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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Why I Love This Time Of Year!

The weather has suddenly got colder, big coats and scarfs are coming out and the nights are getting darker...but I love it!! I really enjoy this time of year and I have been waiting for Autumn to come for so long. I always go for a walk every week round the woods which is near me, and looking around, I knew I wanted to take some pictures and write a blog post all about this time of year because it's the best!

The weather is the one thing that bothers a lot of people but I prefer it to summer! I love love love Autumn and Winter fashion so I'm happy to layer up in the cold. It's a lot more acceptable to wear darker clothing at this time of year too which is great for people who don't wear colour like me! I love turtle neck jumpers, knee high boots and big comfy coats! I also love that you can wear a darker lip on a daily basis too, I love wearing purple lipstick at this time of year! I also love the days wear it feels really fresh but super cold! Been able to see your breath in the air, having a red nose but also feeling the sun on your face is the best. A crisp Autumn morning where the sun is still out is the best. Especially when you're walking around a woods where everything is screaming AUTUMN!

Another thing that I love about this time of year is cosy nights in! I love when it gets really dark early and you can get into bed and watch a load of films! Those are honestly my favourite nights of all and I wish I could do it all day everyday...Feeling the cold in the house, putting on your comfy pjs, switching on a good comedy and climbing into bed is the best feeling ever! I think that these kind of nights happen a lot more at this time of year too...but I'm not complaining! I am a big film lover so I could happily watch a film every night and be super happy. Everyone loves these types of nights don't they? So the darker nights really don't bother me at all!

Another thing that I love on these walks is wearing no makeup and the comfiest clothes. I tend to do this a lot more at this time of year and I LOVE it! I'm not a fan of summer clothes and my skin hates me throughout summer as I look so shiny 24/7. But in Winter the types of clothes that you need to wear tend to be so comfy. Jumpers and big fluffy coats...yes please. My skin has been a lot better since it's got colder for some reason and getting a facial has certainly helped too! Feeling the fresh crisp air on your face is so much more satisfying when you don't have a face full of makeup on. I think that you defiantly need to have days like this so that your skin can repair and breath a little. 

The final thing that I love about this time of year is the build up to Christmas. We all have to admit the fact now that the adverts have started appearing on TV and the Christmas music has creeped its way into some shops...Plus there's wrapping paper and Christmas gifts everywhere now! So I have just accepted the fact that it's that time of year now and the main focus is Christmas. It could also have something to do with Alice and Nia playing Christmas music from September too...But I'll let them off as the build up to Christmas is so damn good. I love Christmas shopping for my family, going to Christmas markets and different events, listening to Christmas music and the best of all...watching Christmas films! I always feel like everyone is that little bit happier when things start to get festive and that's something that I really love. I have lots of Christmas blog posts planned and I'm sure I will be filming Christmas videos too over on my YouTube Channel! I also have a little Christmas trip planned very soon...So I'm sure you will get to see all about that!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and let me know why you love this time of year too! I'm always willing to chat about all things Autumn! I have started to snapchat a lot more recently on my blog/YouTube if you like the build up to Christmas and lots of Autumn/Winter things...go over and follow me!
Snapchat: kellieneeblog

I will see you all again very soon! Kellie xx


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