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Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Dream Vanity!

Today I am working with a new brand for this post and I am going to be telling you all about my dream vanity! Now this is something that I would absolutely love to go all out on and I have the perfect vision in my head of what I'd like it to look like...I think if you follow loads of beauty bloggers and have Pinterest, then you'll have an idea of what you'd love to have for your dream vanity!

The brand that I'm working with today is Arhaus and they design, make and sell high quality home furnishings! They have lots of different stores located across the globe. Their passion is to provide high quality and unique furniture and they travel the globe to make sure each piece of furniture is perfect. The main reason that I decided to work with this brand is because I love one of their most important goals. They have a commitment to the earths resources by developing their pieces from natural recycled resources. They find forgotten antiques and give them new life and they never use wood from endangered forests. This is the main thing that stood out to me for this brand and I think it's so so important to keep the world as natural as possible and recycle things wherever possible! 

Today I am going to be talking you through my idea of a dream vanity and also showing you some bits from Arhaus that I have fallen in love with and I also think a lot of you will love too!

1. All White

If you follow a lot of Bloggers like me then having an amazing white desk for your vanity is a must! If I could have any set up then I would love a big white desk or bit white drawers to store makeup! I would also love some white shelves at either side as I think these can look amazing if you store some pretty pieces from your makeup collection! As long as it's white then I'm happy!

Image taken from Pinterest

2. The Perfect Chair

If you love doing your makeup and experimenting with beauty like me, then you will need the perfect and comfy chair to sit on! I'm not too picky about this part but anything that looks amazing and is super comfy, then I'm good with that! If I could pick anything for my dream vanity, then I would either choose a spinning chair with a beautiful fabric or a chair that looks like it'f from a film set! I am obsessed with the director style chairs.

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

3. Mirror Mirror on the wall...

One of the most important things you're going to need is a mirror of course! Arhaus do some really beautiful and unique mirrors and I am obsessed! I love simple mirrors with lighting around them as I would feel like a Hollywood movie star or mirrors with amazing designs around them! There are so many to choose from and I would be happy with any of them for my dream set up...You should go and see for yourself! I will leave a few images of mirrors below that have caught my eye in particular...

4. Makeup Storage 

The whole point of a dressing table or vanity to me is all about a place to do hair and makeup so having storage is an absolute must! I would love lots of shelves, drawers or little copper baskets too! I would just love to see a lot of makeup everywhere and if I could have my dream vanity, trust me...there would be a lot of beauty products! I love watching videos of peoples makeup collection or seeing pictures on Pinterest of how people store their makeup, so I defiantly have a vision of how I'd store everything! 

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from Pinterest

5. Pictures

If I had a whole set up for my dream vanity, I would 100% want to add some personal photos or some kind of art pieces around it to make it a lot more personal and interesting! I would choose some of my favourite photos with family and friends, postcards I'd collected from my favourite places or have little art pieces that I like in little frames! I also think that that Polaroid images would look amazing around a vanity and bring everything together  nicely! Whether these are stuck on the mirror or on the wall around, I think this little step is what makes everyone's vanity their own. 

Image taken from Pinterest

Image taken from velvetghost Instagram

6. Lighting

Finally, If you were to have the dream is an essential for making sure your makeup is perfect and also allows you to take a good makeup selfie too! I hate when it's dark in my room when trying to do my makeup as you never know if everything is right and it's just not useful at all! The perfect lighting would be so so useful to me and I really love the look of it too! Lights attached to the wall can look really simple and chic but typical lights around the mirror are my favourite! Arhaus have some amazing lighting!

Images taken from Pinterest and Arhaus

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and I hope I have given you some inspiration to update your beauty space or start thinking about what your dream vanity would look like! If you already have some ideas then please let me know in the comments or link me to your Pinterest profiles if you pin a lot of inspiration! Don't forget to head to the Arhaus website to check out some really amazing pieces of furniture! I think everything is so amazing and one of a kind! I love their commitment to the earth and I really think more brands should be taking action like this...

I will be back again very soon...

Kellie xx


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