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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pick n Melt

Today I am going to be showing you a new product that I have been loving recently and introducing a new brand to my blog! The brand is called Pick n Melt and they sell cube melts and candles. Now, I'm a big lover of candles so I was very excited about this. They have a huge selection of scents to choose from and you can create your own combination which I think is quite cool! They also offer each of the scents as candles too which I defiantly want to try in the future. They have 250 scents in total  so there is something for everyone. 

I am going to be showing you the Pick n Melt Wax Warmer and this also came with 16 bags of melt too...So I was able to try out lots of scents and see which ones were my favourite! I tried out a lot of Christmas themed scents as I used this product throughout December, so these scents were perfect for the time of year! Some of my favourite scents were Snow, Robin Red Breast and Mistletoe and Wine. 

They come in the cutest designed box which is covered in Orange and White stripes. Inside there is a little booklet which is the Pick n Melt Menu...I love this! It lists all of the scents available and also has a picture of all the products that you can buy. Since their inspiration is from choosing Pick n Mix sweets, it comes with a little bag where all the melts are and this just reminds me of a sweet bag! I think that all the packaging and theme of the brand is really sweet and I love the inspiration behind it all too.

The Pick n Melt Wax Warmer is a really simple design but I love that I have it in my room now! It's the perfect size and I love that it has the logo embedded on the side too. It sits perfectly on my shelves and it's so simple to use. All that you have to do is put a tea light underneath and put the cube melts in the top part...and that's it! It's a really simple way to make your room smell amazing and it's something lovely to have in your room! 

Pick n Melt is a monthly subscription service and it's so affordable too! Who wouldn't want amazing scents sent to them every month? It only costs £8 for a Standard subscription per month or £12 for the Supreme. The Standard subscription consists of 20 bags of melts and you would get 30 with the Supreme. The great thing is that you can manage which scents you receive so it's personal for everyone! To top everything off...postage is free!

So if you want to join the Pick n Melt Party...I am going to leave all links at the bottom of this post. I would 100% recommend going to check them out as I think a lot of you guys will love this subscription. It's affordable, unique and personal to each individual. I loved the scents that I was so kindly sent and I can't wait to try out some more scents and the candles too!

I hope you guys loved this post and are interested in finding more about this brand! I will see you all again very soon...

Kellie xx


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