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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Dogs Trust Dog School!

Today I wanted to share with you something really exciting that's happening with Dogs Trust! They have brought out a new campaign and I just think the whole idea is amazing, so I had to write a blog post!

Introducing...Dogs Trust Dog School! As a lot of you will probably know, taking care of a dog is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time and effort. There are some dogs who are easier than expected but some may have some behaviour problems, which is completely normal! Dogs Trust have come up with an amazing idea to try and reduce the amount of people wanting to give up dogs because they don't believe that they can look after them and train them...Dog School!

Every year, Dogs Trust receive thousands of calls from people wanting them to take their dogs from them, the biggest reason is because of the dog's behaviour. So Dogs Trust have created this dog school to try and address the problem and help a lot of people out! At Dogs Trust, their mission is all about making sure that every dog is able to lead a happy life...I think that it's so incredible that Dogs Trust are constantly working and coming up with new ideas to help every dog and also helping out the people who look after them too. 

Now...I'm going to tell you a little bit more about the Dogs School! The school is a national network of experienced trainers providing fun, educational courses for all dog owners based on up-to-date scientific research! These classes allow dogs and their owners to create or build upon their bond, cope with everyday domestic life and also avoid some of the common pitfalls which could lead to behaviour problems. Building a relationship with your four-legged friend is so so important, so don't give up! These classes can be so useful to people struggling with taking care of their dog.You could think about going to these classes if you feel like your dog is having some behaviour problems, if your dogs needs to improve on certain things or you just want to build on your relationship with your dog! I also believe that even if your dog is perfect and your relationship is can still take your dog out to meet other furry friends and have some fun!

Dogs Trust have created some really great pages online where you can find out EVERYTHING! I will leave all links at the bottom of this post if you're interested in doing a class or just feel like reading up on something like this! Trust me, it's so interesting to learn about and could be useful to friends and family too! They give you information on the classes, different behaviour problems, research, funding and training methods which they use in the classes. Lots of stats and facts but nothing boring, so it's a win win!

I really hope this gave you some useful information if you're a dog owner or you can always pass the information on! Please go over and have a look at all the information that Dogs Trust have created as it's so useful. If we can reduce the number of dogs that get brought to Dogs Trust because people think they can't handle it, then that would be a massive start! With the right help and guidance, a lot of owners will realise how amazing it is to have a dog in their life or how simple it is to fix the problem! These classes are such a lovely idea and I am so happy to be supporting them! 

Like I said before, all links are below, so please go over and have a look! I've also linked the most adorable press release video all about Dogs School..just go watch it! They also created another great video introducing Dog School, so you can have a watch if you don't feel like reading! If you have any more questions about Dogs School then please leave them in the comments below or on my social media! I will answer them as best as I can or send you in the right direction. Get involved on social media using #DogsSchool or follow Dogs Trust! 

I will be back again very soon! 

Kellie xx



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