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Friday, 21 October 2016

A visit to Dogs Trust!

So today's post is very exciting and one that I know so many of you are going to love! Last week, I was kindly invited to the Dogs Trust Centre at of course I had to share my experience with you!
I'm sure a lot of you will of already heard of Dogs Trust, but just in case you haven't...Dogs Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and they have set the goal to make sure that all dogs have a happy life! They look after thousands of dogs at all the different centres across the UK and they re-home dogs to give them a forever home with new families which is amazing! They do some amazing work for dogs and I have always loved Dogs Trust, so been able to work with them to create a post and a video was incredible! 

I went to the Leeds centre and this one is the closet to me, but there are 21 centres across the UK in total. I went with my friend Nia as she kindly helped film and take photos for me. This was the first time that I have visited this centre and I was amazed by the size of it. People always expect adoption centres to be small, dark and depressing but they are spacious, full of life and really great! We were greeted by Sarah who showed us around and a behind the scenes. She was so so lovely and all of the staff there were very kind and helpful! They all clearly love what they do and work so hard to make sure that all the dogs are happy and healthy.

We were showed around the whole of the centre and I loved it so much! There are quite a lot of dogs there to be re-homed and I wanted to take them all home with me. There is a public section where you can walk around a big room and see all of the dogs. They each have their own space inside and outside which is really spacious and clean for them. Some dogs are put together too which is so nice and they clearly love the company. All the dogs were so adorable and it makes me so sad to think of the things some of them have been through. Who could hurt or abandon such beautiful animals? Each dog is thought about individually and the staff make sure that all the specific needs for each dog are met, which is great!

We then had the amazing opportunity to see the puppies that they had as well! There were 5 in total and these puppies were born on sight. I can't describe how adorable they were, I was lost for words when I saw them and went into my usual state when I see cute animals...emotional and excited! They were like big balls of fluff and so excited that we had come to see them. They are kept separate from the other dogs so we were really lucky to get to see them! They are looked after so well at the centre and the staff make sure that they give them all the training and love that they need from the very beginning. All of these puppies had been re-homed which is so amazing! Although I was tempted to sneak them all into my bag...

Sarah explained to us how puppies are very easy to re-home but some of the dogs can stay at the centre for years as they are older or have certain problems. But I believe that these issues shouldn't matter at all! Older dogs still need forever homes and would love to join a family too. Even if some dogs have behavior problems, I'm sure there is always going to be the right person to adopt them that can give them exactly what they need! Every dog is just as important as the next and it's so amazing that so many dogs get to join a family and be happy! It is so upsetting that there are so many dogs who are abandoned or abused, but there are also so many amazing charities like dogs trust who are there for all of these dogs. 

Although Dogs Trust do an incredible job with the dogs and give them so much attention and love, they still need a home! All of the dogs are happy at these centres but they would be so much happier in a home where they can truly be apart of a family and get all the love in the world. Sarah explained how they all get 2 walks a day and time to exercise and run around the fields, but there is also a lot of waiting time, so please adopt if you can, it's so so important!

One thing that I did love about the centre is that there is a Vets on site! This means that they don't have to put the dogs through any stress travelling to the vets and it will be normal to them as it's right there next to them. This also means that a vet is there in emergency situations and they have all the supplies they need just a second away. Supporting these centres is so great as it allows them to keep up with all the supplies and up keep of everything, which is much appreciated by all the dogs and staff! Even if you arent looking for a dog, you can still support the centres in so many ways! This could be donations, attending events, volunteering or raising awareness. 

I had the loveliest time visiting Dogs Trust and I also filmed a video for my channel if you want to see the visit...I will leave it down below for you! These centres are inspiring as they put so much work and love into making sure these dogs are happy and healthy. The staff all work so hard every day across all of the centres and it was amazing to see! There are thousands of dogs waiting for a forever home and it's just so important to adopt! I defiantly will choose adopting in the future as I would love to give a dog a second chance and give it a happy life as I know some of them have had a really horrible upbringing. Please support your local centres, raise awareness and adopt!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it's inspired some of you to get involved. If you do live near Leeds, there are so many beautiful dogs waiting to join a family! I will leave links down below to Dogs Trust so you can see if there is a centre near you. I will also leave links to any upcoming events that they have going on, as I know there are some Christmas ones coming up where you can take you dog to meet Santa, how cute! 

There will be more posts like this in the future as I believe that it's very important to raise awareness! I will be back again very soon...Kellie xx



  1. Love love love this Kellie!! So good that you're raising awareness :)) xo


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