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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Thinking Of Going To Brighton?

As you could probably tell from my Instagram spam or other social media...I went to Brighton again! I have been once before a few months ago and fell in love, so I had to go back again of course! I went with Alice and Nia and we decided to go in December so that we could see what it was like at this time of the year. Let's just say that it was so pretty with all the Christmas lights and defiantly got me feeling a little bit more festive. Today's post is going to be a round up of my few days away with pictures, things to do if you're thinking of going to Brighton and there will also be some videos up on my channel too! 

Day one was quite amazing as always. The weather was perfect for this time of year. It was still a bit cold but the sun was shining and it was a bright blue sky. Since we all love the look of Brighton and love the sea...this weather was so perfect for the setting. We took a LOT of pictures on day one as the backdrop was amazing! We decided to spend the morning taking Brighton in again as it had been a few months since we had been here. I can't describe how good it felt to be back there and seeing all my favourite spots again. Brighton feels very right for me and I always say this, but I could see myself living there one day. 

We headed straight to the sea and the bandstand as this is one of my favourite things about Brighton. It's a picture perfect setting in my eyes and I just love standing there watching the sea. I think it's really unique and in a perfect location too. A must see if you ever go to Brighton! We wandered to the beach, pier, beach huts and down the lanes too. We just walked everywhere that we could so that we could see it all again. Walking round Brighton can be very tiring but there's so much to see and take in! When you're only there for two days like we were, we wanted to see it all!

To top off the amazing first day, there was a pretty incredible sunset that evening! We found the perfect spot on the beach and watched the sun set with loads of other people too! It was amazing seeing everyone gather in the same spot and sit on the beach together enjoying the view. The sun set just behind the West Pier which is another one of my favourite things about Brighton. The sky was filled with so many bright colours and it was an incredible view. 

I booked the three of us into a Karaoke Bar for the first night as a bit of a surprise and something different. I have seen a few YouTubers doing this so I decided it was our turn! We had our own private room and it was honestly so much fun! If you're ever in Brighton and want a good laugh and fun night...then check out a Karaoke place as I know there's a few in Brighton. The one that we went to was called Lucky Voice and I would highly recommend! 

Day two was spent wandering the town a lot more to do a bit of shopping and a lot more of taking pictures! It's so amazing to be on a trip with people that understand YouTube and wanting to take great pictures for Instagram! I love sharing my passion for being creative and making great content. We decided to spend a bit of time on the Pier in the morning and I LOVED how quiet it was. The last time we went was during the holidays and it's so different at this time of year! It was lovely to walk along the pier and explore what's there a lot more in detail. I feel like I have seen a different side to Brighton this time which was perfect for me. 

Exploring the lanes is an absolute must for Brighton as there's so many quirky shops which you will love. The shops are all so picture perfect and I love walking around, especially when the streets are filled with Christmas lights. I really love all the little cafes and cakes shops hidden in the lanes too. Photomatic is also a place that I know I will visit every time I go to Brighton! It's so affordable to go there, go in the photo-booth and have some cute Polaroid styled pictures to keep as a memory!

As the day was coming to an end I was beginning to feel a lot more upset as I knew how much I missed Brighton last time. It's so amazing finding a place where you feel comfortable and like you fit in there. I really could imagine myself living there one day so it's hard having to come home! I love all the little unique spots in Brighton and there's always something going on. The lanes make is a little bit extra special and it still has a big town for all the shopping you need. I adore the beach and the pier and I just think it would be an amazing place to live. I feel like I have for sure found my happy place so I have defiantly started planning my next trip there. 

If you're thinking about planning your own trip to Brighton but are still on the fence...just do it! If you have seen it from YouTube videos or just always wanted to go, I would highly recommend. There's a lot going on and so much to see. If you want to be there with loads of other people then choose Summer, but if you want a quieter trip then pick a colder time of the year! I loved my little trip away with my two favourite people and yet again, Brighton didn't disappoint! It was defiantly worth the 4 hour car drive...

If any of you have any questions about things to do, where to stay or anything...then let me know and I'll answer anything that I can. I'll be back again very soon!

Kellie xx


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