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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Making a change!

"It's been a journey to figure out what kind of contribution I want to make and what kind of person I want to be on this planet" Nikki Reed

Today's post is one that I have had in mind for a while now, but it's finding the time to actually sit down and write a post at the minute! I have a lot of thoughts and ideas going around in my head, so I needed to sit down and talk to you guys...

Recently I have been on a bit of a discovery with myself and I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do. This could be from careers to issues around the world to what skincare I want to use! All of these things can be important to you and finding out who you are, and I think it's quite exciting going on this journey. If you feel like you have no clue at all at the minute, or you feel mixed emotions about everything or you've got it all figured out (lucky you!)...either way it's absolutely fine! Growing up can be a scary thing but also some of the greatest times of your life too! People can go through so many different phases just to find out who they really are, and if this seems to change every day, then no's all part of the process!

Over the past few months, I have defiantly started to think about the world around me a lot more and started to research into the problems around the world and things I could be doing to help. This is always a topic that I have been interested in, but until recently, I've never given it that much thought. I now know that I want to try and make a difference in the world in my own way and start doing things differently in my lifestyle. Now...I'm not saying that I'm going to create world peace and save every animal in the world, but I do want to make a small difference as best that I can by myself! 

Animals has always been one of my big passions, so this is an area that I have been focusing on a lot more. I have researched a lot more about different things going on around the world and found out things that I could be doing to help. This could be sharing an image on social media, signing a petition or just talking about issues to get them heard. It has been so interesting to find everything out but also really heart breaking too as I didn't realise how many awful things are still happening in 2016! I'm not going to go into any specific topic in today's post, but you will be hearing  a lot more about different things in the future, and also ways which you can help too! But, for now...just raise awareness on social media about the issues and problems around the world and sign lots of petitions too! 

Today's post was more about getting a lot of thoughts out from my head and onto the blog rather than going into detail about one certain thing. I just wanted to let you guys know what I have been thinking about recently and what ideas I have in mind. I feel like I'm starting a new chapter in my life and so this was a moment to be recorded! If you're going through a similar phase or thinking about too many things to handle, then let's chat in the comments or on my social media, as I would love to hear your thoughts too! 

I do apologise if this post has been more of a ramble or a bunch of confusing thoughts on a page, but I always want to let you guys know whats going on with me and the start of new ideas always tend to begin on this blog! But if you do enjoy these posts, be sure to let me know and thank you for reading as always! I feel good about the things that I am adding into my lifestyle and beginning to think about, I only hope that I can make the world a better place as best that one tiny person can!


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