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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

You Don't Have To Be Good At Everything...

I feel like in this day and age, everyone feels like they need to be good at everything! Especially when it comes to the world of social media and also the blogging community. Everyone always has to be in competition with one another and I don't understand why supporting each other isn't something that shines through a lot more. Today, I just wanted to have a chat on this topic and hopefully give you all a reminder that it's ok to be rubbish at something and better with other things! I need this little reminder myself sometimes, so I hope some of you find this useful!

When it comes to makeup, honestly...I have no idea what I'm doing! I watch loads of YouTube videos and hope for the best! If it wasn't for watching YouTube videos all about beauty then I probably wouldn't even know what contouring meant or that a blending brush even existed. So it's ok if you're not perfect and it's ok if you need more time to practice than others. I know we are constantly flooded with images of girls with flawless makeup and amazing brows and beautiful eyeshadow...but let's be real! For most of us, that kind of thing seems impossible and there will be so many people in the same boat as you, so don't worry! As long as you feel happy with your makeup, enjoy experimenting and practicing and use the brands and products you love, then that's all that matters! Don't feel like you should have to look a certain way just because it's what the media is telling you, if you don't want to wear any makeup, then that's fine too!

One thing that often gets to me a lot is fitness. I'm still slowly learning about different aspects of fitness and healthy eating, but I'm never going to be someone with a six pack and wakes up and has a smoothie every morning because...I love chocolate way too much. I have started taking my fitness a lot more serious over the past year and I know it's made me happier and it's just a massive positive! Even though I've been going to the gym for over a year, I'm not always 100% sure what I'm doing or know which machine helps which body part...But like I said before, it's ok! There are probably so many people in the same situation as you, so don't let this put you off going to the gym. You can always ask someone for help or advice, or I would suggest Carly Rowena! She has a channel and a blog and she also posts little workouts on her Instagram too which are so so helpful! She's really honest when it comes to all things fitness and if she can't get you feeling body confident...then I don't know who will!

Finally let's talk about the blogging and YouTube community. Overall, it is very positive in terms of the people that I follow, which is really great! People use their platforms to help raise money, talk about important subjects and teach us little things about beauty and lifestyle! I feel like there are so many amazing influences out there and I now feel like they are apart of my every day life. I watch their videos, read their blogs or see them popping up on almost every social media platform. I love that I'm now apart of this community too and although mine is on a much smaller scale, I still love it every single day. But...there is still way too much negativity in this community in my opinion. Some people always seem to be in competition with one another and I can't understand why supporting each other is so difficult for some people? I know everyone has their reasons, but why do some people find it so much easier to point out flaws than the positives? I'm not going to go into too much detail but I just think that this community is really scary! It's very nerve racking clicking upload on that video you spent hours on or clicking publish on that blog post you're so excited about or even just uploading a fun picture on Instagram...whatever it is, these people work so hard on their let's praise them for all their hard work and give each other the love and support we'd love to receive ourselves. 

At the end of the day I believe in spreading positvity and staying true to yourself. I know it's sometimes hard to remember, but we all don't have to be good at everything! Let's praise each other for that amazing blog post or really great vlog or even just a funny tweet! With all that's going on in the world...what harm can a little extra positivity do? 

All images taken by Imogen Dransfield



  1. This was beautiful and oh my, those BOOTS!!! thank you so much for being so kind about me! xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading this! Means the world to me! So glad you loved it...the boots cost only £11!!xxx


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