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Friday, 30 September 2016

September Favourites!

It's that time again...who's ready for another monthly favourites! I honestly can't believe how quick this year is going but I am happy that October has come because its my birthday month! And I can now wear layers and coats and boots...YES!

I have quite a few favourites from the month of September and I must say...I'm very happy with them all. So without further ado...

1. I heart Makeup Triple Baked Blush

Now this is actually a blusher but I have been using this as a highlighter! It's really pigmented and so pretty! It gives the nicest glow on your cheekbones and I have basically been obsessed with this all month! Its only £4.99 and a must have in my collection now. If you're looking for a new drugstore, cruelty free highlighter, then I would defiantly recommend this! You can also use it as a blusher as well...

2. Tanya Burr Perfect Brows

This product is new to my collection this month and I have been so so late at buying this! It has been out a while now but I have always used eyebrow pencils... but now that I have been converted to powders, I thought I would give it a go! I must say that I love this product.. Very affordable again and I love that it gives you different shades to choose from. It's long lasting and I really don't think you need to spend loads on a brow product when this is available!

3. Lip Liners

I have been LOVING lip liners this month! I have always used them but never on a daily basis...I have bought quite a few recently and have just loved the look that it gives. It allows my lipstick to last longer too. In particular, I have been loving the liners from New Look and Primark! These are super affordable and just my favourite. The New Look ones are incredible as they have loads of colours and are perfect for me at the minute.

4. Barry M Nail Paint

I have had this nail paint for a while now but I have only recently got it out again to use. Let's just say that I'm slightly obsessed. It is the perfect colour for this time of year and I actually think that this is going to be my colour for the rest of the year! I love the glittery type effect and the colour is the best! Who doesn't love a copper nail varnish? It's Barry M so of course it's incredible quality and a must have for me this month.

6. Boho Moon

Now, if you follow me on social media, I do apologise as you will have for sure heard about this brand before! They followed me on Twitter a while ago so I thought I would have a little look at their stuff. They sell Jewellery and it is to die for! Everything is just so so pretty and I love it all. Since discovering them I have made 3 or 4 orders so I had to mention them in today's post. I would say that there stuff is affordable and really great quality. I have done a separate post on my first order, you can check that out here. I will also have a YouTube video coming up showing you everything that I got, so look out for that one next week!

7. Eat Smart

I have been waiting for this to come out for so long as I'm a big fan of Niomi! I have also wanted to change my eating a little bit so that it's healthier, but I never know where to start. So I was excited to get this as I do trust Niomi's opinions! This book is really beautiful, I love the design and the images inside. It's very classic and chic and I can tell how much effort went into this! Defiantly a favourite of this month.

9. Bad Moms
(Image taken from Pinterest)

This has for sure been my film favourite of the month! I went to go and see this film with Alice and Nia and It's so so funny! It's one of the most hilarious films that I've ever seen and one of the best from this year! (Now thats a statement). I love Mila Kunis and there were also some other amazing actors involved. It's one of those films to see with your friends and a film that will put you in a better mood. Can't wait to buy this on dvd.

10. The Vampire Diaries

Now...I know I have mentioned this programme at least a million times, but it has been my favourite yet again! But, I do have good reasons...I have been watching the newest season as this has just come out in the UK. So, I think this is acceptable! The new season is incredible and I am LOVING it! I can't believe the next season is going to be the last, I'm not going to be able to handle it. Saying goodbye to all the characters and saying goodbye to The Vampire Diaries...(Currently wiping tears off the screen).

11. Carly Rowena
(Image taken from

My favourite YouTuber of the month has been Carly! She focuses mainly on fitness and eating but she also does hauls, advice videos and my favourite, her weekly vlogs! She has a really great personality and attitude towards the fitness world. She also has a really great blog too which I know you guys will love. Be sure to check out all of her social media too because as you could of guessed...that's amazing too!


12. Zoella and Poppy Deyes
(Image taken from

I decided to pick two bloggers this month as I feel like they can be talked about together. I really don't think that I need to tell you who these guys are! Poppy has had her blog for a year now and I have always loved her style of writing and photography. She likes a lot of things that are similar to me so I have been loving her blog recently. Zoe has been updating her blog a lot more recently and I have loved this! She has always been my favourite so to see new content on her blog has made me very excited. They both recently took a trip away together and I have been loving the photos and content from that!

Zoe:                                        Poppy:
Blog                                        Blog
Channel                                   Instagram

13. Sia

Sia has just released a new song called The Greatest so I had to mention her as this months music favourite. I love her voice and think it's so incredible. Listening to her music puts me in the best mood and I could listen to it all day...And this is something that I have done a lot this month! She is for sure getting bigger and bigger and I would love to see her live one day.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about all the things that I have been loving this month! I also filmed a video about my September favourites over on my channel and I would love it if you could go and check that out too! I will be back again very soon...Kellie xx


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