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Sunday, 19 February 2017

My Dream Vanity!

Today I am working with a new brand for this post and I am going to be telling you all about my dream vanity! Now this is something that I would absolutely love to go all out on and I have the perfect vision in my head of what I'd like it to look like...I think if you follow loads of beauty bloggers and have Pinterest, then you'll have an idea of what you'd love to have for your dream vanity!

The brand that I'm working with today is Arhaus and they design, make and sell high quality home furnishings! They have lots of different stores located across the globe. Their passion is to provide high quality and unique furniture and they travel the globe to make sure each piece of furniture is perfect. The main reason that I decided to work with this brand is because I love one of their most important goals. They have a commitment to the earths resources by developing their pieces from natural recycled resources. They find forgotten antiques and give them new life and they never use wood from endangered forests. This is the main thing that stood out to me for this brand and I think it's so so important to keep the world as natural as possible and recycle things wherever possible! 

Today I am going to be talking you through my idea of a dream vanity and also showing you some bits from Arhaus that I have fallen in love with and I also think a lot of you will love too!


Thursday, 9 February 2017

My Current Handbag Beauty Obsessions...

Today I wanted to show you some of the things that I have been LOVING at the minute and these are the types of things that I will always grab to put in my handbag every single time I go out. This is how I can personally tell how much I love a beauty product because it's always the one that I reach for when packing my bag so I know it's my go to and trust worthy makeup. I love finding new beauty bits and I also love rediscovering my love for old products too, so the things that I tend to take out with me always change! But today...I'm going to be showing you the products that I believe are well worth the money, great quality and a trusty handbag companion!

The first thing that I grab is always a lipstick or two...This is always the first thing that comes into my head and if I'm wearing lipstick that day, I can't leave the house without it! Having a lipstick in my bag is an absolute must and no matter what handbag you look in, there will always be one in there! So, I have been currently reaching for 2 different lipsticks a lot recently and I have been wearing these non stop. I think that they are long lasting, beautiful colours and just an all around great set of products! The first one is the colour pop liquid lipstick in the shade Point Zero. If you follow me on any social media, you will know how obsessed I have been with this! The texture is dreamy, the colour is beautiful and it's one of my favs! The second lipstick is the Tanya Burr Lipstick in the shade Big Kiss. I have been loving this recently! Honestly, any of the Tanya Burr lipsticks that I own have been a go to for me at the minute. I really love the formula, the pigmentation is amazing and I can't believe how affordable they are for the quality! I LOVE them!

The next beauty product that always goes into my bag is a powder. Now if you have oily skin like me then leaving the house without a powder is like leaving without your's a necessity! I have been loving a really affordable one at the minute which you will be happy to hear about I'm sure! This one is the Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder and it's so so good! I often struggle to find a great powder that keeps the shine away but is still drugstore and affordable! I have been using this one non stop recently as it works really well with my skin, feels really light and is just a really great powder for everyday use!

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