! Simple to use and an essential if you buy these travel tickets! 

6. Air Bnb

This app will also come in handy on my travels, especially if I can't seem to find a hostel to stay in! I have used this app before so I do trust it and love it. It's so simple to use and I see so many people using it. This app allows you to either have someones entire place for a number of nights or just rent a private room in their home. This is so good if you're wanting something more homely and comfortable! It's also a great way to find out things from the local people who live in the place where you're visiting too! I find this app so easy to use and I love that you can read other people's reviews of places straight from the app! 

7. Time Out

This app is also new to me and one that I discovered on the app store. Time out is like having a travel guide built into your phone and there whenever you need it. The app allows you to discover the best things to do in the city that you're in and is also a planner for your trip too. You can explore new places to eat and drink, events, entertainment and much more! The thing that I liked about this app was that you can personalise the home screen so that the information you get shown is useful to you! This app has so many different locations on here so I know this is going to be very useful on my travels. 

8. Whats App

Communication is so important while you're away, even if this is a holiday or a longer travelling trip. I will 100% want to be communicating with friends and family back home while I'm away. I used to use Whats App a while ago but then I stopped as there were so many other platforms. But I know that so many of my family and friends have this app so it's going to be a really great way to connect with everyone. Sometimes calls or text messages can be expensive to send when you're abroad so this can be a great alternative when I'm connected to wifi! I can also send pictures through this app as well and I think that's what I will be using it for the most. 

9.  IMovie 

Now this app is one that everyone has automatically if you have an Iphone...some of you may not use it and some of you will. However, I use this all the time and I love it! I love that I have an editing software on my phone as it's so easy to access and I can use it on the go. I don't have the best laptop in the world so I have found having this app so useful for editing! I am going to be filming a lot of clips while I'm away so I love that I have this app on me all the time to edit while I'm on long train journeys or just edit little videos for my Instagram! 

10. Camera

This final app is probably the most obvious one but I did want to include it in this post because it's the one thing that I will be using every single day. As you may already know...I love taking photographs and photography is a passion of mine! I won't be taking my big camera away with me as I'm so worried that I will loose it or something will happen to it. So, I'm going to be using my phone to take all my photos and videos! I'm quite happy to do this as I think my camera on my phone is amazing! I have the Iphone 7 plus so hopefully you guys will be happy with all the images that I capture while I'm away. I have also stared to download different photo editing apps and filming apps so that I can experiment and create lots of different things while I'm on my travels. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I hope that some of you took something useful from this! These apps can be so useful for a little holiday away or travelling. But I also use a lot of these on an everyday basis so hopefully there is something for everyone in this post! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see from me all about my travelling as it's not long now before I go! 

I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx


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