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Friday, 14 October 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

For today's post, I wanted to share with you the beauty products that I own from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is a brand that I have loved for a very long time and I have recently picked up some new things that I am obsessed with. I'm sure you all know who Tanya Burr is...but she is a really amazing YouTuber who I have loved for so long! When she released her beauty line, I knew I had to try some of the products! She has released so many more products since the beginning and it's now one of my favourites. It's so affordable and the quality of these products are insane! I love that the brand is growing more and more and it's also great to see so many products sold out too. I thought I would share with you my collection and tell you why I love them so much.

First of all...look how beautiful the products are! They defiantly look a lot more expensive than they are and I really love the look of the whole collection, it's so easy to take pictures of these! Tanya Burr Cosmetics consists of Nail Polish, Face Palettes, Eye Shadow Palettes, Eyelashes, Illuminators, Lipgloss, Lipsticks and my favourite...Liquid Lipsticks! She has also released lots of new gifts for Christmas which are really gorgeous!

The first thing I have are these two eyeshadow palettes. The first one is the Hollywood Eye Palette and this one consists of your basic nude and brown shades. It's the perfect everyday palette that I think everyone would love! The shades are really pigmented and pretty. I love the size of this palette as it fits perfectly in any bag and is really good quality. The next palette is the Enchanted Dream Eye Shadow Palette and this one also consists of a lot of brown shades but these are very matte which I love! The shades are a little bit darker than the first palette but I have been loving wearing this look at the minute. Again, the shades are so pigmented and pretty! I love the packaging of this palette and they both have mirrors inside too which is so handy. These are both priced at £5.99 so amazing price for the quality!

The next product is an eyebrow palette called 'Perfect Brows'. This consists of four shades which is one thing that I love! It has three shades to choose from and one highlight shade. I love that it gives you three options to choose from as most palettes only give you one! These brow powders last so long and I never have to touch my brows up at all. It also comes with a little angled brush which I love and also some cute tweezers too. I love the packaging and size of this product and this prices at £6.99. I think that if you have a product that is this good you don't need to spend any more money on high end products.

Next is a face palette which is amazing, I think that word is going to get used a lot in today's post! This is the Rosy Flush Cheek Palette which consists of a bronzer, blusher and a highlighter! I really love powder face products so this palette was perfect for me. There are two different palettes to choose from too if you wanted a more peachy blush rather than the pink one. I find these all of these shades perfect for my skin and the quality is great as always! Its a good size product too and the hihglighter in particular is gorgeous! This palette is priced at £8!

Now moving onto the two lipsticks which I have and these have only just been released! These are part of the new range and the shades are so so nice! The packaging looks so expensive and the fact that they're gold just makes it look so so good! There are currently 6 shades to choose from and I love the names of them too. The two that I picked up are Big Kiss which is a beautiful deep red and also Pink Cocoa which is the perfect nude. I really want all 6 shades as I love them all so much! They are really pigmented and the finish of them is lovely. These are priced at £6.99 each which is insane!

Saving the best till last...Liquid Lipsticks! These are matte liquid lipsticks and there are three to choose from. I was so excited when Tanya brought these out and they are currently my favourite. They give a matte finish which looks so amazing and the quality seems like high end! The three are called Martha Moo which is very popular, Puppy Paws and Rhubarb and Custard. All three shades are beautiful and they are so so pigmented. These last all day for me and I would choose them over a lot of lipsticks! These are priced at £5.99 each.

So that's it! Those are all of the products that I wanted to show you today from Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I also have two of the Nail Polish too but today was all about the makeup! These products are incredible and some of the best out there in my opinion. The price of these products still blows my mind because the quality is incredible. The packaging is stunning and I love the names of all the products. Tanya Burr has clearly put so much effort into all of these products and it has paid off! If you haven't tried any of these yet...then what are you waiting for? You will fall in love and gain a new obsession!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and there will be a lot more beauty posts coming up as I have lots of new finds to talk about! Leave me any comments if you have any products from Tanya Burr or have any questions about the products showed in today's post! I will be back again very soon...Kellie xx


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