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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Affordable Liquid Lipsticks!

Since my obsession for liquid lipsticks has grown just a little bit...okay a lot! I thought I would show you guys the liquid lipsticks I have been loving from affordable brands too which makes things so much easier! These lipsticks are still amazing quality and the colours are lush too. There are only a few shades in today's post but of course there is a range of colours to choose from if you want something a little different.

I am going to start with one of my new holy grail products and this is from Tanya Burr Cosmetics! This is the shade Martha Moo and there are also two other shades too (which I need to buy at some point). These liquid lipsticks are quite new to the collection and so so amazing! The quality of this product is insane to say its only £6! The packing is beautiful and I love that's it's square instead of rounded like most liquid lipsticks. It looks classy and chic which I love! Now, lets talk about this shade, just BEAUTIFUL! This is the perfect nude for everyone and has been the most popular shade I believe. Its so so pigmented which I love and doesn't feel drying at all! Tanya is also bringing out some matte lipsticks and new products at the end of this month...(sorry in advance bank account)!

The next set of liquid lipsticks are from W7! Now this is a brand that I have always used as it's really affordable and the quality is amazing! I recently found out that they were cruelty free too, so that was a big bonus! The three shades that I have are called Two Bob (nude), Oddball (pink) and Chippie (peach). These are really affordable and long lasting too! They are pigmented and don't dry your lips loads either! Would recommend these a lot! 

The final products that I wanted to mention were liquid lipsticks from NYX! This brand is so so amazing and everyone seems to love it! The prices are really reasonable and the quality is insane. I love the liquid lipsticks from there and the two that I have are Prague and Istanbul. These smell amazing and are long lasting too! They feel very light on the lips which is one thing that I love about these! I also have one of the Liquid Suede lipsticks and that is also one of my favs! That one is in the shade Soft Spoken.

Those are my current favourites for affordable liquid lipsticks! You can get these from Boots and Superdrug and I'm sure there are other places you can get them from too! I wear liquid lipsticks on a daily basis so I loved writing about the ones that I have been loving at the minute! Let me know in the comments any recommendations of yours as I would love to know! 

Thank you so so much for reading today's post and I will be back again very soon!

Kellie xx


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